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Hannah reached down and patted Charm’s neck. They were on a ride, and they had just started out, so they weren’t that far from the ranch. Hannah didn’t want to go too far, so that she could hear her mother calling her to dinner. She and her sister had said they would help, but their mom said to go ride their horses. That usually equaled a special dessert, so nobody said anything but good-bye. Now Hannah looked at her twin sister, riding on a palomino named Goldie, and offered, “Want to gallop?” Susan nodded, and they squeezed the horses with their heels. They raced around and around the ranch. Suddenly, Hannah paused, listened, and then yelled, “Susan, Mom’s calling!” As she and her sister rode through the pasture, they smiled at each other, and agreed to go again tomorrow.

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Lauren stretched, wishing that the prairie dog would come out of her hole. She looked over at Nancy, her best friend, who shook her head. No prairie dogs.
They had gotten the idea of catching prairie dogs three days ago, when they had decided they were tired of having little more than chores to do. It was Nancy’s idea. “Why couldn’t we catch a prairie dog to play with?” she had said. So they were trying it.
If only the dogs would run out of one of their holes, so they could capture it.
Lauren sighed, glanced at the sinking sun, and got up, motioning to Nancy. Their Mas would need help with dinner and the babies. As Nancy and Lauren made their way back to camp, they promised each other to try again tomorrow.

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Emily Scott hurried along the driveway that led up to the house her parents live in. Her father had made her promise him when she got back from San Francisco she would give him her account of what it was like. He had never been there, though he had heard dozens of tales. All this went through Emily’s mind as she got to the end of the driveway and rushed up the steps. While she rang the doorbell she put a smile on her face and wondered what Dad would think.

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