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In and out, zig zag. 60 miles per hour and no helmet. Her heart was pounding and the wind was screaming in her ear. The light turned yellow and slowing down felt like quitting. She stepped on the gas and held her breath. Never saw the Honda careening towards her from the side.

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The bars are cold but the breath on the back of his neck is warm, and too close. He didn’t deserve this, but who ever gets what they deserve. No one comes when he screams out, but his cellmate seems to enjoy the screaming.

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It was a nice house. Large bay windows, a spacious layout, and even a pool. She stared at the pool often. Even though he never locked the doors, taking a dive seemed like the only way out.

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The soft pull of silk around her wrists was almost cruel in it’s caress. Something in her broke, and she twisted, kicked, and spit to deter him.

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“You know, I can’t do this right now,” she murmured. Her body screamed in protest, especially when his hand began to leave its resting place on her breast. But two steps back, the dizziness of lust began to fade, and she knew it was the right decision.

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The sun was oppressively cruel and the air was pregnant with a thunderstorm. No one was allowed to retreat inside to cool off, not unless they were cooking. So they played Horseshoes and Spades to distract them from their slow death of tradition and a performance of ‘fun’.

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Sand in her hair, sand in bikini top, and she could feel tiny grains of annoyance slipping into her bikini bottoms. The lifeguard slipping her tongue was hot, but not enough to distract her from the thought that sex on the beach was terribly overrated.

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The paper called them infidels, and that’s when he knew it would never be over. “Rebels,” he spat. “They come here, to our home, with their bombs, tanks, and guns. Shoot our children dead in the street. And when we fight back, we’re rebelling?” He laughed bitterly.

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Mercury rising
Interrogation goes sour
Handcuffs are cold

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She licked her lips again and tried to swallow, but the air got stuck in her throat like a ball of cotton. Stumbling to the living room, she almost made it to the thermometer, but then her vision became blurry and then she was falling.

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Her mother was staring again. Tamra rolled her eyes and took another angry bite of coconut custard pie. “You know my sister had to get her leg amputated, right before she died.” Tamra swallowed, savoring the sugar melting in her mouth, and gave her mother a fake smile.

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There were way too many. She’d pictured a small, intimate gathering of mostly friends and a few strangers. But there were rows and rows of strangers. As she took the stage with unsteady feet, she mentally ran through her lines.

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She used sarcasm
Like whores use condoms
To protect her heart

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The screens were meant for privacy, and perhaps if he turned his head, they would have sufficed. But they were too cheap and thin, and she was too curvy. He couldn’t move, let alone turn his eyes away, ensnared by her silhouette.

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The pitcher was sweating and dancing with fresh lemons. She rocked forward and slid her fingers along its portly belly, sighing in cool relief. That is, until her mother swatted her hand away. “Help me set the picnic table before company arrives.”

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Chicago was dead
Some blame molotov cocktails
But the bullets did it

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Getting hot didn’t make any sense until it did. His fingers singed trails into her skin as they moved up, up, up to a secret place she’d kept hidden. Yeah, his breath was hot against her neck, but the heat consuming her was coming from within.

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The sun was in her mouth, and her eyes often flashed with lightning. Staring directly at her, too long, was the stuff of dares and nightmares.

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Shuffling in the living rom, slippers dragging along the stone floor with a loosely wrapped bathrobe he squints against the early light of dawn. “Happy Father’s Day!” we shout. He winces as if slapped. “It’s 8am, y’all? Seriously?” We grimace and shove our gifts at him stubbornly. He huffs with a reluctant smile, accepting all of them.

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