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It was a still scene. There was a fog that hung on the air like a final breath. The horses hooves pounded in the distance, and the shouts of angry men filled the night with a chilled rage.Fire tipped torches danced through the forest trail towards the cottage. The screams from inside long since silenced. The men burst in through the door to find Sophia’s face a harsh blue. Tears having thrust her makeup down her cheeks during her final struggle. Globs of spit matted in her soft brunette curls. A strong outline of Jack’s palms graced her throat. Jack sat in the corner on a rickety wooden chair. A twisted smile danced on his lips as he wiped the sweat from his face. “Her eyes in that moment….” he paused to enjoy the memory, “I will always have them.” He kept the joy of his final conquest on his face as the men grabbed him.

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Frankly speaking, I can’t even suppose what this word could mean. SO I’m completely at a loss what topic to discuss using this word. Probably, it could mean some type of clothes, for example a coat. It is very popular.

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Pained expression on people’s faces. Joint pain. Hospitals. Nostalgic. True love. Seeing him with someone else. Trying to be friends with someone you can’t stand. Homework. Not enough time. Being broke.

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Thinking about what to write. Just one simple sentece that you would look at and smile. I am no shakespear. I did not know that the fault isn’t in our stars but in ourselves. I have no great stenght of knowledge to know this. I am noone. I am me

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I was satisfied by the lovely coolness of the air. It wasn’t hot, it was not cold either. Just a content in-between place that I craved so dearly. I couldn’t fathom why I noticed the air that day, although several years later I’d soon realise that what I felt that day I would never feel again.

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affairs are what make marriages great. you can have a real constant sex partner, and then get some ass on the side. so what if your wife ends up leaving you. you still have the ass on the side. and if she’s younger, then more power to you. you can tap that and convince the dumb bitch you will marry her.

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The sides of my body hurt when I laugh. It’s a good thing, though, for if they did not, that would mean I never laughed enough to make them hurt.

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The bowl shattered as it hit the ground, and flecks of it skittered across the floor. The red paint inside coated the walls of the room like blood. The entire scene played out in slow motion: cabinets opening and emptying themselves onto counters; the chandelier falling with a crash onto the table. Cracks began to form in the corners of the room, and slowly, the water started pouring in. It filled the room, uprooting the memories that were hung on the walls. A heart shaped box floated to the top of the water. The open lid revealed a small light. With a sudden swell, the water extinguished the glow. At last, the ocean drained out of the room, leaving only destruction.

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I’m not quite sure what my morals are. I guess when I think about this word, I think what really matters to me and what I would do in certain situations. I know I’ll always do whatever I think is personally right, well in my opinion, and whatever makes me happy. But this can be contradictory can’t it.

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The firestorm whipped above his head with an intense heat. He quickly turned his water hose on himself and prayed it would be enough to save his life. He didn’t even think of the dogs that had run off in the yard earlier. He saw the orange flames lick at the trees in the wash not ten feet from him. How much longer would this measly hose keep him from the painful burns that waited for him? Then as quickly as it had come, the fire roared past him to continue on its destructive path. He was alive.

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Belief is a word that means many things to different people. As small as the belief that Santa exists to as big as the belief that people will live beyond the life we know.

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One year ago. Only one. It hasn’t been long since the last time that I got to see your face. It was your body in the coffin, but not your spirit. It was everything that I needed and nothing that I wanted.

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Jeff’s eyes opened a crack. The sun beat down on him and he had to shut them again. He rolled over on to his stomach and re-opened them. He could see the cracked ground beneath him. Dirt covered his bloody hands. He tried to call for someone, anyone, but his throat was too dry to let any sound escape. He had been lost in this canyon for four days now. He grabbed his canteen and tried to coax some hidden drops from it, but just as the morning before, there were no drops to drink. He slowly fumbled his way to his feet, and looked to the ridge of the canyon. He scanned all around him. Nothing. No water, and no people. He fell to his knees and cried into his hands. Suddenly he was in shadow, and he felt a warm touch on his shoulder. He smiled and closed his eyes, as the spirit took him home.

