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The essence of her smell was of lavender and chamomile. All calm and stress relief. But the essence of her smile; well that spoke of cinnamon and whiskey. She was fire and adventure tied up in pearls and flowers.

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i especially refreshed the page not to get rocket but oh well.
rockets are cool. in dreams, fantasies, newspapers. they represent freedom and adventure, venturing into the unknown in dizzying speeds. but what actually happens is probably the dizziness.

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The fans were everywhere…watching, sweating, fanning themselves to cool off. It was the hottest summer since 1837 and everyone knew it. This however would not stop them from attending. Nothing would. They had been waiting for this pretty much since 1838. The dancers made their way to the front of the crowd and got ready. “Fannnntastic” – came the screams.

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Life’s unfair
It’s unfair that love goes unreturned
That im not doing better than i am
And that people do so much better
How am i supposed to come out on top
Or atleast pick myself up from the bottom

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I didn’t think she would be so corrosive about the situation. Like seriously, she should calm da faq down. It’s not like I actually would go off and do anything that would cause any harm1

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The substance inside the bottle bubbled furiously.

“Look out!” Lacy exclaimed as she hid under the table, pulling Mitchel with her.

Neither one of them had ever done very well in Chemistry, but they didn’t expect their project to blow up on them.

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He hated doing chores. Well, that wasn’t true. What had become routine chores in themselves were never dull; but it was the part where he cleaned up after them that got to him. Brain matter didn’t come up out of carpet as well as he wished it did. But it was his fault for letting his defenses down long enough to only deal with the thing when it broke through the porch and made its shambling way into the house.

But it could be worse, he reasoned, yet again going over with carpet cleaner and grimacing. It could have been HIS brain splattered over someone’s floor and wall.

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His hands are coarse. Not as much as sand paper, but more like loose sand.

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I forgot you birthday but that doesn’t mean I forgot you. I just didn’t think of you on the day that I should have. But non the less, you are very important and you are not belated to me…just the day. Thank goodness you are not just a day!

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When I slip, i am embarrassed. Or I just slip away from everything because I feel that I really do not belong to anything or anyone. I feel like a facade.

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there was a color, it´s name was magenta. ~she was very smart for her age, but the others kids didnt liked her. She knew how to speak and hoew to write, but she never had friends to play guessing words. but one day she found blue.

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The fire burned, crisping the soil,withering the plants nearby. the cows were knocked unconcious by the force of the blast, and the farmers…who no one knows what happened to the farmers. They were never seen again. From the depths of the forest came a crackling sloughing sound as a mutated rabbit emerged, awoken from his unnatural hibernation.

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никогда не думала об актуальности
это не так уж и важно для меня
главное чтобы нравилось,а когда нравится,ты все сможешь сделать актуальным
вот :3
sorry for writing in russian!

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Under the bridge there was a small stream in north Germany. There lived a…

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I have signs. I have write signs. I want write, but I do not have time. This is my story about signs.

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i have no idea whats trial, you know, i think is about something about law, i speak portuguese and my vocabulary is not that good, just ok. is something like… the meeting with the judge and the loyers?

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Oh I am fried! Ive been refreshing this page so that it would give me a new word. But fried keeps coming up. I am totally fried when i get back to my hometown. I have to face reality back there or else I will be fried, literally, fried. On a lighter note, Kentucky Fried Chicken back home is waaay better because of the gravy!

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comfort comfort comfort comfort comfort comfort comfort comfort

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creme brulee, file mignon, yummy gourmet foods. expensive, but worth it. a “gourmet chef” has an air of superiority over a regular old chef.

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Own with a t, making town. Clusters of communities bunched together in a bigger, wider community of clusters. People peeking behind curtains and pointing fingers at the village idiot who accidentally put a rumour of himself out by gossiping about the wrong person: the head of the Garden Comittee who concentrate their attention to the upkeep of the local churchyard.

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reminds me of “ponytail” or an actual pony. rhymes with sony.

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She despised the fashion industry, and yet there she was. It was all her mother’s fault really. If she wasn’t a big name designer, there was no way in hell that she would be somewhere that she didn’t want to be without trying. But she had a fashion show to run and all the crazy models were running around half naked, trying not to rip clothing that no sane normal person would ever wear- especially in public.

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my head is like a prison how i do things with so much conviction

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Half what, half my heart I guess
Like the half you destroyed with your stupidness
Fuck you, I love you

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I was convinced. Convinced that my body would expand.. convinced that I would stretch, I would reach that full capacity. I wanted to engulf everything around me. I wanted to forget my boundaries, forget my physical ending. My spirit wanted to soar out of my skin, out of logic and reason. I wanted to be one with the ever-expansive fact of being alive.

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I liked on an avenue once. It was a dead end so not many people drove down it. This led to little to no activity. This was a known fact to the derelicts of the city and at night t became swarmed with illegal activities.

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mentor. idol. infatuation. i dont know what it was about you, but before you greeted me in my own tongue i knew i was a goner. you shook my foundations, never fed me what i wanted to hear, and i loved you even more for the fact. unnattainable, but that never stopped me.

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I have some. They’re gross. I wish I didn’t because I’m a girl and I’m really self-conscious about them: rememerbe in high school about it. Some girls do but I really wish I didn’t – why can’t I be beautiful like every one else?

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that debilitating feeling in the pit of your stomach that just washes over you when you know there’s no way out, no other way, its just over, said and done

» Posted By v On 05.28.2011 @ 4:59 pm

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