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The girls were dancing naked around a pot of boiling substance. They were chanting and screaming under the canopy of willow trees. They became louder and laughing at the frogs melting away in the pot. Little did they know that naive minds and witchcraft do not mix well. There are consequences, you see.
The girl who led the dance was smirking. She did not care. She was none other than Abigail Williams, the witch who conducted a mass hysteria at Salem, Massachusetts.

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This is bound to happen. You let your heart open, and you let him break down the walls. You knew this was going to happen. Now look at you, crying in the middle of the night with no one but yourself. Pathetic.

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On a five-lined manuscript, there are two major clefs and households. One at the top and one at the bottom. In both of the families, the stems are like parents, guiding and supporting the little notes. They stay low and watch with happiness when the notes go higher because they are proud of them. They stay high and help them sustain their places when they are lower. When the notes encounter sharps or flats, the stems always stay to watch them grow. Now not all sharps are good and not all flats are bad, so they do their best to keep them in a major key.

On a five-lined manuscript, everyone is a family. With the help of the notes and the stems, the speed and the dynamics, the sharps and the flats, a song or a piece can then blossom into life.

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I was relieved when he told me the truth the first time. “I love you. I have nothing to do with her. Besides, she has nothing on you, babe.”, we hugged. He buried his face in my hair, caressing my face. I made a mistake by not seeing his expression and I was wrong. So wrong. He didn’t mean it at all.

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The forest queen hid her kind from the crowd in her castle, protecting them among the tree fortress. She cannot understand why humans would even come up with the idea of deforestation. “My queen, you must stay strong for us. You must win this war for us.”, said a group of tree nymphs, presenting an armor they exquisitely built for their honor. They helped her to put it on – thick and sharp tree branches pointing out on the shoulders, poison ivy infused arrows attached to her back, venus flytrap bombs in her pockets waiting to attack – and as a final touch, her crown. The forest queen nodded, thanked her servants, and stepped out of the fortress. She has never been this ready.

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I am the type of person who always has the urge to travel. The feeling of longing for a vacation is painful sometimes because I don’t know when I can go on one. It needs synchronization. When everything lines up in place – work, school and family. All I can say is, “soon”.

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Her fiery red hair that was once secured in a long braid was now all tangled in a fiery red mess. She was grinning with her lipstick smeared towards the side of her lips, laying on the bed with her golden buttons undone. Her crown was on the floor. Her long and hand-embroidered silky chiffon gown was crumpled up by his hands. “But are you sure, my queen…”, he was silenced by his honour, which then led to a rosy pink lighted dawn filled with passions and desires.

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Under the willow tree lies a widow,
Smiling and counting the stars in the sky.
They say stars can lead one to their loved ones.
They say stars can show the way.
“Say when, my dear, and I’ll come to you.”

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She adjusted her blonde wig and cat eye sunglasses, tossed a bag on her shoulder, put on a pair of silver strappy heels and headed out. She ordered a latte at the coffee shop just like the girl, with a pinch of cinnamon and chocolate powder on the top. She even flipped the pages of the magazine like her, with her pinky pointing outwards. This wasn’t new to her as she has stolen identities before. She loved it, because she could get away with anything. Absolutely anything.

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Life is tough, but darling so are you. Be brave and courageous with your dreams, don’t let people tell you otherwise. Yes of course you will have to encounter some difficulties in life to strive for your goal, but it’s life. So go ahead, chase your dreams!

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Makeup gave her an illusion that she can be whoever she wanted. As long as she painted her face with certain strokes and strength, she can play pretend. This went on for a long time until one day, she realized that these were all just false representations of herself. She put down her brushes and closed the drawers of little pots and tubes. After wiping her face, she finally saw her real self. “This is me,” she said to herself.

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Those 3 days with my best friend were eventful. We haven’t seen each other for 5 years and when we knew we only had 3 days together, we quickly planned the itinerary. After hugging when we met up, we proceeded to having lunch, watching a movie, a stroll by the park, a super early breakfast at the market, visiting our old schools, grabbing some local desserts, shopping, etc. Most of all, we got to spend time together talking about absolutely everything, just like old times.

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She froze, stood in the middle of the street like a statue on a Wednesday afternoon, not moving a single inch. The cars were honking and people were yelling. Passersby were looking at her weirdly, what is she doing, they thought, she is going to get killed.

She stared at the scene in front of her, trying to take it in. The town is huge and yet she saw them, right here and right now on Martin Street. Her boyfriend of 2 years was kissing some other girl.

