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Dad stumbled throught the door, carrying at least 50 bags of grocerise. “Do you need help!?” I asked, worried about the safety of the endeavour.
He gave a strangled nod and handed me a few of the heaviest bags. Even carrying those was hard. “I still don’t get that, how do you do this? I know you have to buy stuff for the party, but still…”
He laughed. “I guess you just have to do it though. Now, would you mind helping me set up the decorations? They’re going to be here at 6:00.
~that was all the time I had~

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“Let me offer you some advice: If you are in a place you don’t think you can stay, get out. Don’t wait to see if it gets better. Don’t wait for your life to pass by. If you feel in your heart you need to change, then do so. It will only save you from so much pain.”

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Just go. Dive for it. No looking back. You can do it. I know the water looks deep. You might not be very good at swimming. But all you have to do is go to that rock, get the ring, and come back. I’ll be right here waiting in the boat. You’ll come back. I know you will.

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He shoves him against the wall. Gunfires echoes the air.

“What do you think you’re doing? You’re never going to get anywhere doing that?”

He pants back, staring, mad, desperate. “Well, what options do you have?! We’ll never get out of here otherwise!”

“I don’t–” Fists squeeze fabric. He shakes his head.

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I am not a belieber, but i am a believer in the fact that life is just one part of existence. we never know whats really going to happen after death, but i love to make theories!!!!!

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it is the solstice. the time of new beginnings and plenty of endings. long days turn short, and short days stretch longer. snow is promised to come in the near future (but it never actually does). We are told it is a time where unreal things happen. Eggs stand on their ends while the world keeps spinning.

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I’ve recently found that I am great at acting. I’ve always loved it, but I was way too much in my shell to actually be as crazy and energetic as you need to be. Now, I am, and I’m loving every moment of it!

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all the beauty and indescribable things in the world can be created and altered in the beauty of a myth. true, they are untruths, but they are also wonderfully indicative of the time and place of their creation.

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