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There was never an amount of sorrow in an apology that satisfied her. It always seemed that she was the victim in every relationship she had. And she made everyone know it. “I’m sorry” was never enough. People had to pay for their crimes against her.

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At the bottom of the barrel, there was a surprise that Emily did not expect to see: her stuffed teddy bear from when she was five. It was a Christmas present her father gave to her. It was the last thing from him that she remembered. Emily was now seventeen.

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Every emotion she felt shows on her face, clear as day. The second she walked into the coffee shop, Emma, the barista knew what drink to give her according to the facial expression she wore. When she smiled, it was a nonfat latte. When she frowned, it was a white chocolate mocha. Extra, whipped cream.

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Now is not the time or place to think of all the regrets in our past. That was past. Let it go. Holding on is a form of cancer…disease that eats away at our bones and marrow. It drains our souls. Hang on to the future. Hang on to the promise and hope that it brings. Now, do not live in regret.

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