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“Now, here was what we call a Dilemma boys. I was sittin there, and she just up and snuck up on me. I didn’t know what I can do, but I knew I had ta get away from er. Now she was a biggun, she had eyes like saucers, and shoulders so massive they was wider than I was tall.”

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He transformed into a bird, and flew high above the sky. Soaring, flowing with the wind. His wings stretched taught, his mind in awe at the images he saw flashing by below him. Then a noise, small and light, a soft Meow, awoke him and he snapped out of his dream to find his kitten, Marduk, nuzzling his neck.

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The lodge lay ahead of him, over the horizon. He was almost there. It was so close that he could taste it. He knew that the orb was there, and it would soon be his. Once he got all the power would be his. A light came on at the lodge, and that light instilled him with fear.

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She was on a quest, a journey to find her father. He’d disappeared when she was younger and she’d always wondered what had happened to him. So off she went after laying her mother to rest after the sickness that had plagued her for years had finally claimed her.

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