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complexion…… you are more than that. you are more than just a hue of a color. you are perfection, and my that I mean whole. You are perfectly who you were meant to be. every shade, every ounce of doubt, hope and even fear draw you near to my heart. I cant argue about the way you make me feel. your ture color, your complexion is so real. Some may see only superficial aspects of you but I see deep down to the root of you. not just your complexion, but your every direction, youtve guided me to places of unknown territory. I was unwilling but your complexion, it captured me. and I know that you are more than that. I just cant get enough of that….Complexion!!

» Posted By Varaka On 04.07.2015 @ 1:00 pm


I was once a drunken fool. Drunk in the way that I looked at you. Drunken by every word, thought of you. You kept me in a drunk state and it is in you that I became this way. Drunken; Toxic; Elated; Subjugated; Seperated; Frustrated and finally torn. Torn from who I was or who I aspired to be. I looked in the mirror and I didn’t even notice me.

» Posted By Varaka On 02.24.2015 @ 3:45 pm

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