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Zoom, Dash screamed around the corner. I can do it, i can do it, he thought, suddenly his moterbike crashed!!!!!

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The little, blonde girl moved slowly through a maze of abandoned tools, broken bricks & lost hardhats. Sobbing quietly she squeezed between unfinished walls & tip-toed down lonely hallways. “Where are you?” she whispered. Stumbling, she fell forwards, hitting her shin against a concrete block. She cried out, & clung to her leg. “No no no no!!!!” her scream ripped through the empty building. Tears streaked her strained face as the little girl pulled herself up with a whimper. Her echoing crys surrounded her, wrapping her up in their eerie sound. Limping toward a corner, the little girl broke, & sat down, pained with anguish & terror.
Her little head, weighed down by worry & fear drooped slowly. Crying quietly, she sat alone in an unfinished, lonely building.

But was she alone? Creeping footsteps tell a different story. A shadow stalked through tools, bricks & hardhats. Past unfinished walls & down hallways. The little girl looked up, terror evident on her childish face, as she listened to laboured breathing coming closer & closer. The footsteps made their way past the concrete block, over tear dripped floors, coming closer to the frightened little girl. The child pressed herself further into her corner, watching the shadow lengthen as someone came around the corner……..

Bella jumped out! “Found you!!!” she cried. “You okay Gracie? Are you crying?” Bella walked over carefully and pulled the sobbing Gracie into a big bear-hug. “Aww, you banged your leg! Lets get back to the others, & Mum can give you a band-aid” Bella tugged Gracie along as she exclaimed about how great this old construction site was, for hide-n-seek. Gracie followed along, thinking that maybe she was too little for this kind of thing……

» Posted By WolfBlood On 06.13.2018 @ 5:32 pm

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