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It was hot and dry, the arid kind of heat found only in the desert. With my pack over my shoulders, I trudged along the dusty ground just as I had been for the past two hours. I’d do anything to get to where I was going. I just didn’t know where that was yet.

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Looking at the wreckage of the place she called home, she no longer felt regretful. This is where she had gotten in trouble so many times. The wasteland where she smoked her first cigarette, drank her first beer, done drugs, lost her virginity. This town was trash. The people in were horrible. She was done here.

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Stepping on to the platform, he clenched his fist. He grasped the microphone and held it up to his mouth, unsure of what to say. For 2 years he had waited. And now it was his moment. The first sound wavered, pierced the air and cracked. Then he built up the courage and said it steadfast.

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She longed to touch him. Her body tingled with an insatiable touch to be in his arms. She wanted the security he provided her. She was safe with him. She could stay there forever.

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She laughed quickly and effortlessly; sipping her drink. Glancing over at the man in the corner, she smiled. He glared at her. She was done. She was whole. There was nothing stopping her anymore. She carried herself with the pride and confidence of a beautiful woman. She was on top of the world.

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Finally, as the deep grey clouds rolled into a purple she found her purpose. It wasn’t found in her surroundings, it was found inside of her. Deep within the confines of her body nestled into the crevice of her heart. It was there, it was waiting.

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I trusted you. I gave you my all. I told you not to tell anyone but you shouted it from the roof tops. How many times do I have to tell you you can’t tell anyone? Do you know what people are going to do? I’ll have to move. I can’t show my face again. No one will be able to handle this. So thank you, for letting me trust you. df

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The executive branch of the government is one of the most important. The president is included in this branch. The word however seems to give it more power than it actually has. They cannot make a decision without going through the legislative branch first. They are not always equal.

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