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A newborn child is very sensitive one should take care of him very carefully. we hav

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there are two types of people graced and disgraced. Graced are the ones who have had focus in life and these people did what they most liked to do. The world loves them and graced them.

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while i am sitting here at my desk,far from the marvels of nature only what human kind has to offer there must be some where a lone turtle enjoying longevity with what the nature has to offer.

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A big large sentinel. Symbol that some thing stands before the first and the final blow. Power and prowess. If armed very dangerous.Grey.

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Temples are places where people go to worship their God. Temples are generally holy places where people go to find themselves or just to pray.

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Shattered. The glass fell. The heart broke. The expectations dropped.
This summed up R’s life in a few sentences. From his business, to his fiance, to his own expectations. A lifetime of work. Shattered.

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a word will never amount to more than a sentence. thats not true maybe it will.. i promise you though it would have to be one hell of a word. lets review some history a word that may have changed the world…Mahatma Ghandi’s mantra of peace, Malcolm X’ Dream and Change as so valiantly espoused by Obama. But these words would not have amounted to much without the strength of feeling and the conviction in the actions of these leaders. Moving away from the great ones, the men and women who shaped world history, Amount is also the word most commonly on the minds of middle class indians, possibly working men and women all over the world. Science tells you that an average man thinks about sex atleast 6 times a minute, In this day and age of capitalism and crushing inflation working class stiffs are constantly thinking “how mush is good enough?” which stems from the fundamental but unsaid thought “what is the amount i need to earn before i can stop throwing my life away to a mindless fucking grind”

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A medium of expression. A medium not defined by boundaries or prejudices. Highly subjective, one does not simply get art right. Has been existent since the creation of man and will continue to be.

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Gift of Nature

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i like where corner of my house…it helps me to find a inner corner in my own life..things are always hidden in corner ..we need to just find it

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The whole world now seems to be moving to a digital forefront. It is as if the world doesn’t require the needs of handwriting or letters. Everything is so less personal, all pixelated in different colors but giving no emotion. I would rather have something in black and white.

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a wife is a sole controller of a husband. without a controller there is no control over thi

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i was very weak in science. thats why my teacher told me that i should consider building my career in arts r commerce. but one moment changed my life forever.

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A kit is a handy too. It collects all things and organises them to keep a track of everything. It can be of many things like, beauty items, cricketing gear etc. We must use our kits properly and keep useful things in them so as to utilise them properly.

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Brave what does this word really mean? To be brave is relative how can one be brave when they have set out to become a hero from the onset? To be brave requires a bit of spontaneity something that cannot be conjured up from the intent of being brave.

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one of the finest places of wearing a scarf is around your beautiful neck.It prevents us from the cool breeze to hit your ears and shakes you.It is sewn with wool.It is better.

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plus means we have to add . it is a mathematical term widely used in the means add sumthing very important.Plus it there are a lot of meanings.

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i know my memory is sharpo and oi can think wvery fast abnd remember any thing in my pas t and fute and today i love my memmory and i know it sid gud to keep memory shap and gud alweays dp yoga dn exercise and every thing u want memory i svery gud and he work fast and every thig is fine in memory and i love my memory very much

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mysteries are very interesting…love to be in one
well movies with some mystery and ya girls with an attitude and a mystery are cool
sherlock holmes is one of the boring mystery chasers

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fuck u

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Here i am for acting which is in my blood. an actor can perform any act as if he is

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Blood passes through the veins from the individual cells back to the heart. Veins are used for injections. Veins are blue coloured since the blood is devoid of oxygen.

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