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The Editor listens to all we say. We are entitled to free thought, but free speech is a distant figure of history. I’ve read about it in books where The Editor has no reign. It cannot Edit our sight. It cannot Edit our ears. Only our speech is restricted by The Editor, throats slit by The Node. But that will not last long. Notes from The Writers, our underground, say that The Editor’s reach will extend if we do not act quickly.

» Posted By Willow On 10.09.2017 @ 8:29 pm


Youth. To be young and juvenile again. What I wouldn’t do to turn the clock back. She sits at the edge of my tongue like a forgotten dream. It has been years, but it feels like she slipped away only moments ago.

» Posted By Willow On 10.08.2017 @ 1:24 am


Direction is often something one seeks, but never finds. There is no compass to life. One must wander around, choosing paths that seem as if they lead in the preferred direction. However one often encounters obstacles that block the view. One must choose to turn back, or to face the obstacle, and conquer the fear of what may lie ahead.

» Posted By Willow On 12.18.2016 @ 9:20 pm


Maybe if I had purchased my passport, we would have traveled. Maybe if I’d just filed for it and if I had taken the damn picture and spent the money, we’d be halfway across the world. We’d have gone to Bora Bora, and Hawaii, Mexico every weekend and we’d still be happy and looking forward to things in our life. Maybe even if I had a passport, it wouldn’t make a difference.

» Posted By Willow On 09.30.2016 @ 11:01 pm


I stand barefoot in the forest. My toes curl around peat and dirt climbs its way up the sides of my feet. My heels dig into the upper layer of growth and decay and I reach my arms like branches toward the sky.

» Posted By Willow On 08.28.2016 @ 8:52 am


This little town wedged between these rocky canyon walls…. The clouds over the mountain above could dump rain and floodwaters could rush down as if a dam broke upstream. It could extinguish everything that keeps this town alive. Instead, I think I’ll just burn it to the ground.

» Posted By Willow On 08.04.2016 @ 12:35 pm


I have my tower now. I sit atop this mountain and look east, to where my love is. Why will he not call to me? I’ve sequestered myself here but only with his blessing. Why does he leave me here without nourishment? I can only assume he’s walled himself into his own tower and cannot reach me. If he had any ability, he would, because he loves me. Right?

» Posted By Willow On 05.23.2016 @ 10:35 pm


I wonder if I will ever be successful. I wonder if I will ever “get over” my depression. I wonder if I will ever be good enough. Here I am, stuck in wonderland, wondering if I will ever get anywhere in life. I wonder if anyone will stop to notice long enough to help me out.

» Posted By Willow On 04.30.2016 @ 1:31 pm


The moon was bright and clear when she looked up to him. She took of her clothes and embraced the coldness of the lake in the unforgiving night. Her hair was shimmering in the moonlight and danced in the soft waves of the water. “Oh my moon, my moon.”

» Posted By willow On 01.05.2016 @ 6:18 am


the weather is changing from hot to cold today.

» Posted By Willow On 05.25.2015 @ 4:52 pm


Watching your friend, as an adult, slowly loose her mother. You see the tears in her eyes and the screams in her smile. Her bouncing, bubbly voice hides it from the others.
But you know.
You know every numb emotion electrocuting the poor girl’s body, propping her up and fueling every step forward. You’ve been there. You’ve been strong and responsible with smiles and a good-morning-sunshine attitude. But you broke. You break again and again, every year. You’re a child who wants your mommy, but mommy’s gone and you’re only looking in pills, powder, and smoke.
You’re waiting for the day the girl breaks, knowing full well that you probably won’t be the one to be there when she does, but also knowing that she – more likely than you – will make it through.

» Posted By Willow On 05.06.2015 @ 4:07 pm


Departure, in Tandem

Hearts twisting around,
back and forth,
away and toward.
Why do we separate

» Posted By Willow On 04.28.2015 @ 1:30 am


making cookies is so hard. you have to gather the eggs and the flour and the chips and everything. and then u gotta make sure you mix the flour right or everything will be ruined. i am so bad at baking… i want to go make cookies right now

» Posted By willow On 11.26.2014 @ 8:08 pm


i rememebr when i was younger i would always say i was a fairy. i wore pink tutus and dollar store wings. i was so happy as i spun around in my cheap wings and cheap tutu. i would sit on the toadstools and blow fairy kisses to the snails and i would wear flowers in my hair and i used to think i was the most beautiful girl ever. funny how things change.

