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His words were curvy, and spilled over the edges of the paper. I loved his words, I could feel their taste in my mouth; it was bitter, but in a good way. They gave me the firm belief that everything would be alright in the end, they spelled out hopeful.

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I had always felt alone…always a little lost and a little deserted. I remember being scared, when I was little, that the sun would never come up and that I would never touch the sky. I use to have a reoccurring dream about being lost in the desert, a heavy myriad surrounding me.

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He played silently with the salt and pepper shakers. Dancing them across the table in some kind of off-beat waltz. He refused to look up, to meet my gaze. I wish I could read his mind, I wish I knew why he said the things he did earlier; if he meant them or not, I felt like I would never know.

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I felt the smooth silk against the back of my legs as he pushed my dress further and further up. I felt his quick sighs and heavy breathing like it was my own heart beat; he was my own heart beat. His cool hands felt like perfection on the back of my neck, and his smell overwhelmed me.

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I sat on the toilet wrapped in a towel waiting for the hot water to fill the bath tub. I loved the steam rising off of the surface and the loud noise of the water plunging from the facet into the water. I leaned over and stuck my hand in, swirling it around, tracing circles with my finger. As I pushed my hand further down to touch the slippery bottom and my ring slipped off. I watched it, as if in slow motion, sinking slowly to the bottom.

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I hope you know that you are missed; that I still feel your arms around me, feel your voice whispering sweet thoughts in my ear. I can feel my heart beat slow, remembering it, bringing me back.

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I hated that word; fail. It was the worst word I ever new. It tore me to pieces; tore at my thoughts, my actions, my beliefs. I didn’t understand how anyone could tell me that I failed when I did the best I possibly could, I tried and tried and tried. How was that not success? I did succeed.

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I switched on the lamp and brought my work closer to my eye. I looked closely at the velveteen bunny that my mother had made me when I was a baby; looked closely at the tearing thread and the stained cloth. I remembered the 18 years it spent on my bed; moving from New Mexico to Texas when I was eight, through elementary school, junior high, high school, through relationships and tears.

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I walked by him to get to my spot on the field, and it was the first time in two months that we had been that close. As the breeze picked up his smell was wafted towards me, and it took my breath away. I could hardly breathe, hardly think; who knew after all that time of not seeing him, that being that near to him could still take my breath away.

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I couldn’t stop; couldn’t turn around or look back. I had to keep my eyes on the road, my eyes on the future. No rests or breaks; no time for any of that. All I could do was keep driving. All I could do was keep imagining that he was at the end of my next turn, and if I got there, he would finally be in view.

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If I could fly away just for a little while I would do it in a heart beat. Write a new story, paint a new canvas, a blank one, a clean slate. I would dream new dreams and face new fears. Fall fast to home and return… only for a little while.

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I could feel my tears brimming over, my blood boiling, the lump in the back of my throat. The one you get when you hold in tears. I could feel the anger, the pain, the loss, rushing in on me. I could feel myself losing it, hearing your voice, driving me crazy, knowing that it wasn’t talking to me. That it wouldn’t talk to me for awhile.

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I stared down at my ticket, rubbed the corners flat between my thumb and index finger. I shifted in the uncomfortable seat that held me as I waited for my train to arrive. A one way ticket, no turning back. Well, sort of.

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I smelled them, the flowers, all around me. I loved going out into that field and laying in them. Sitting in my grandmothers garden every summer evening of every summer that I visited. The violets, so potent, so amazing. I felt like I was dreaming, like the smell made me see the color violet too.

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I walked across the football field towards him, not thinking, not caring that he was surrounded by all of his friends.One of them nudged him and he turned around. I heard the head cheerleader yelling at the other girls on the other side of the field through her megaphone,
heard the slamming of bodies crashing as the football players practiced. But all I could see were his blue eyes, watching me walk towards him, full of bristling curiosity.

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I slid into the leather chair that sat in a corner of the lobby, took out a cigarette, lit it, watched the embers build up. Down the hall in one of the offices I heard the melancholy tone of a megaphone, so beautiful; the jazzy/blues rhythm filled my ears, filled my soul. I smiled, and inhaled, let my cigarette smoke surround me.

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I walked around the barren campsite, looking for twigs and sticks to start a fire for our meal, our dinner, the only thing we would eat that day. I loved camping but this was more than I could handle, my dad’s idea of camping was literal, the way camping “use to be”, he said.

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I stared down at my strawberry smoothie, stared at the little clumps of fruit being sucked up through the straw. I could feel him, knees almost touching mine as he sat across from me in the battered booth we had slit into, felt him watching me. I did my best not to look up.

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