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“What?” I yelped.
“I’m sorry Jen. I really am.”
“This can’t be right! Sam loved his life-”
“As far as you know. This was not a murder, it was a suicide.”
I fell to te ground, unable to breathe. What did I do to him?

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“Wow,” Tuck said quietly.
“Don’t be embarrassed, Tuck.”
“I’m not…” He looked at his toes.
“Its OK to drop a pass!”
He made no response and began to slowly walk to his car as the rain began to fall.

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Jenny felt a sense of utter joy run down her shoulders as if it had been thrown down at her from the heavens. It was finally over. Her constant torment would be no more. Every agonizing second she had spent over it would finally pay off. She would be free of this curse. The puzzle had been solved.

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True? False? Those are the two main questions that come to mind when you hear ‘mythology’. Should those be the questions? Well I just made up a third question. Why? Well thats a fourth isn’t it? Fifth.

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Bailey picked up the stick and through it across the field. If only Coach Anderson had seen that. He wouldn’t have put Audrey at pitcher, no sir! But Coach never watched Bailey. Never.

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Wrong. Wrong is not a word to be confused with right. Although, the wrong is so often confused with the right, what difference do the words make? Actually, they make all the difference. Words make the difference in this world. Sure what you say can hit someone pretty hard, but what you write…well that can never be erased. So should you say the wrong thing, but write the right one? Well, the thing is, who is to determine what is right and what is wrong, written or said? Who? No one. Everyone. Who knows? Don’t dwell on these questions, because if you attempt to answer them, you will find yourself wrong.

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