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This is proof of how much I’ve grown up. I’ve put aside all the necessary thoughts about romance and focused on my career. I’m twenty, and I am in my third year in university, working at two music schools and at a seniors home. I swim four days a week with my brother under a coach. So I might get exhausted in the end of the day, but I feel so damn satisfied.

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She peeled off her skin, layer by layer, for the man she loved. “This is me.”, she said, revealing her true self. No more lies, no more intentions.

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Don’t threaten me. This is my dream and my goal. You have no right to take it away from me. I will do whatever it takes to get to that point. Watch me.

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Shark bait hoo haha.

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The simple algebra equation that equals the 3 words a person wants to hear the most.

9x – 7i > 3(3x-7u) = i < 3u

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She listened to the raindrops pitter-pattered on the window. A few hours ago, her love left the country to pursue his career. She had to stay back because of her family. She wondered if she could ever visit him, or if he would ever come back.

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“Innocent until proven guilty. Innocent until proven guilty. Innocent until proven guilty.”

The juries chanted in their hearts.

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It burns. It hurts. When they said you were harmful to me back then, I never believed it. I was in danger but I wasn’t aware of it. I regret that I got myself into this. The toxic in your aura have a big “corrosive” sign but I refused to pay attention to it last time. Now it is sinking into my skin, destroying everything in me. Are you happy now?

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Like how Blair Waldorf sewed a tiny gold heart pendant inside the sleeve of Nate Archibald’s sweater, I want our relationship to be open, out and about. I don’t want any mixed signals, secrets and hidden emotions. I want to let you know that even though we will encounter many hardships in the future, you will always have my heart.

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I think every teenage girl has dreamed about dating a rock star. They possess a certain aura that makes us swoon. To me, if they can sing or play an instrument, I’m all yours. I admire talent and looks are secondary. Rock stars dress well, sometimes in leather or casual yet cool ripped clothes. Their carefree attitude and confidence are the most important things that drive us crazily in love.

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I have taken up the role as a gardener in my household ever since I was young. Plants to me are gifts from Heaven and nature means a lot to me. Even though they do not seem like the usual breathing organisms, they manage to light up a place with their magical green powers. The sight of green always makes me giddy because the colour itself is so mesmerizing. It can be calm at times and lively depending on my mood. When I water plants, I always whisper, “drink up little ones!”, and hope that they can quench their thirst on a warm day.

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It’s 7:30pm at the bus terminal. Here we meet again. This time, your unruly hair are tucked into a burgundy beanie. You are wearing a navy coat with a white button down and black ripped jeans. Your sling bag is pinned with the same DC Comics’ characters’ buttons. Your head is slightly swaying with the music that is played through your headphones. I always wonder what you’re listening to.

Hi, I have been noticing you for weeks. I just wanted to let you know that you seem like a cool guy.

Will that sound too creepy? Oh well, until we meet again. See you tomorrow.

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I always take the subway to the city when I am free because I love adventure. I would either explore the urban area – walk among skyscrapers, read books in adorable cafes, or attend a live show at a local bar, or explore the woods – look for ravines and creeks, sit on rocks to ponder upon life, or take in the greenery. Either one works fine for me. So even though the train drops me off in the middle of nowhere, I would make the trip worth while.

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What you said cannot be undone.

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”Your shoelaces are undone.”, said Allister, suddenly kneeling down to tie them on my Doc Martens. ”There, now let’s hurry up so that we can catch the ferris wheel!”, his dimpled smile always made me turn my frown upside down. He then held my hands and both of us ran to the line giggling.
When we were on top of the ferris wheel, it felt like time had stopped just to make us stay in each other’s arms longer. The sunset was beautiful and we saw the city lights glimmering in our eyes. Holding tightly, we wished the moment never ended.

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You are the controller of your life and do not think otherwise. You can manage your own emotions – happy, sad, angry and fear – at your fingertips. You can move around, run as far as you can and jump as high as you can. Doesn’t it feel good? Don’t let them tell you, ”you can’t do this” because in reality, you can.

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Go out, explore the city and nature.
Listen to music, dance around in the house.
Have real talks with the people you love, hug and kiss them.
Pick up a book, immerse yourself in the world of fantasy.
Grab a recipe and start baking something sweet for yourself and your loved ones.
There are so many ways to charge your mental energy. It’s all in your head.
Life is short, be happy.

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