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Sweeping past the chicken coop, Mandy’s ire was evident is every step she took. Bailey shrank away at the sight.

“Where have you been? Mandy asked sharply, her face as blank and blinding as untouched snow in the sunlight.

Bailey said nothing. He noticed the freckles that showed prominently on her cheeks and nose and that the boots she’d gotten gotten only last Christmas were already worn through. Dust seemed to rise at her anger, but it merely made her more drab and grimy. It hid whatever radiance she might have had.

“I never wanted this,” Bailey said, meaning Mandy and her no longer white apron and meaning the whole dusty drab town. If heavens weren’t enough, then how could he settle here?

“You never cared about me!” Many screamed. A red apple missed his retreating back by millimeters.

Bailey said nothing to defend himself. There was nothing he could say, even as his heart cried out, trapped as it was in his father’s fist.

» Posted By Yomi On 09.15.2014 @ 5:12 pm


i am now confused. confusion is all around. i think confusion makes me safe. i dont feel well when i’m not confused. when i’m not confused i think there’s something wrong. confusion is natural state of universe…

» Posted By yomi On 01.05.2010 @ 1:31 pm

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