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She found him standing at the end of driveway. He looked out of it during the party. She couldn’t blame him. She called his name to no response. As much as she didn’t want to bring up the “you work for me, so answer me” card, time is money an. He engaged her eyes the next time she called his name. He looked distant, arms hanging free at his sides.

“It was an ugly situation, earlier today” she said. “I’m sorry I got us into that… and sorry you had to get us out.”

He didn’t move an inch.

“But this party can be huge for us” she continued. “We need to network. Together”

She began walking back towards the party. He stayed planted and listened to her heels clack on the pavement, then it stopped halfway up. She didn’t want to say “c’mon” and knows he didn’t want to hear it.

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“Hop on car number twenty five”, Jolene said, “I’m in the Douglas Tower Apartments, half mile west of the final stop. ”

With many apologies and swift foot work, Ricky weaved through crowds of people, fresh out of the cubicles for the day. He glanced over the directory one more time before he boarded the car. One mistake and he would end up on the other end of the district. All he’d have then is a wasted evening and see that precious ten grand go down the tubes.

Ricky looked forward to this serve. He doesn’t get rich clientele often. He made a mental note to tell Jolene to be clearer with directions to her building when he arrived. He could understand why she was vague with instructions. His first time clients usually were paranoid. He’s been feeling the heat the past few days, but found this worth the risk.

Once Ricky boarded the car he loosened his shoulders. He was lucky to find an empty window seat and plopped down. Before he could truly get comfortable, Ricky flung his bag onto his lap, digging around for sweet relief from the long ride. Nodding to himself and smiling, he slid a pair of headphones on and slumped against the window.

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I had two plants laid on my Lazy Susan, ready have their essence extracted. One is the deadliest poison in the country. The other is a rare medicine known to cure any affliction. The plants look identical to the naked eye. I didn’t tell my brother that before I gathered them. I told him to trust me. He’d been unconscious since he caught the bug. It’s killed hundreds in our home-state alone. After he caught it, I promised him I would treat him; with God’s help, of course. By His will I told him he wouldn’t be one of the hundreds to die of the bug. His face remained pale, sweaty and unconvinced after my promise. Knowing our history he had every right to not believe me. I smiled and told him he had nothing to worry about. I got over him getting me sent to prison years ago. He laid on my floor, dying slow and needed his sister. I had to get started. I closed my eyes and gave the Lazy Susan a good spin.

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