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I pulled out the ragged garment, which had spent years incarcerated in the closet. It looked lonely and devoid of personality, apathetic.

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He walked in trudging along, half grinning despite. He’d expected it all along, he just didn’t expect it to actually happen. A glare and silence in the room proved to be louder than any words could. He finally believed. He believed in nothing

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The drive there had been long. Fields of pavement, stretching endlessly. He sat waiting for her at the gates for what seemed like an eternity. She’d only been gone for two months. Her ocean blue’s starred at him endlessly in his mind. He panicked, pacing around frantically. Had the grainy desert sand changed what they once had, or was it all just a mirage?

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I sat on the edge of my red leather chair wondering, when would the tyranny of fighting one’s own mind would end. When would she walk past the trees into the clearing to meet me with a satisfied grin.

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The rain poured in his head,pounding the toxic walls of his skull. It rained perpetually, for years.

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The words shot out of her mouth like a proverbial bullet, piercing me center chest. I felt my aorta rip off at the seam. I could only lay there and watch the blood flow out of me like the

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I looked to my left, ocean finally colliding with the earth. I fell deep into the void that lay in her eyes.

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His lack of interest, got him so bizarre glances, especially from the elder. He quite frankly could not give a shit less about, anything.

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He got on his knee’s, cupped his hands together and sobbed. He prayed, and he prayed, because he was so desperate. He looked for something more. Finally he got up,realizing just how foolish he had become.

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I’m not a very creative person. It’s taken a lot for me to come up with the little words that are already present on this page. Nothing fuels it; not booze, not weed, not women.

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Was she the one he had sought after, late on those cold, endless, paranoia ridden nights? Was this the end of his two year mental incarceration? Impossible, he thought, girls like that only exist in the mind.

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He leaned against the balcony, looking sternly at the semi-rotting wood. It had been decaying slowly by the torrential rains and winds, just like his insides had, over this year of melancholy.

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The man dressed in green trudged silently through the tall grass, sensitive to any sound coming from the distance.

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He woke up eyes still squinted from the nights light slumber. Get to work, go to bed do it again, meticulous, monotonous, drudgery.

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He stared at her, hoping she would turn around, and show him just a glimpse of that infectious smile. She however, would let him hang to dry, as she enjoyed torturing the poor man far too much.

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The miniscule insect burrowed itself deeper within the dog’s skin, biting him viciously, until red marks covered his body.

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The composer sat down, meticulously writing every thought and every inspiration, that brought him to that point in time. What he came up with mattered not, because he had put everything on the line, he had nothing left to give.

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I pulled the cord. It would not release. “Fuck!” I turned
to my instructor, ” Are we going to die?” He nodded and told me to
enjoy the ride.

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I scratched my scalp as I wondered; Was the fiery night sky just a figment of my bold imagination or was I really there in the present moment?

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He arrived at the arena, heart full of hope, a spark in his eye. The stampede always reminded him of a simpler, more primal time.

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The old haggard woman at the dusty counter cleared her rusty throat: “That’ll be a 25 cents”. She stamped the letter, written so carefully.

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Parachute, gently gliding through the brightly lit sky. Without a care, effortlessly soaring through the heavens. It’s pilot entangled in a cloudy reverie, as I wish to be.

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First dates; Jerome had always hated them. He never thought that they were accurate portrayals of a persons real character. Materialistic notions.

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