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An animal adapts to its environment.
I adapted much like an animal to my environment. I fought my way through the rough times where I felt as if I had no place to call home. I was adapted at healing the wounds that the struggle of everyday brought. I was adapting constantly until I had finally adapted enough that nothing could hurt me.

» Posted By Zoey On 06.01.2014 @ 1:00 pm


The plane was hijacked. We were flying over a vast expanse of desert when a cold voice came over the plane’s intercom.

“This plane has been hijacked. Nobody move.”

» Posted By Zoey On 01.10.2014 @ 2:44 pm


The tax revenue was falling drastically, there was nothing more the government could do. There was no income, no source of wealth anywhere. The country had been bled dry.

All around there were people dying, starving and crying. Fighting was now the norm and any sense of humanity had left with the last few coins. It was a strange world to live in.

We rely so heavily on our revenues as a country, that if they were to be taken away, the whole place would cease.

» Posted By Zoey On 01.05.2014 @ 12:29 pm


She was the chosen one. He knew she was the perfect girl for him. He got down on one knee and said, “Mary Elizabeth Gordon, I love you to the ends of the world and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?” She replied with tears streaming down her face, screaming, “I do! I do!” He stood up and put the ring on her finger.

» Posted By Zoey On 12.07.2013 @ 5:07 pm


Get up. Get dressed. Survive whatever the day may throw at me.

This is my routine. Mundane and boring, everlasting until the day I die.

Unless of course life gives me a twist in the road.

» Posted By Zoey On 10.27.2013 @ 9:51 am


very confused. dumbfounded.

» Posted By Zoey On 10.21.2013 @ 6:04 am


The woman stamped my parcel, the red pen inking its way over the postage stamp. “1st Class” it read. I sighed deeply, this was it, no turning back now. I handed over the change, it chinked as it passed from my hand to her’s. The £4.10, such a small fare for such a big thing.

She turned away and put the parcel on the back shelf of her office, smiling she turned to face me. Handing me my reciept, I glanced down.
“One parcel, small 250grams. To: Address From: Camberley”

I hoped she got it in time. I checked the time 11:11 on the 14th February 2016.

The Valentines Day that falls on a leap year. The small stamped pacel held my future. Plus a £300 engagement ring.

» Posted By Zoey On 10.15.2013 @ 8:46 am


I am hoping that I just finish this with as little damage to others as I can, the whole point of life has seemed to evaded me. I am hoping I arrive at my final destination, wherever or whatever it may be, dead and with good memories left behind to all who knew me. Maybe, I hope, with a message or a lesson people can learn from.

Maybe it’s too never lose sight of what you are hoping for.

» Posted By Zoey On 10.04.2013 @ 9:49 am


“My INTENTION was to HELP you!” He shouted, as I slammed his car door. “Well, you fucking didn’t.” I snarled back at him. “‘intention’ doesn’t matter if you’re fucking up my job.”

» Posted By Zoey On 07.04.2013 @ 12:57 am


He’s so demanding for a child. Four years old, and dragging his mother by the hand down the street. I watch my sister try to tell him no as he points to a shop window, but he stares her down, steely blue eyes that seem impossible in the head of someone so young. She rolls her eyes at him, and lets him guide her into the spinning door. I sigh. Well, at least his uncles are more stern with him.

» Posted By Zoey On 07.03.2013 @ 3:25 am


There’s nothing quite like thinking there may be nothing out there. That there’s always a chance that what your family has been subtly pushing into your mind for 16 years has been because of their own doubt, that if you can believe in their God that He may just be real. But when your doubt is discovered, when you start to consider all the things wrong in your little church group, it can shatter not only your families image of ‘God’ but everything they believed in. Including you.

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Strung, like strung out. When I think strung out I think strung out on feelings for a person, usually someone you like in a boyfriend girlfriend kind of way. Like you want to talk to them all the time or tell everyone about them. They’re all you can think about and it’s driving you crazy.

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I wait in line, behind 30 different girls. I feel the sweat on my forehead, and look around. There’s a cute girl behind me, who grins as my eyes pass her face. She’s the only one who doesn’t look nervous, and it’s actually reassuring. She waves a little as my eyes linger on her, and those cute brown fingers waggle at me, and I blush turning back to the line. Focus. You need this commercial. You do. Stop wanting to flirt with the competition.

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The crunchy surface hurts my teeth, but I pretend to enjoy it. The trip to the dentist yesterday keeps me from enjoying much of anything I’ve tried to eat today, but it came from HIS hands, those soft long fingers, paint in the lines of his palm, the hands that make everything cupped in them beautiful. But this flaky fake vanilla taste has escaped his fingers, and in my mouth in loses what he gave it, and I have to resist the urge to spit it onto the ground.

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I glare at the passengers on either side of me, hoping the spikes on various parts of my outfit will scare people away. The flowers on my skirt are slightly more inviting, but paired with these boots, well, I look threatening to say the least.

