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It came as a storm and then when the intensity increased, Haiyan rained down hell upon the Philippines taking with it people, property and a general sense of security.

» Posted By Venkat On 12.01.2013 @ 10:38 pm


Beware of Dog, that is a message that people with vicious pets or temperamental guard dogs put up. However, Kishore Kumar, Indian singing legend had a sign outside his house saying ‘Beware of Kishore’

» Posted By Venkat On 03.22.2013 @ 12:06 am


The sight of a building being blasted away by the demolition crews was an incredible sight. the towering block of concrete came crashing down in rush of debris and dust.

» Posted By Venkat On 03.14.2013 @ 11:23 pm


Our quest for living healthy lives is an eternal quest that will end once human being achieve immortality and that seems like an eternity as we are only able to find new and more harmful ways to hurt each other.

» Posted By Venkat On 03.14.2013 @ 4:20 am


Ajmal Kasab was sentenced to death last year for his heinous crimes against Mumbai during the 26/11 attacks. Personally, I think he deserved a much harsher sentence like permanent solitary confinement to pay for his crimes.

» Posted By Venkat On 02.28.2013 @ 9:48 pm


I always get startled by the sound of things being knocked over when it rains and there is a heavy breeze. I also get startled when people sneak up behind me and attempt to jab me in the sides, thankfully I am large enough to retaliate also.

» Posted By Venkat On 02.26.2013 @ 12:10 am


When we do not take care of our skin and spend a lot of time doing hard physical labour our skin becomes leathery much like the hide of the animal that the word has been derived from.

» Posted By Venkat On 02.21.2013 @ 9:58 pm


Leading the Mumbai life has made me feel fatigued. Running between platforms and lines I am out of breath but still keep pushing on to stay ahead in the game. Perhaps if I were born and brought up here I would not feel so much fatigue.

» Posted By Venkat On 02.17.2013 @ 8:36 pm


The salesman came to the door to sell me insurance but i knew that this was just a scam. He would fleece of my money and then force me to buy insurance to safeguard myself against people like him. However, all salesman are not bad especially the ones that sell cars

» Posted By Venkat On 02.07.2013 @ 9:01 pm


People make tall claims everyday about many things but we must be rational and scientific in our approach to check whether their claims are true.

» Posted By Venkat On 02.06.2013 @ 9:03 pm


We all think of various things to do everyday. Thinking is the process that progressed society from the darkness to the light and now back to the darkness again. Think, think and that will prevent you from sinking.

» Posted By Venkat On 02.05.2013 @ 8:55 pm


The past is where all the best memories are. It is a time when life was easier, clothes use to fit better and the only side effect of eating a whole tub of chocolate ice-cream was a stomach freeze and too much energy

» Posted By venkat On 11.28.2012 @ 9:34 pm


It is under the sky that life bloomed on the surface of the earth for the first time. The creatures rose from under the water and dug their claws into the soil.

» Posted By venkat On 11.27.2012 @ 9:03 pm


We learn right from the moment we are born. learning is an integral part of our existence, it helps us tell right from wrong and allows us to make good choices. The aim of learning is pass on knowledge to other

» Posted By Venkat On 02.11.2013 @ 9:08 pm


We have texts telling us to do many things in life, usually they are ancient and well thought of…what we do not have today is texts telling us where to draw the line and keep restraint. Its something we need in today’s world very urgently.

» Posted By venkat On 08.11.2012 @ 3:01 am


Its manners that define us and separate us from the animals. If i went about behaving without manners would I be any different from the strays on the road

» Posted By venkat On 08.09.2012 @ 11:00 pm


Guy A: The motto of Femina is Woman of Substances
Guy B: Its substance!
Guy A: Hey your stance is a part of your personal life…. but don’t try changing mine…

» Posted By venkat On 08.09.2012 @ 4:58 am


The overload of information that we get these days assaults our senses, but in time, the next generation will get use to the overload.

» Posted By venkat On 08.07.2012 @ 10:48 pm


I was riding on the mountain road, the wind through my visor, the rain splashing upon my bike with every intention of giving me brown stripes on my riding gear… the moment was perfect but then i ran over a sharp rock and like the tyre puncture my dreams too got deflated…

» Posted By venkat On 08.07.2012 @ 5:41 am


Do you dare to dream. This is a famous sentence that is used to signify the expression that the challenge in life is to think beyond your safety and comfort zone to achieve the best in what you want.

» Posted By venkat On 08.05.2012 @ 11:16 pm


We sat in front of the camera at the photo studio for a family portrait. It was the most fun experience as we all made different faces and smiled for picture that would capture our expression for a lifetime.

» Posted By venkat On 08.02.2012 @ 11:09 pm


it is a term used to indicate how much negative effect an item or an event has had on a fixed event, person or another item.

» Posted By venkat On 07.30.2012 @ 10:55 pm


pre occupied is a word that means u r totally workin on something that is not physical……u keep thinking with ur mind and dont listen to things around you.
this happens when u are in love, tension

» Posted By Venkat On 09.24.2011 @ 11:40 pm


closed is teh function i see when i come across a matematical equation because i see no apploication of it in teh near future not that it doesnt exist but merely because i cant see it and closed need not always mean end of teh things ..ike in harry potter the snitch says i open at the close wherein it means that the close is yet another beginning and sets harry into anoth journey …so shall we we as is intended by teh greater

» Posted By venkat On 11.27.2010 @ 10:33 pm


It is to install the software products into the computer. It also helps

» Posted By venkat On 02.24.2009 @ 3:00 am


just the word i wanted to hear. one word. i waited with tension. she was about to say some thing else. i think. but just the word i wanted came through. it was YES.

» Posted By venkat On 06.26.2008 @ 9:21 am

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