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I walked down the stage, my chest puffed out with pride and all. I was confident I would win this showcase. My outfit was designed by none other than the best of the best after all. Who could ever wish to beat me? With this flawless outfit, I was sure to win. But,that was a mistake of mine. My dress soon became undone and there I stood, in front of all the cameras, grasping onto the my dress so it wouldn’t slip and reveal my nude body underneath.

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I had always loved pandas, there was no special reason as to why I loved them as I did. It was just.. something that happened naturally. But despite that, I never actually got to see one up close with my own two eyes. That is, until today. Today, I was going to the zoo, and today will be the day I’ll finally be able to witness a real life panda; not the ones in books, or videos, but a real one.

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The young girl cried on and on, until her eyes could not even muster up anymore energy to pour tears out. But still, she continued yelling and screaming. That was when the elderly man came, with a freshly brewed hot chocolate in his hands. He walked up to the young girl, and handed it to her hoping it would comfort her.

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Although I had all the riches, women, anything I could ever ask for, one thing kept me troubled. Long ago, when I was still but a young lad, I was cursed by a girl of my age. I had been picking on her for being poor, as I, the prince, stayed at the top. Little did I know of her powers at that time though, unfortunately.

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“You aren’t of eligible age to apply for this job. I apologize, but we must reject you,” the office worker told me. I was clearly shocked, as I was known for being talented in many things. But I guess my age really was a problem, just as my friends had told me..

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The day was going all well for the lady. She had done her work correctly, there was a sale at the market that day as well! She was even allowed to go home early! ..But when she arrived home, the sight before her devastated her. Her husband was having an affair on her, in their own home!

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“Have mercy on me please!” The man pleaded the woman. At this point he was already down on his knees with his hands clasped together. He was ready to bow down and everything if he had to, because he desperately needed the job and if he were fired, the man would be unable to support his children. He was a single father after all.

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“I’ve never liked olives really,” I informed him. There was a moment of silence before he switched our plates around. “So, you don’t enjoy eating olives, or..?” He questioned me. Well, it was natural. It was not that long ago that I had told him I liked olives, but during that time span something happened.

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The boy walked down the hallways of his new school. Everyone was absolutely charmed by him and his looks. The way he walked was just as charming as well. With each and every step he took, people would turn to take a quick glance at him or just stare intently until he were to look back at them.

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I stood there in shock and amazement, along with everyone else in the crowd who were just as surprised as I was. But even though it was all amazing, and it was like a, “No-way!” moment, the impossible becoming possible.. It was obviously all just a stunt of course. A stunt put up to amaze us all and perk up our curiosity to pay to see more.

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I sat there in my cage, terrified and anxious of what was going to happen to me. These owners of mine had taken me to some sort of place called a ‘vet’. it was a terrifying place. Species of mine were scattered about the place, and others who weren’t my species would bark and growl. I hissed back of course, as it was courtesy when challenged.

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The family were headed down the trail to oregon, and they had a long way to go. Finally after years of saving up their money, they were able to leave their wretched home at the price of going through horrible storms and encountering thugs, animals, and all the sorts.

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The boy slid down the tree, panting heavily. Each step he took made his thirst grow stronger. But wherever he went, he could never find not even the slightest bit a drop of water. The rain hadn’t come down for days, and he was close to dying now from his quench of thirst.

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I had went to a vacation that week with my family. It was nearing the end of our vacation, when my parents finally agreed to go look around at the shops and buy souvenirs. There I found a perfect souvenir to hand over to my boyfriend, who had always wanted to go to this place.

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The galaxy is rich with idiots. Mainly those of the planet Earth. I say population control is in order in our Milky Way galaxy, but that would just be…illegal. If only we could…

» Posted By Tsuki On 04.02.2011 @ 12:28 pm

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