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Disneyworld: It’s a small world, after all. We all know the tune, we all know the place. But I never go there anymore, so my childhood memories, such as duck-feeding at the Wilderness Lodge, are wind in my mind: I forget it all, for it moves fast away, but it’s beautiful if you could see it.

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Monitors; this word could be applied to so many things. I don’t think my brain is working, because I ate too much peanut butter for dinner. Monitor, monitor: keeping check on something, or computer screen… yes? I don’t feel too much towards this topic.

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Back… back… back…
I do it all the time, wish I could to real life. That or Control+V. Sometimes I find myself reaching for the keys when I mess something up.

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My lips don’t get chapped anymore. They used to be all red and dry in the winter, and it wouldn’t go away until high summer, where I had two months until winter started. I tried a lot of things after that, but the only thing that worked was Chapstick brand chapstick. I found it at a camp I went to once, and now I have about forty littering the halls of my house, waiting for me to lose the one I had in my pocket so I could find a new one and make it useful. And I also just like saying ‘Chapstick brand chapstick’.

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Oh, that’s a funny topic. I have hearing problems, literally. Been born with it, and I’ve worn hearing aids for most of my life. I’m only a teenager now, but it’s made me different from the start. I only want to know how sound is different for me from everyone else.

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Today I had a track meet and it’s fairly late (as I just got home) but I’m still thinking about it instead of homework, so I’m not doing homework obviously. It’s fun to watch how small the distance is between runners- especially the guys, who actually look like they’re sprinting (sorry girls, but I know we look half as fast). One runner pulls the one behind them, and they sprint to the end with whatever they have left and one is always only a bit in front.

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Yesterday I put on some gold earrings that I haven’t worn since I took them off that time three or four years ago, when I had just gotten them pierced. I had to get one of my ears pierced again once, because the hole had closed up, but I wore other earrings; not these. I wonder of the memories I made when I wore them, though those are times I’d rather not remember.

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Like a child, I suppose. You nourish them, too, see: feed them, love them, but most of all, you teach them. The ultimate lesson is learning what you see itself, and the next lesson, on par with this one, is understanding it.

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By a person? Never. By a cat? Of course. I love her anyway, though; how could you not love a cat? She’s been taught by an inexperienced mother, a tween at least, but she hasn’t grown up too bad. I didn’t know before if I would miss her when she will die, but now I think I know I will.

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I don’t like stepping in puddles on the track. They splash into the person behind you, and the person in front of you inevitably gets you wet. This is why you should run faster, only sometimes people get tired. I do, sometimes. This is why I avoid puddles.

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Once I stepped on a pin and I expected it to gush blood but all it did was hurt. I was younger then. Now I don’t put pins in my room. I’m smarter now.That’s all.

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This is the second time I’ve gotten petition as my word. I want another word. I already told you I don’t know what it means, which is stupid but really, my brain’s not working now. I have finals tomorrow. Yay.
I type slowly, and that’s sad.

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Merlin’s head was sore. More than sore, in fact – it felt like someone was pounding violently on the inside with a large, heavy object. As he lay there in bed he heard a gentle knock on the door and was soon greeted by the sight of Arthur and a bowl of soup, whic was quickly placed down on the table by the bed.

“How’s the patient?” the prince asked, stroking Merlin’s hair softly. Merlin managed half a smile, but then his head throbbed again and he groaned, squeezing his eyes shut.

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