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It was crystaline ecstay in a tube. In a needle. Breath in deep and the smoke crowds your lungs, fills your mind and soul and every recess of your body. Smoke is insidious. It’s the others you get to laugh at- as though the fear of somethign so bright- the sparkling

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the thing was- well. She didn’t wanna quit. Thats what they always say- the ones she knew were out there, hiding on the street, and in the air, and even in her eyes if she looked to hard- stared for too long at a face that was quickly becoming a stranger

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It hit the water with a plop.
And then its chemistry collapsed
I said goodbye,
before its time, and it woke me, for pain of oil
on stone

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His hands were wrinkled.
His eyes, they twinkled.
And with a careless

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It isn’t fair that they have left us all. In broken puddles. Wantless heaps. They mock us, and when we reach our filthy hands for the bottom of their robes they kick us to the ground. We revered them once. That time is gone. What once was God has been revealed as Devil, and all comes falling into the great deathless fathom.

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“Steady.” It felt like a shout in my ear. “Steady.” It felt like he whispered it just to torment me. “Steady.” I wanted to hit him. “Stop.” I wanted to kiss him.

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His hands shook.
I wrapped them in my own.
cursed them with my mind
Say you wish you could run away with me
His hands did not still
my hands did not move
Say you wish we could live
But i was steady,
and he shook,
could never

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The road was crumbling. Dorothea couldn’t quite stand there and look at it. To be honest the first time in this terrible, terrifying place, walking down the neon yellow road of bricks had been quite enough for her. She certainly hadn’t really liked it all that much then, but now suddenly, to be back, and see it crumbling, falling apart like so many things in her life was all that much worse. The counselors said ‘Oz’ was her subconscious. Her own, twisted way of trying to deal with Auntie Em’s sudden death, the whole life she created for herself as an innocent Kansas farm girl a lie she told to deal with the one simple fact she couldn’t bare to. Her Auntie Em was dead. And she was the one who had killed her. But she knew the counselors were wrong, just as she knew the judges and juries and officers were all wrong to. Oz was real, she had been framed, and she had come back looking for answers. Or to crack some tiny, Munchkin heads. She hoped the fact she didn’t have a preference didn’t mean she was a psychopath.

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They were stacked, one on the top of the other. Joy tried to tear her gaze away. She knew that at any minute they would call her inside from recess, but there was something about the wall…about every deep red brick that caught her attention, that made her pause. There was something wrong with that wall.

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The rose had been slowly dying for the last day. I’d been watching it, showering it liberally with the special mixture LeeAn had made. But it was no use. I knew it, the rose was dying. And so to, were we

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She was smaller than he remembered. He had always seen her as huge- larger than life, ten feet tall even. But now. Now, he could see her as she always was. He could see her imperfections, her stooped aching shoulders. His mother. He had always though of her as impermeable, strong and impossibly solid. Something he could look up to, but never. Ever obtain. Seeing her aching, broken. He knew how he was supposed to feel- the pain and fear. But all he felt was giddy. It was his mother who had created a monster. He was just the guy who went along with the grand scheme.

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The people spread out across the forest look like ants. You laugh suddenly, struck by that thought. Like ants. But thats not right, because they’re not ants. God no, they are much, much worse. Barley, human. Things to be abolished, destroyed. It makes you smile, to be so high above panic. Ants or humans, the movement on the ground is frantic, all the living creatures rushing to escape the burning terrain. You sit back and watch. There is nothing like the stench of smoke, and screams of death in the morning. Especially when you’re the one causing them. Genicide. It sounds so evil when you’re not pushing the buttons. But when you are, when you’re the one throwing the flames across the forest, pushing the Gell from their home, making them flee to the arms of the waiting army- well. You push harder on the flamethrower, zipping across the sky in your plane. There is nothing like this. Nothing like this in the world.

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It was when the dunes filled up with snow that professor Leek knew there was a problem. But, honestly she didn’t know what the problem was. Miranda Leek, had been a model, a stripper, a thief. She had been hated, loved, once she had even been revered. Bt never, never had she been a professor, a doctor. Of course madmen had no use for doctors who know what there doing. And the court of Good King Game was the maddest Leek had ever known.

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u come home a far away place and u miss your family. u miss family becasue u like in a whole different state.

