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The need for something more. It’s got to push through. What can i do? Seek assistance to fight the resistance or sleep it away. Give up, stuck up in this mind cemetery. Need a break, to the other side of this broken gate. And there it is, a tutor to show me the way.

» Posted By Wattadoosh On 07.25.2014 @ 7:53 am


Wiggling down the hall in the old mill boy dorms, we got to laughing about a joke one of the boys told a long while ago…peninstillioner (Instill a penis in her because she needs penicillin). You see, the mill boys were well educated and loved telling ridiculous nun puns about the women in the covenant down the road. One of the Covenant girls was rumored to have been a prostitute and had to take rounds of penicillin from the local doctor. Hence, all the boys should put a penis in her. We couldn’t just say that as it came with severe consequences so we made a pseudonym for her. She never figured out because the name was so convoluted the only idiot who laughed at it was John the faptist.

» Posted By Wattadoosh On 06.12.2014 @ 9:34 am

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