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Bleeding hope. Staunch the bleeding. Bleeding over all the things I wanted, wounded from all the things I have to do. I don’t feel like I’m bleeding out as much as I used to be. The bandages have been wrapped and healing has begun. A nap, some water, and time, This is what heals the bleeding. The body does all the work if you let it.

» Posted By Whiskeyjane On 02.27.2013 @ 7:40 am


weathered the storm. i feel weathered. blown about like a bit of paper. handling people’s comments, their demands, their assignments and expectations. I felt weathered today. I stayed home and read in bed and drank black coffee while my kids went to school. i did nothing. Is this what its like sometimes?

» Posted By Whiskeyjane On 02.21.2013 @ 10:35 am


Fatigue! Hahah! It comes from so many things – mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. You need a way to feed yourself that means more than food. Serious sustenance. Art, books, jumping jacks, others. Watching kids make weird pictures. I’m tired right now, but not necessarily fatigued.

» Posted By Whiskeyjane On 02.18.2013 @ 9:45 am


sure i will, it sounds great. why not quit this disgustingly shitty job, get osap, and go back to college. at 30. sure, it’ll work. why the fuck not, eh wha? sure, i’m scared, but i’m sure it’s right. at least, it’s better than surely dying slowly while running fast at work.

» Posted By Whiskeyjane On 12.30.2012 @ 6:07 pm


i’m determined to leave, to back out with two middle fingers raised high in the air. determined to lose my cool and not take the same old shit anymore. to laugh out loud, barking at absurdities, hypocrisies and idiocy, holding high and growiing taller as i rise above the fray, and remove my self from a shit job. amen.

» Posted By Whiskeyjane On 12.12.2012 @ 3:07 pm


i’m so available to life. i understand now what everybody means about chakras, and dreams, and the future, and possibility, because i’m finally AVAILABLE to it all. i’m here. i’m calm, relaxed and oh, so, wet and available, to life, to the possibility! to the short and smiling, muscular deliveryman.

» Posted By Whiskeyjane On 12.11.2012 @ 7:49 pm


rise up, feeling the pulse magnetically. refusing to be what others squash you to be. rise up and feel the blood surge, the muscles are huge but the body is so small, when you look down – legs and torso and arms and shoulders, that’ all/

» Posted By Whiskeyjane On 11.29.2012 @ 7:05 pm


measured around, measure your feet. it must go down. the number must go down but the substance must be increased, strengthened, improved, rolled and riven, but the numbers must go down. they reflect more and less at the same time. smaller. but more. more dense, stronger.

» Posted By Whiskeyjane On 11.14.2012 @ 5:28 pm


major shitdisturber, I feel as i walk around the house with a garbage bag, slinging toys, clothes, empty boxes and shitty dvds in with abandon. i don’t want to live in a damn garbage heap! what is it with you people! Why am I the only one who cleans up this place!

» Posted By Whiskeyjane On 11.07.2012 @ 4:09 pm


before i was sick, i was hurting. bad. before i saw you i was hurting bad. now i’m hurting worse than before, and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. the ache is real, and i don’t even know who you are. i saw you, and your face was like a blur. the second time, it was painfully crisp and hurt my eyes.

» Posted By Whiskeyjane On 09.25.2012 @ 5:43 am


of being insanely sexy, with men and boys dropping jaws as i smile and pass, imagining my curls in their fists, my stomach pressed against theirs, my teeth clashing against theirs in a warm, releasing embrace. yes, i’m certainly afraid. i might enjoy it. the pain of risk, the chance to lose. but the chance to have will be greater, and there will be nothing to fear. is there a countdown to the end? won’t it count down whther i’m afraid or not? whether I’m thin or not? the countdown to the end is happening right now. and with out waiting in fear, the time stretches on with moist heat, with lushness of expreience. unreal! reality! tight muscles relax, and held thoughts release, and progress is made, growth in the right places. tossing garbage out of the dusty, damp corners. for real. for life.

» Posted By Whiskeyjane On 09.23.2012 @ 4:57 pm

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