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She was truly at her learning edge. Facing her fears and learning to see again. It was true that she had been holding onto pain for years. Now with love, she looked into the crevasses she formerly winced at and turned away from. Breathing and intending to heal every nook and cranny she opened her eyes with compassion.

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A getaway in tropical Bali – high above the beach where the monkeys play and the trance dancers dance. Lie with your love in warm aired nights and smile your troubles away. Nothing like it . . .

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There was plenty of evidence that her health was on the improving trajectory. AFter all – 6 months ago she would not talk on the phone to anyone after 7 pm, and a phone call that included their needs and interests. Unthinkable! Today she spoke with me for 25 minutes after 8 pm, and seemed genuinely concerned about how I was, too!

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There was a swimmer to the port side, and seagulls crossed the glassy harbour, diving at us as we fished. Perhaps if we were lucky with the morning’s catch, we could head to the mouth and gaze at a few Hector’s dophins after lunch.

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Celebrate! The long procrastinated phone call’s first two attempts have been made. Busy signal! Chat with the wife! And got a time when you’ll be home! Next time – we connect as promised. I’m getting on with filling my intentions!

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Creeping across the bottom of her carpet was a creature of some concern. How would this millipede succeed in exiting her domicile unless she assisted? And where did it come from anyway?

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mondy pauch, kangaroo, hidden pocket, slouch, couch, few rhymes. Why this need to hurry and spout? Warm comforting place of nourishment within, nurturing my inner child/embryonic security. Love.

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It’s a mere existence – being here without you – Why am I so blue – is it true the sky is still quite blue?? And on my insistence – I say come back here to day – that is

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And as I opened my eyes, there appeared a black segmented creature climbing onto the hairs of my arm. As my blurry haze crystalized, the bug seemed ever larger, and yet I was calm. Lying in the grass, I felt one with my surroundings.

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In a flash she was carrying off boxes and piles of papers, creating a path from the closet to the door, where only mounds of debris and sat blocking the hoarders way. She was a worker ant and there was lots of work to be done.

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and to think . . it was only a moment ago that the floor was awash with the bubble bath they had sponged over each other. Could it be that now it was gone, as if in a dream?

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The tree lined avenue was wide and sunny that morning. Somehow the city had more than the usual space to breathe. In her heart the blood flowed freely. Energy through all her organs was flowing and she felt alive again!

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Smooth as silk she was back to her addiction. Slipping into the flow of words she typed another entry. Slipping away from her – only a minute she wasn’t spending towards her true life purpose. Only another slippery minute getting away that didn’t get that necessary tax return done. Just one?

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And as she let go of the fear, whe felt her=self sinking down into the emotional layers she had been too afraid to feel. Sadness, overwhelming grief, irritation, strong anger, hurt, loneliness, despair, and at last the unexpected l

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“It’s a shame you’re leaving. You’ll be missed.”

Now they tell me. It would have only taken a word or two. “Hey . . . I like having you around.” With a genuine tone of voice and a little eye contact.

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He stood like a deer in the headlights, unable to look away, unable to blink, frozen pelvis, and sang. After a fashion. What was he so petrified about. Shat childhood memory held him in his grip, as he purported to love performing, but singularly failed to connect.

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?Time to catch up with myself – and how would I know if I had succeeded? I would wake up calm with drool on my pillowcae and a gentle smile on my parted lips., breathing easily, the faint mamory of your touch lingering from my dream still unfinished.

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Sometimes an offer needs to be repeated. Circumstances change. People change. There could be a readiness now to learn, to be inspired, to connect with his life passion. No – not me! His voice! His message! I’ll rephrase and reput my offer.

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there was a single red thread and it began to twist and turn through the organism. how could it be removed, only through a careful loosening of the tensions, through a creating of space around the twisting turning pattern, would there be a way to extract it eventually.

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Let the punishment fit the crime, and what crime are we talking about here. Copying CD’s and not purchasing them. So what is fitting . . . having tfit copied by a total stranger and then given away to more strangers?

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Nearer than ever, we held each other, and the tears coursed down my cheeks. And as I held you the earth moved, and moved, and you jumped away… beside the bed crouching. As you ran to the corner, I thought “maybe this is the big one!”

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And into the weekend she launched herself. It was a new way to be – how would the world appear to her now that she had left fear behind. Without resentment – would she recognize her way of operating? She was excited to discover her evolving self in the mirror.

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Looking for answers, is futile. By now I have learned it’s about looking for better questions? Not like “better than what?”” But more like “Better in what way?” “And that is important because?”

» Posted By Valerahaha On 08.11.2011 @ 12:45 pm


What a brick. Built like a brick shithouse. Brick by brick. Like banging my head against a brick wall. Rubble from the earthquakes. Glad we took the chimney down before September. We’re in good shape.

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With her mind nearly about to open wide, she took a moment to focus. What did she want to bring to the blank canvas in front of her? Curiosity. Friendliness. Alright – Begin!

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the key cannot be found to my heart – I lost it long ago. If you think you can find it – I have my doubts. Don’t despair. Lucky for you the key was lost when my heart was open.

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He sounded low when I called. the voice was slower and lower, and less distinct.

“You don’t sound so happy today. What’s up?”

“My manager is shifting to another department. I’m not very confident of the new guy.”

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She really new how to speak to me on the level. I was unprepared for such a qualified and knowing, experienced teacher to be so genuinely interested in me. So egalitarian, so caring. Far from “up herself” as she could be.

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It had been years since she’d smelled the acrid sulphurous bubbling mud. Rotorua. A place where she had secretly met her lover although they had not managed to sleep together there.

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Just one step starts the journey, however direct or indirect the path will be. And for the movement to continue a renewal and nurturing or intention is called for. So call I this morning.

» Posted By Valerahaha On 07.30.2011 @ 1:52 pm

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