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abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz is what i thought when i retured to the school the next day.After school i had a quiz about my abc’s

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come home| come back reseed

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He came through the door, sopping wet. Begging for mercy. It made Star think about how he had left. Strong, proud, begging for adventure. Or so the tales went. Star had never met the chosen one before- he was a novelty, born long before her time. He was unmistakable though. Because though he was worn and weary, dripping with water and shivering with cold, the village took in a collective breath- for the chosen one had not aged a single day.

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It was when the blinker went of that i couldn’t stand it anymore. I mean, what kind of awful driver is really, just that…AWFUL!!! Jerky, and unaware of space, hard to control, and IMPOSSIBLE to predict. I just kinda lost it when i though he was going to turn, but kept right on going. I got out of my car, yanked open their door and screamed- loudly. There was a dead man lying on the seat in front of me. Working the pedals…

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when people stared falling asleep no one thought much of it. It was the poor, the homeless. The weak. But it didn’t stop there. And when the disease, blessing, curse started to spread to the rich, and powerful- when people everywhere fell to deep impenatrable sleep that was when the world took notice. But perhaps…perhaps to late.

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I looked at her. She was lying upon the ground, her head cupped in her hands, and her ankles still bleeding. She was weak. That was the word i was looking for. the word i was always looking for. Thats what they were- mistakes and awful, horrible weaklings. But the sad fact was- she…she was different. So very, very different. Because her- her i loved.

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She was done. Finished in ways she couldn’t quiet begin to comprehend. The ground looked softer than anything she could possibly imagine, her hands and feet were heavy. And yet she could not stop. She now knows this in in her very heart. Behind her they are coming. They have been chasing her for forever- so long she’s lost count of the years. All she knows is that

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When the final push came through, the last resounding pulse that shot through the still room, and left the air electrified it had grown all it could. For years upon years, decades lost deep in the ocean of experiments it had pulsed its electric pulse, growing and learning and swelling in knowledge and beauty. But finally. Finally it was done.

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This is what i claim. Right here. Right now. Those little leaps of faith that keep us human, reaching out in the hope we won’t fall upon our faces. Those moments of perfect clarity, like moonlight or sunshine, reaching out to light up my mind. I claim the beauty that can only be seen in hindsight- the hinderances that can’t be won. I claim the world, to hold it between my palms and pray for it to find the perfect kind of madness lurking deep. To give it the push it desperately needs

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Its the little pauses between the words
that let me now
your lies…
are just
And your claims are just claims, that fall upon deaf ears.
no one

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It was the fact that he spoke it out loud that really drove me crazy
“You know…I can fly.” He said, as though he were so special. As though he were the only one.
“Yeah, so can half of Hollywood.” I said in reply. It had been astonishing at first, when they came out of the woodwork- those people who could swoop about the sky like birds, or angels as people were apt to call them. Of course so many of them sold their souls soon afterword- a real nice house for some footage, and then a thousand dollars for a reality T.V. show. They seemed to be everywhere. But now we could tell who they were- now we were looking. People who can fly always seem pale. Their skin brightest ivory, and hair almost white. But the eyes are really how you spot them. They eyes of the Fliyers are dark. Always, always dark. And Stevens eyes were a pale, even blue. His lies were nothing more than that: the claims of a boy desperate for attention. Then again, he could be wearing contacts- hiding his otherness with a manufactured disguise. I knew all about that. I had been doing it for years.

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It was stupid that he packed the bags. She had seen him for the past three nights, watched him load up the car with his sports equipment and trophies. He didn’t need those last three suitcases filled with his clothes, it was over kill. Unneccasary. Absolutely without a point. Slightly sad in his need for dramatics.

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When she came up again.
She saw the Wall. Of course, not a wall. Those were common, everyday. But she saw the Wall. Her breaths were labored as she tred the water, her lungs on fire from lack of breath. The sea had almost won. Almost. But there was the wall, rising up tall and proud from the stiff black sea. And it could only mean one thing: Brentennil was close

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It was made of brick. Unsurpassable, and completely unbreakable. Unless. Of course. You had a bucket of paint. Belief, and just the right amount of moxie. Greendaleen Marks had these all in spades.

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When the knife touched her throat all she could think about was how it was the exact knife she would have used. Just the right balance, make, even the perfect color. Straight, simple black. And that was when Susanna fell in love with her murderer, just a little bit. It was a shame she’d have to kill him once he let her go.

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This is a confession
And a promise
A promise that these will be the last words i write, perhaps the last thing i do ever. Period. Because it wasn’t so much that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but that i was in the right place at the right one.
“I’m very good at my job.” I said to him before blowing his head off. I wonder what I’ll say before blowing off mine

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