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Wind whipped through the stone corridor, almost extiguishing the torch in Red’s hand. She paused, and listened around her. She could hear voices from the room in front of her. As water dripped from the earth above her head, she wrapped her cloak around her tighter and pressed on. She came to a wooden door that was cracked and worn. It seems Sylan’s underlings hadn’t been taking care of his lair in recent years. The voices from the other side seemed to be chanting in a tounge she hadn’t heard before. She dropped the torch to the ground and drew both of her swords. Saying a quick prayer in her head, she kicked open the door and prepared to fight.

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When I turned 14 my church went camping. It was the first time that I had really gone. I loved that time mainly because my best friend was still alive. We played many games and had all the fun in the world. Even if we did have to come back eventually.

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Matt was thirsty. He thirsted for the beauty of music. He wanted to feel it rise up from his soul and pour out through his fingertips, bringing his guitar to life. He closed his eyes and bowed his head down towards the guitar, as if he was hearing it tell him a secret. His left hand traced up and down the neck, resting on certain chords. With the thumb of his right hand, he gently brushed against the strings. He was immersed in the sounds. After a few minutes of being lost in the music, he looked up out of the window of his bedroom, and the Arizona sunset reflected into his brown eyes. He cherished moments like this, where music and nature blended together to form a truly beautiful duet.

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She heard the birds chatter in the trees around her. They whispered songs of joy and springtime. The smell of the poppies enticed her to pick them, but she stayed where she was, laying on the sidewalk. The clouds drifted above her, and she dreamed of feeling their softness upon her cheek. She breathed in and out so slowly and calmly. Peace was all she felt. She closed her eyes and a smile appeared upon her face. She gave no thoughts to the red liquid pouring from the wounds her attacker had left her with. The fear she had felt only minutes before was long gone from her mind. She wondered what was next. Finally, she lost the strength to hold on to this world, and she was gone.

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She watched him as he picked out the perfect wine. He checked all the labels carefully. He was looking for something specific. She brushed her hair out of her eyes then walked over to him.
“I always get red.” She said to him with a smile.
He looked at her and smiled back.
“Me too.” he replyed.
“What’s the occasion?” She asked, hoping it wasn’t for a girlfriend.
“Just sold one of my paintings for some big bucks. Thought I would get some wine to celebrate, though I must say, I’m celebrating alone tonight.”
She fingered her necklace, trying to hide the nerves in her voice.
“Would you like some company?”

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She lay on the grass, looking up at the shapes the stars formed in the night sky. Her senses were overwhelmed by the beauty. The twinkling of the lights above called to her. She longed to be able to see beyond them, to the galaxies that lie further into space. The milky way streched across the sky, and the sight of it brought a surge of tears from her eyes. A shooting star caught her attention as it darted through space, and she closed her eyes to wish on it.

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She wanted to be wanted. She wanted so badly to be important to just one person. She wanted someone to ask her how her day had been. Someone to kiss her and hold her hand when she felt sad. She wanted someone reliable. Someone who would never forget about her. She wanted so very much.
There was one man who wanted to do all these things for her. Unfortunately, his want for release overshadowed his want for her.
She was left alone as the holes in his brain filled with smoke.

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She stood on the scale in the corner of the gym’s locker room. She watched the other girls go in and out. They were all so beautiful. Their skinny legs didn’t jiggle as their tennis shoes hit the tiles. Their sweat perfectly kissed their necks. She looked into a mirror at herself. Her shorts were tight against her ghost white thighs. Her tank top hugged her tummy, which she had been sucking in. Her sweat matted the hair on her head, and dripped down her forehead. She hated working out at this gym. Instead of getting her in shape, it just made her hate her body more. The number 150 on the scale burned in her mind as she went to the bathroom stall to get rid of the weight of her breakfast.

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Leaves crunched under her feet. The icy breeze blew through the trees, causing them to hiss at her as she ran. Her heartbeat pounded in her ears. She kept telling herself she was almost there. Her legs ached with every step, but she had to keep running. She had to find someone to help her, or at least somewhere to hide. She took a quick look over her shoulder to see if he was still following her. The moonlight peaked through the tree branches and sparkled on the tip of a knife. He was a few feet behind her. She turned away from him and tried to run harder.
“Almost there” she told herself again.
Suddenly her foot struck a fallen tree trunk and she fell to her knees with a scream. When she looked up, the man was standing over her; his mouth curled into a twisted smile.

