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vultures, vultures, vultures, vultures, vult

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vultures look really weird so yay! vultures are sgavengers you know what i mean

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*sigh* she was soooooooo tired she flopped on to bed lisa had come home from school her mum and dad were out she was by her self it started to get dark she shivered it was cold she dident like being by her self she went to sleep lisa awok abriptely what was that neiws it came from the attic *rattle* *rattle* she froze what was it. She was the only person here she slowly stood up she walked down to the attic *rattle**rattle she slowly opened the door *creak* she looked in and turned the lieght on ahh! she shouted it was just a small citten she luaghed ha ha ha ha ha! it was so cute she cept it and evry one loved it

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She sucked in the harsh, salty air. Any normal throat would have torn and wretched at all of the salt, water and wind. But this was no normal throat. The perfectly formed head plunged back into the water. The graceful, feminine arms strove through the water, pushing and pulling. Used to the hard work the humanoid figure swam among the waves easily. From her neck and shoulders down to her waist a simple but elegant flowing, white blouse swept around her, showing her pale, crystal skin. But down her figure there is a slight change, her hips start to turn blue, green and scaly. Soon there is no skin, but fish scales turn her would be long legs into a magnificent tail. This sweeps the water pushing her along. Soon she dives, this rare occurrence comes to an end. The merpeople with their sprightly, lanky and beautiful bodies and personalities live under our oceans never to be seen. Except, when one young mermaid sometimes just can’t resist the urge to see what strange people live above their world.

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“Gone” She thought absently as she witnessed the erasing of her brother’s mind. She smiled with a crazed look upon her face. “Soon I’ll be gone” She mused as the murderers hooked her up to the machine. “So much work, so much time, and for what?” She started to laugh. “To get erased! Ah, If they could see me now. They would laugh too. I think that they meant for this to happen, you know, that it would end this way.” She remarked. Her captors grunted at each-other surprised at all of the chatter their victim was making. “Oh, come on, does it really have to take that long.” She complained as the men were putting the last few wires into place. The man beside the control panel shrugged and inserted his I.D. card. The machine started to make the whirring, grumbling sound it did before when it took her sibling’s life. She smiled as the first few feelings of numbness came over her. Then suddenly she cried out. “No! I don’t want to die!” She screamed. “I know now! I know what I need to do!” The gang men struggled to keep her in her seat. “Call for help!” One of them ordered. “And get humiliated for needing help with this girl!” The other retorted. The girl suddenly went quiet. “There, told yer! That was easy!” The man said looking down at the body. “Yeah, well it was just in the heat of the moment.” Spat the other gang member sitting down. “Eh, whatever. Its done now. She’s definitely gone.” “Yep, erased” The two men left the room. But neither of them had noticed the pulled plugs, or that the body was breathing.

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She had mounds of wealth. Jewels covered her fingers, adorned her dress, and her hair. She had a mansion that she now was admiring, walking through room after room, looking at herself in mirror after mirror, examining painting after painting, looked out window after window at her amazing estate in a priceless area. But for some reason she did this all with an air of sadness. For some reason she just didn’t feel happy with her never ending riches. With having every wish and desire get carried out with just one word. This has never happened before. It was a new feeling that did not agree with her. She looked down at her lovely gown-made only a few days ago- and sighed. “What’s wrong? What am I missing?” She asked herself again and again. She looked up and saw her husband come in with her children. She smiled. It gave her a shock. She hadn’t smiled for so long. It felt good. She thought happily. Her answer had come. After touring her mansion with all of its treasures and beauty. But it hadn’t made her smile, “Or made me feel good in any way.” She realized. She looked up again at her family. What a tussle! They were play wrestling. Her two daughters were having just a much fun as her sons. And starting to laugh she caught a glimpse of her husband among the crazy family pile. She shrieked when he reached out and pulled her in. “Stop! Stop it!” She cried out as he tickled her. “This is most unladylike!” She remarked, though she didn’t try to pull away. This was happiness, It wasn’t jewels, or gold, or even the most beautiful gowns. It was family, it was friends, it was her children that she loved so dearly. She grabbed her children and her husband in a big bear hug. She smiled as she said happily, “ThankYou!”

