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Welcoming his son back to there castle, Lord Albion summon the green dragons the wizards of Y to chant there magnificent song.

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Stripes and bars. Were the only words that hung on Mike’s head just minute before the nose was place around his head. “I did it all for freedom!” He shouted to the crowd.

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I had derailed from my path, like runaway train I was bound for doom. Yet as if my life was in some invisible tracks, I ahead there with open arms knowing that in the end, my burning twisted body would be it.

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He wasn’t particularly gifted, unlike his sister a born nature. He was as bit as her opposite as night and day, yet it been him the “ungifted” boy who had succeeded and not his bright sister.

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It was never quite clear why all this events had happen to him. The only truth he could hold on to was, horrible thing are going to happen.

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It was clear to him that this was the only path now. There was no turning back. “The road ahead, is all we have.” He said clearing his throat as he approach his comrades.

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Sometime I drifted away, from town, from job and from life. Everything just looking so distant. What happen to the child? Why did I become this unattached, was is my missing father fault?

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As we venture through the forest my suspension over Harrison rose, if this was his first expedition to King Salomon’s tomb why did he made no mistake, no hesitation and the vegetation it was as if someone had already been through here.

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How could you prank Helen like that just after her parents passing? You know Kevin your more insensitive than your father! His smile drop as she storm out the room leaving him alone with this taught. Was he just like his drunk insensitive father?

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The admiral’s fleet were totally annihilated be the opposing army

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The universe had quilted our destinies together, webbing our misfortune and love into single strand made impossible to differentiate between pain and pleasure, between friend and foe.

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She was delighted to see him once again, even if he was only hologram incapable of touching her or feeling emotions. A tear rolled down her eye.

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She had the most beautiful earrings for a no-humanoid alien, they hung from a body part I yet to see in another other creature.

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The lad plays make-believe in a world of rusted pipes and dirty fluids. A kingdom of duct canals and happy moment hide the empty stomach and shoeless feet.

» Posted By Valentino On 06.19.2014 @ 7:02 am

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