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Cobblestones and castles. We ditched our lipstick and high heels for sneakers and cigarettes. Climbed higher and higher. Stuck our lips out and pouted until they prickled red and plumped by the frost in the air. We laughed. Cackled down the valley. Screamed in happiness and denial. Imagined we were royalty. Then died laughing at the hilarity of it all.

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The colour of all her favourite things. Handbags. Scarves. Autumn.
“I need a new autumnal dress”, she’d say, leaves crunching underfoot.
“Something…mustard yellow, you know.”
She couldn’t eat it though. It turned her face upwards in funny angles, and down again in disgust, any time she tried it to see if this time, maybe she would like it.

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Snuggled up under a rug she waits. Quiet. Ready to pounce. Scorning the over-achiever. Knowing that words bleed from her veins easy when they are cut.

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society is for the socially awkward, for those to have a system that guides them, leaving the capable, left out, and socially awkward.

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Broken vessels
on the sea
match the broken vessels
in our eyes
crying at newspaper’s
next day misery
but our broken vessels do nothing
to fix their broken vessels
only waste time and energy
better spent
Spending our time and energy
on giving them time
and energy

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Rough claws dancing fighting kissing loving hating writing. We are beyond explanation. We are beyond a doubt insane. One two three four back again to fight some more and nothing will put us back in our place. It all circles back to that same place. kicking scratching fighting five steps forward six steps back.

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fasting. the morning becomes evening. every heart beat becomes louder. every breath becomes an event. harder. the time goes by. fasting. a moment of moments stitched together on an empty stomach – why? why because must, why because have to, why because preparation.

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It opened her up. Made her see beyond the day. Made her see that there is a whole universe beyond her home. Beyond her street. Beyond her town. It made her eyes shine bright in the wake of it all. Made her feel that all the things she thought were important were impartial. And that existence was the point of it all.

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