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She was worried. “What do I do now?” She kept thinking. She paced back and forth. Anxiously she looked around. “I just need to see the right signs” She assured herself. “Then I can go.” This made her feel slightly better. “See it’s ok. I just need to wait and relax.” She again said decidedly. She had been doing this for hours. Just trying to make herself feel as if she should just wait. “I’m fine.” She had started again. “I’m absolutely fine. I’m just gonna wait here until I see that it is the perfect time.” She sat down onto the stone floor and started to sob miserably. “Why? Why did this have to happen to me?” She implored. “How did I get into all of this? How did I end up here?” She sighed. She was done with her crying. She got up slowly. She looked around herself. It was time to act.

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She looked about her, saw so many people. It made her think. “I’ve been worrying about how I need to get closer to my friends, about how I’m gonna do at my performance, and If my friends will come.” She thought to herself, as she was bustled among hundreds of people. “But so are they, they’ve got lots of tiny problems that seem like huge walls. Just like me. They’ve got friends that they’re worrying about and things that they’re practicing for.” She looked around realising that this made her feel so very small in a big world. “It makes me feel,” She searched for the right word. “Lonely.” “They’ve got whole lives that they’re going through.” She mused. “I’m just an individual in this huge world” She whispered to herself. Suddenly a feeling came over her that doused the awful feeling of insignificance and loneliness that she had become used to. “I am a solitary being in this world. But that doesn’t make me unimportant. I comforted Phoebe when she had a problem” She started realising the truth. “She would have cried all night if I hadn’t been there. And my family love ME so much, I’VE done hundreds of jobs around the house that needed to be done, and somebody else would have had to do them.” She started to smile. It felt so good, she hadn’t smiled in so long. She realised that she had wasted so much time. “I’ve gotta do things!” She said aloud. People around her smiled sympathetically at the strange girl in the middle of the footpath. “I’ve gotta see people, and read things, and dance!” She laughed at people’s curious stares as she ran down the street. “I’m going on an adventure!”

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Step after step, on and on. Nothing to see, nothing to do but to take yet another step. “Oh, when will it stop!” Thought the little boy miserably. “Please, when will it stop!” He whispered. A soldier next to him shoved him forwards and grunted “It’ll stop when we get there! But for now, why don’t you cheer us soldiers with that toy drum you’ve still got.” He smiled cruelly. The boy looked down at his sore, chapped, bleeding feet “But I’m, I’m tired.” He said quietly. The soldier looked up surprised. “Oh, you’re tired, are you?!” He jeered. “Do you think we care! No! Now pick up them sticks and play that drum!” The boy sobbed with pain and embarrassment, as he lifted his drumsticks and started to play. A somber, slow, beating tune. Other Jews looked up startled, then smiled at the little boy with the drum. Soon something amazing happened. A young woman had brought her precious flute with her. As soon as she heard and saw the little boy beating his tiny drum, she lifted her flute to her lips, and started to play a wilting, sad, but beautiful tune. The little boy’s drum and the young woman’s flute played on, dancing a heartbroken song of longing. A man heard the beautiful music and was moved to tears. He lifted his head and let out a magnificent voice. Singing an old traditional Jewish song. Slowly others joined in, until it became a most wonderful choir singing their sadness, yearning and hopeful song. Being lead by the little boy’s drum and the young woman’s flute.

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Panting she sat down in the wet grass. She couldn’t remember how long she’d been running for. Looking up, her face got pelted with small drops of water. “I can’t go on like this.” She whispered to herself. “Maybe the sun will suddenly come out and make everything better.” It had become a habit to talk to herself. She sighed as she looked down at her small pale hands. It was hopeless, she thought as she gazed up at the sky again. The rain kept falling. On and on. It was almost hypnotizing as she watched the rain droplets falling. Down and down. She dropped her eyes to the ground again. The rain kept continuing, her life just had to keep going. Everything else wasn’t going to stop. She had to go on with it. “Just continue. There’s no point stopping now.” She said sadly as she pulled herself up.

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