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Colors flashed across Mark’s eyes. He heard chanting all around him. Good and evil lashed his ears with their arguments. He didn’t know where he was, or even if he was. The world stretched and moaned, and he couldn’t stop it. Suddenly he fell to his knees and grabbed his head. He let out a scream to try and gain control.
Everything stopped.
He opened his eyes.
He was kneeling on the floor of the hospital. Doctors and nurses surrounded him. His girlfriend was staring at him with a look terror on her face. Mark strained to hear the doctor quietly ask his her,
“Are these hallucinations happening very often?”
Tears poured out of his eyes as he saw her nod her head.

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“Be specific for once in your life Rachel!” He yelled at her. “You can’t get out of this one. You have to pick. Are you in this relationship or not?”
Rachel sat on the edge of the tub crying, as her husband yelled at her from the bedroom. she didn’t want to lose him, but she had cheated on him. They had been married for 3 years, and she had thrown the relationship away for one night with an old friend. As she thought about everything, her husband walked into the bathroom and kneeled by her.
“Listen, Rach. I love you, and I’m willing to forgive you, but you have to promise me you’re in this for the long haul.” He said as he took her hand in his. With his other hand he wiped a tear from her cheek. She stared into his green eyes and said
“I promise.”

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i have no money and since i have no money i have to be cheap. but i dont want to be cheap. i want to be able to buy nice things. but i cant because i cannot afford nice expensive things. i have to be able to get through college first. maybe when i have a degree i can buy nicer things. but im an art major so ill probably be poor when im older anyway.

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He fiddled with the keychain in his hands. It was a beaded lizard that his little sister had made him years ago. He stared timidly at the door in front of him. He wanted so badly to knock, but he was scared. What if they weren’t home? What if they didn’t want to see him again? When he had told them his decision, they had been angry with him. They couldn’t accept that he wasn’t interested in a religion that denied him the right to love. He so longed to see his parents again though. It had 5 years. 5 years since he walked away from his Mission. 5 years since his mother sat crying in the armchair while his dad told him to pack. He breathed in and out, savoring the calm before the storm. Then he lifted his hand, and knock three times.

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He held the papers in his hands as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He had been waiting for the test results, but now that he finally had them, he wondered if he was strong enough to read them. He calmly told himself that no matter what the results were, reading them now or later wouldn’t change the outcome. He opened his eyes and unfolded the papers. HIV+ they said plainly. He looked up at the world around him. He knew that life would be much different from here on out.

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The envelope sat on the table. It was torn open, and the contents lay beside it. The woman sat in a chair a few feet away. Tears streamed down her face. The mascara she wore stained her cheeks with each drop. Her nose dripped and she wiped it with the sleeve of her sweater. She buried her head in her hands and sobbed.
The letter on the table said just two sentences. “Hello beautiful. I love you till the end of time.”
She looked to the ceiling. Around her neck hung the dogtags of a soldier. Some men had brought them to her the day before the letter came. He wasn’t coming home.

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The man looked in the mirror and straightened his tie. His wife stepped into the doorway to the bedroom holding a cup of fresh coffee in her hands.
“Your coffee Mr. Barber.” She said with a smile.
He turned to her and his heart skipped a beat. The sunlight from the windows washed over her pale skin and glinted off the silk dress she was wearing. They had been married 10 years, and he knew he was still the luckiest man in the world. He walked over to her and put his arm around her waist. They locked eyes and the world melted away. There was no need to say anything, their love was so strong that they could feel it in each other’s gaze. This was the definition of true love.

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The woman sat on a bench waiting for him. In her lap was a ticket for florida. She had told him that if he wasn’ there to stop her before 6 then she would leave for Florida and never look back. Up the street she saw a bus looming towards her. She stood. This was it. The bus pulled up to a stop in front of her. She looked at the face of the strangers that got off. Would any of them be his? Then the last man exited the bus. When she saw him she smiled and looked down at her ticket.

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