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The thick smell hung in the air as she stepped into the gleaming white room. It smelled like detergent, and she felt her nose wrinkle in disgust. Obsession could only go so far.

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He stood, maybe 5 feet away, just looking. Standing. Staring. He had a creepy aura, even though it was the middle of the day and his face was neutral. I could see he was trouble, trouble for me, perhaps dangerous. I looked away, for an escape.

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The slight buzz in my ears, the crackle of the machine at my belt. I would be fine for a while, I was sure, but I had to get in and out of the compound. Fast. It wasn’t worth harming myself for the bastard that sent me to find his stupid jacket.

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Staring at the light, eyes burning, Jane watched the sun slowly sink into the ground on the horizon. She felt a tickle at her feet, shifting softly to escape the odd feeling against her bare skin.

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The blank walls continued endlessly as she ran, skidding slightly with every turn of a corner. It was essential she escaped from the grey labyrinth soon, or she would face the worst.

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Metered, an unknown word I have no time to define. Born of some imagination, somewhere, from some time, out of a need for the word. I wonder who first used it?

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The girl woke up in the room as light streamed through the barred opening above her, hitting her face. How long ago had she been captured and taken to this room? She couldn’t answer. The drugs knocked her out for days at a time.

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Thunderous noise came into hearing as I sat by the field. How I ended up there, I had no idea, but the noise became ever louder, though I couldn’t see its source. It sounded like a stampede.

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There was a strange noise coming from the end of the catwalk, out of sight due to the lights shining onto my face. It sounded like a sparkler, a faint crackling under the applaud and roar of the crowd as I span to adequately ripple the silk that hung around my legs.

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The drum beat was oddly soothing, as was the cold against my back as I looked up at the night sky surrounded by fire. I would be there soon in spirit, an offering to the God of Fire and Life, I would serve him in his realm for all eternity.

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He placed the box down infront of her, an eager-to-please look on his face. SHe was sceptical. It could be something she didn’t like… again. But she held her breath and reached out to the box, lifting the lid carefully. The boots were shiny. Black. Spiked. Just like the boots she’d ruined weeks ago. Her face lit up as she poked the metal.

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He wallowed in pride, straightening his back as he looked out over his people, who in turn looked up at him with mixed expressions. Killing the bandit king hadn’t been an easy task, but his people had called for justice, and he had delivered.

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Pages pushed by the wind flipped quickly, losing her place in the story as she stepped up to answer a knocking at the door. As she cursed quietly, she stepped away from the desk, tiptoeing past the globe that sat dangerously on the edge.

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Climbing in altitude was difficult. The air became thinner, and my heart pounded as I sucked in whatever breath I could. Eventually I stopped, looking out over the world I lived in. The trouble was worth it, and the sight was breathtaking.

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“One! Two! Twist!” the perky lady shouted into the mirror, watching us behind her like a hawk. It was intimidating how she’d catch our eye in the reflection. Awkward, uncomfortable. I was completely ready to finish the session.

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The red head needed urgent medical attention, that much was certain, but pressing harder wasn’t stopping the bleeding and no medic was near to help. She couldn’t say anything to the small girl that would make the situation better, and though she smiled at the child as though everything would be fine, she knew her eyes betrayed the sadness she felt.

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The floorboards creaked unsteadily as she walked through the hallway. The apartment she’d rented was supposed to be further down the hall, but by the sound of it, she was going to end up on the lower floor again soon.

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The tile was turned from light grey to an odd slate color as she pushed it into the shadows and began peering down solemnly into the hole she’d made in the roof a previous night. She waited for something she didn’t know would happen.

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The pain was devastating, but the contract had been sealed. Glowing eyes looked down at me, mocking me, and I stupidly stared back at them while my arm steamed and throbbed. For all the torture, it was worth it, I knew that.

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There was a brilliant light spinning. First up, then down. Front flip, back flip, it was entrancing to watch. A bright gold motorbike doing tricks at night, practicing for higher places.

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The universe created infinite possibilities for Iana. She spun and took in the starlight, swirling the stardust around her as Kumi watched from afar. As she spun, and noticed her new sister, Iana moved towards the glowing form, grabbing her hand and pulling Kumi to join her.

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The small cat looked back at me from behind it’s cage. It wasn’t happy about the situation, but not was it complaining as cats so often did. A few cages down, a grey cat howled in despair.

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