» Posted By willow On 11.26.2014 @ 2:05 am


The man was a little too slow with his words. He often spent most of his time tangled up in them like that one tragic third grader on the playground that never quiet mastered double dutch. The soft pitiful laugh he received roughly fourteen seconds after he introduced himself to a woman was just as excruciatingly embarrassing as the wagging pig tails flicking atop all the third grade girls’ heads as they laughed. Mockery. He could argue it was the worst form of the infamous taunt with his lengthy list of personal anecdotes beginning long before third grade and his double dutch tongue.

» Posted By Willow On 02.22.2014 @ 5:49 pm


No three this year, not here. Without another place, my childhood ornaments have followed me here and hang on our ugly eyeball covered wreath. Two say “1st.” There is one from 1997 and one from ten years later. All four hang from eyes that watch from our ugly wreath.

» Posted By Willow On 12.15.2013 @ 7:34 pm


It hit me like a stampede of light. not only hitting my skin, but my soul. Lighting up ll the dark parts of my life and proving to every last bit of me that this moment was worth it. This was it, finally I can say how proud I am to be a parent.

» Posted By Willow On 10.15.2013 @ 2:15 pm


Today she took my hand again. hre smile took my heart too. But that’s not where this story is going. It’s going to a much darker place. It’s going deep beneath where the heart lives. Far awy from love and closer to an end. and end for what? You’ll have to see for yourself.

» Posted By Willow On 10.14.2013 @ 8:15 pm


After minutes of waiting, a slender woman with curly hair opened a door that locked from the other side and called the girl’s name with a smile and a beckoning wave. The girl followed the lady back to an office where she chose from a selection of comfortable chairs. The lady sat upon a spinning office chair and asked, “So why are you here?” This is the moment where we delve into my past, the girl thought, uncovering secrets and revealing truths I wish I could forget.

» Posted By Willow On 08.04.2013 @ 10:26 pm


Every ounce of blood in her veins cooled and froze with crystals of ecstasy as a wave of positive energy rushed upon her as they opened the door. She ventured through to portal to their future, purely delighted with their new home.

» Posted By Willow On 07.08.2013 @ 10:24 pm


I look around at this collection of clothes and trinkets and books and I wonder why I’ve carted it here, to this hotel, down the street from where I used to live. For love? For foolishness? In any case, wake up boy.

» Posted By Willow On 07.07.2013 @ 8:16 am


And there, finally, in the back of the parade, was the princess. The woman I saw in my dreams. More elegant than what could form itself in my sleeping mind, she was adorned in a bejeweled sapphire dress that glinted in the sunlight and floated around her like a cool aura in the breeze.

» Posted By Willow On 06.21.2013 @ 9:32 am

I grabbed a washcloth and started scrubbing away at the statue. It had to be adorned by tonight

I had to look up what adorned.. XD I don’t know what it means. lol

» Posted By Willow On 06.20.2013 @ 4:31 pm


At the pier, Danny nodded toward a broad in a bikini, shorts and “ankle-breakers” and told me she sells sex. When I repeated this to my sister she said, “You can’t sell sex just anywhere,” and continued to pop her sugar-free bubble gum and flip through an ad-packed magazine.
I said, “Seriously sis, sea shells… See hell… she she… shit.”

» Posted By Willow On 06.19.2013 @ 9:55 pm

Ha! I say to myself, “I’m going to break out of my shell next year. New year, New school? New me!” But then again, that’s what I said last year too. xP That’s sad. I will always be the same. Here I come, 8th grade. ;_____; *cri*

» Posted By Willow On 06.19.2013 @ 8:49 pm


His hair was flowing behind him as he ran back up the hill. He turned around and looked down at me. He smiled and hung his head to the right, his hair cascading across his forehead like a waterfall. He tumbled down the hill and grabbed me around the waist and pressed his lips against mine.

» Posted By Willow On 06.18.2013 @ 6:25 pm


Jeans have pairs. Shoes have pairs. Lots of things have pairs. Not me though. … I don’t have a pair and I think it will be a long time before I DO have a pair. :C *cri*

» Posted By Willow On 06.17.2013 @ 7:59 pm


I strung the lights across my room. I like these lights. I flip the switch and the lights flicker on. It’s magnificent. The shadows dance on the walls.

» Posted By Willow On 06.17.2013 @ 10:36 am


I pull down my sleeves. I’m that shy.. So modest.. I don’t even want anyone to see my arms.
My arms have so many scars, so many stories. So many… I would tell you all of them but I don’t have the time.

» Posted By Willow On 06.15.2013 @ 4:16 pm


Pixels. They are in all our electronics, right? In our phones.. TVs, Computers, Laptops, Cameras.. They capture the beauty in everything. Even the bad things. c:

» Posted By Willow On 06.14.2013 @ 8:55 pm

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