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“You’re my anchor,” she says. “The one thing that keeps me tied down, stuck in this fucking town. I want to cut you loose, float away, but I need you when things get rough. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t say that.”
I nod. “Yeah. You shouldn’t. But that’s just how it is. But I can’t hold you down any longer. It drains me, just as much as you. It’s exhausting, keeping you from…living, I guess.”

» Posted By Zoey On 04.11.2013 @ 6:15 pm


It scattered the people like rats. It took control over their bodies, and their minds, and those who fell victim to it tore the others to shreds. No one was safe, at least not for long. Their skin hung from their bones, and their teeth were forever bared in an awful way. They stumbled through the streets and grasped whatever passed them, inhaling deeply to make damn sure it wasn’t alive. If it was, their teeth were dug into it, deep and gruesome, tugging at flesh and pulling it away from the victim. They would hold tight, tighter than their weak frame suggested they could, and they would bite again and again, till the mess they held in their hands was no longer living.

» Posted By Zoey On 03.31.2013 @ 10:56 pm

The disease was killing off the villagers. Everyone struggled to survive, avoiding one another and covering their faces in cloths. They scurried through the streets in fear that someone would touch them, that anyone would be carrying the infection. A woman cried over the corpse of her newborn, and Margeret peered out the window of her house into the bare streets.

» Posted By Zoey On 03.31.2013 @ 10:49 pm

The disease was killing off the villagers. Everyone struggled to survive, avoiding one another and covering their faces in cloths. They scurried through the streets in fear that someone

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He loved himself, he was a narcissist and he was incredibly self absorbed- in the end that was his downfall.
Truly, the mirror didn’t look enchanted, or maybe it did, he didn’t notice all he saw was himself.

» Posted By Zoey On 11.30.2012 @ 1:05 pm


flex is the main thing when it comes to dance its all about flexibitlity.

» Posted By Zoey On 09.07.2012 @ 1:37 pm


The zone.
Get in it.
Breathe slowly. Inhale. Exhale.
The goal is right in front of you. Focus. Eyes on the target. No hesitation.
Ignore the screams. Ignore the pressure.
It’s you, and the ball. Focus. Get in your zone. It’s your battlefield. That man right across there, he’s you’re enemy. Focus. Defeat him. Look at your target. See it. Understand it. Feel the target.

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I have an auxiliary gym at my school. It’s big and it’s one of three gyms there. I’m not sure why we have it. We rarely use it, but oh well. It’s a nice gym regardless, but it still makes me wonder why it’s there. I really don’t know what the meaning of auxiliary is. Does it mean there ais a balcony viewing like in our gym? it’s the only gym that has that so amaybe it means something along those lines. Nonetheless, I will not look up this definition because I don’t care to actually see it.

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I’m not sure what keen means. I think it’s an adjective, but honestly, how am I supposed to know? Is there a keen man? Is keen an intellectual word? Is it describing some physical feature? With only 60 seconds to write about a word foreign to my mind, I really can’t this. Yes, I did just turn “” into a verb. That’s what keen does to you. It verb-ifies nouns. And I did it again.

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I like to chat. Its fun. especially on facebook! haha. does chatting in texting count? cause i do that alot! hahaha :) i chat with alot of people.. espeially boys ;) jk. im not a whore! kinda. fuckkk me. chatting is funnnn! very very very fun. haha :) i guess you could say that. :p Im smart :)

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you are a convict arent you. i saw you wrtting the names of all people in front of me , and saw their tired faces staring blankly at the screen which showed them the same reminder that it was a mistake , all of it , everything their people believed all they themselves believed in . seeing that scene made me feel sick to my stomach , but then again, its all just a part of our ” so called ” culture isnt it ? its all in our minds, we can maje the world whatever our minds choose to , and we all know that deep inside, yet we act like puppets of our history , never embracing a positive change . and whet then , politics , laws , leaders …… all human terms and ways of life ,,, no true agenda but our own benifit is there , pessimistic , i know , but remember , we’ve done it ourselves , and if we choose , we know that we can change it.

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She lost her earring down the drain. There it fell, it’s shiny diamond glinting as it dropped gracefully down to the core of the earth. The scream she let out was inhuman. it peirced the ears of all nearby her. The earring sunk lower and lower, it’s shiny glint always taunting her.

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I look at her, and she is still giving me that look. The one that says, “Do it, or die.” And with Max, I know she isn’t joking. If I don’t listen, I will be killed. So I slip on the dress, and at Iggy’s laughter, I cringe.

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It was raining heavily. It streaked her windows, and left every thing damp and miserable. But it wasn’t the only type of liquid flooding. Inside a house, little Cindy cheeks were stained with tears, as she watched the rain fall from the window. Today had been absolutely horrible.

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Finally, he kissed her. Maddie had been waiting for this kiss her whole life. It wasn’t a family kiss, or a tiny peck on the cheek. It was some thing real. It brought fireworks to mind. She couldn’t help but lift her leg, like in cheesy, romantic movies. All she could say when she pulled away was, a very fitting, very surprised, “whoa.”

» Posted By Zoey On 10.31.2011 @ 2:23 pm

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