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He couldn’t help but feel apologetic, as he could only stare at the mess he made. Someone had tripped him, and in his rapid stumble, he spilled his food all over the most beautiful girl in school…and his crush. His face turned bright red in embarrassment as everyone burst out into laughter. His face only darkened and he ran off, throwing the lunchroom doors open, then the school doors, and finally just running home.

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The footsteps grew closer, the sound only getting louder. Clump…clump…clump…went the steps as they stopped at my door. I tried to hold my breath, hidden underneath my bed, as the door creaked open and there he stood. His dark bloodthirsty eyes stared around the room, as he raised the still-blood dripping machete and called out. “Little pig, little pig…Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

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Never in my lifetime have I seen such beauty
Her features entrance me, like a warm summer’s morn
And her smile melts my heart into putty
Never in my lifetime have I seen such beauty…
Such beauty as the one I love.

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“They’re real, I tell you! Real!” The man screamed, as he rushed down the streets of the night. Everyone, startled from their slumber, awoke and lights filled the roads as they roared at the man to be silent. “They’re real! They’re real! The dragons, I’ve seen them! They’re real!”

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My army wasnt strong. We saw that we were losing, but we didnt wanna show it. I ran out into the battle field and screamed “Men! Retreat! We can’t win this battle, but we will win the war!” My men looked to me like I was crazy, but they saw the look in my eyes, and they knew…It was time. They threw down their weapons and ran into the forest.

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