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‘Tis the season to be musically fulfilled. As the summer approaches, you should be aware of the music festival selection. Which one will you choose? How far are you willing to travel, how much money are you willing to spend to be graced with the musical expression?

» Posted By Adeline On 01.31.2012 @ 5:55 pm


The rustic old cabin held many possiblities for her. As if the golden yellow and orange leaves that surrounded her, surrounded her with grace and peace and on top of that safety. Her cabin was the same – it called her name, a retreat to call her own.

» Posted By Adeline On 01.28.2012 @ 10:22 am


the love below

» Posted By Adeline On 01.17.2012 @ 2:02 pm


“take your time out” she said. I had no choice, she was forcing me to by myself. My biggest fear. How long would this “time out” take? I wondered. I chose my spot in the middle of the park. The lone bench, that sat next to the creek. My surroundings could be worse I suppose.

» Posted By Adeline On 01.14.2012 @ 12:47 pm


Prickly as a pear… cactus? But greenest with envy. Sharp as a tack. Thirst quenching yet sustainable. One lonely cactus stands in the dry desert of my heart for years.

» Posted By Adeline On 12.29.2011 @ 12:18 pm


Funny you should ask that, I was just invited downstairs for desserts with my parents. I declined. But suddenly an urgent craving for a gloriously warm chocolate cupcake has stunted me and I may go no further! Please! Grant me with just one deliciously scrumptious little morsel of cake baked with chocolate! And I beg of you, for heavens sake douse it in chocolate!

» Posted By Adeline On 12.27.2011 @ 5:50 pm


Looking back on all of the memories you’ve had, which one is the clearest? Which one is your favorite? Maybe the one that you can still imagine in panoramic view is the one for you.

» Posted By Adeline On 12.17.2011 @ 1:39 pm


Those sounds were so sweet and their beats so heavy, I could feel my temples thumping.

» Posted By Adeline On 12.15.2011 @ 8:46 am


It might be the more compelling piece. Wonderers seem to ask what tribulations, joy and sorrows were going on the artist’s brain. But do you honestly think that we’re that nimble? The palette is where the brain really is. All of the colors that have been seen through the day, in the dreams in the nights. That is what influences the entire product. More mysterious than…

» Posted By Adeline On 12.13.2011 @ 4:05 pm


The view from here is a lot clearer than I remember. Although, I might be closer to the ground but I feel my head is still in the clouds. At least the sights I see aren’t as foggy as they used to be. It seems the view is settling.

» Posted By Adeline On 12.10.2011 @ 10:12 am


the snares make the flare as you beat your sticks on my drum.

» Posted By Adeline On 11.20.2011 @ 11:03 am


All of these magical instruments speak their minds at the same time. Their voices mesh together and what at first sounds terrible, an epiphany of sounds come together to make a noise of harmony in the orchestra.

» Posted By Adeline On 11.15.2011 @ 10:19 am


When the rain falls outside of your window, you hear your heart beating in rhythm with the sounds of the city. The toots, the beeps, the sirens that pass by in sync with the sloshing of new rivers rain found in the city’s streets. As lonely as you may feel your heart feels the warmest – you feel the coziest and safest you have ever felt. The bright side of a romantic.

» Posted By Adeline On 09.30.2011 @ 11:20 am


I stood in the downpour by the bus stop. My rain coat was no longer protecting me form the wet. It would be another ten minutes until the next bus came. I could still see it, disappearing round the corner. If only I left the house thirty seconds earlier.

» Posted By adeline On 08.20.2011 @ 7:47 am


I’ll give you a question in return for an answer. Deal?

» Posted By adeline On 08.12.2011 @ 7:42 am


The key clicked. The ignition turned on. The car roared into life as he firmly pressed the pedal. It sped forwards. It had been so long, so long since he had experienced this exhilaration.

» Posted By adeline On 08.10.2011 @ 4:12 am


The sun sweltering high in the sky above him, it was midday now. Wiping the sweat off his brow with the back of his hand, he gingerly placed a brick, pressing it firmly into the mortar.

» Posted By adeline On 08.08.2011 @ 12:41 pm


He swirled the tip of his paintbrush through the many hues and shades of colour on his palette. Delicately, he raised the paintbrush to the canvas and painted one swift stroke. Colour slowly filled the canvas, giving it life and meaning.

» Posted By adeline On 08.07.2011 @ 2:10 pm


A dimly lit bulb strung up high in the rafters of the attic. A moth flutters around it, attracted to the hazy light it emits. Below, there are cardboard boxes full of memories.

» Posted By Adeline On 08.07.2011 @ 9:14 am


It was the hottest day of them all. The sun shone on the icy fruit drink as she sipped her sorrows through the straw

» Posted By Adeline On 07.11.2011 @ 8:03 pm


How do I express this feeling to you? I can’t just tell you. I couldn’t paint you a picture. It’s a bit of a statement. But because we understand – I hope you understand, how deep this statement is to me. I love you.

» Posted By Adeline On 03.11.2011 @ 7:50 am


it’s not the real you’re looking at, but the reason it’s not. who are you to say that the object or individual in question is, in fact, ‘fake’? perhaps your perception of what is real is not universal. assumptions such as these are the ones which have shaped our society into a place where racism and prejudice prevails, and I am disappointed.

» Posted By adeline On 06.23.2009 @ 4:20 am

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