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Light brown, creamy, hot and comforting, this decafe cappuccino was just what she needed to take the edge off of a pretty crappy, cold Monday. Until, she realized it wasn’t decaf.

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I just couldn’t get a handle on it. It being life. I just couldn’t cope. I was 33 years old and I had yet to accomplish anything of worth. Or, anything at all, really. There seemed to be forces out of control holding me back, forcing me to fail. That’s not true, of course. It was all of my own doing.

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Her welfare was all that mattered now. There was no way that I would survive the night, but she had to live. So I did the only thing I could think of, I threw myself onto of her and prayed for the first and last time in my life.

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Janie was a brighter star than me. All my life I felt blinded by her. She walked first, talked first, made better grades, got better boys. I often found myself hiding alone in the room I shared with her, as she ran around outside being the center of the neighbors, lost in a sea of jealousy. I didn’t regret that. I didn’t realize that it is often the brightest stars that are dying the fastest. The brighter they shine the closer they are to their finically explosion, and boy, at the end, Janie sure did shine.

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The house was full of Buddha’s and crosses and old dirty books of faith, but there wasn’t a single believer left inside these walls now. Their faith all died with their mother’s last breath, buried 6-feet under right along with her.

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This personalized hydration system is all you need to survive the new world. Make sure you get yours today before the appoccypous comes.

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There was no way to resolve this. Sometimes you just lose. She had all her bags packed and ready to go, lined up neatly in the hallway, a little row of soldiers. This time was really it she was leaving. This time…

» Posted By Trista On 01.02.2017 @ 1:09 am

Her resolve was waning, as it usually did. This time though, it went before she even really got started. New Years Resolutions were usually never kept by anyone, but in her case giving up on January 2nd was a new record. She didn’t know wether to be proud or ashamed.

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She sat down and continued the story, again. She wrote the first chapter, again. She has been doing this over, and over for the past 3-years. She will never finish anything she starts.

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They didn’t start out this way. They were not always thieves. One of them use to be a doctor, one a business owner, the other a manger at a bank. All three of them had names, families, respect from their community. But that all changed when the war broke out and now they had none of those things, all they had now were each other and whatever things they could slyly steal away in the night.

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She looked down her pointed nose at him, smirking at his utter absurdly. Inside though, she envied him. All her life she’s been exactly as she was taught to be, little miss perfection.

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she was disappointed, like a kid on easter who discovers her chocolate bunny is hallow, Amanda realized in that moment that her relationship was a farce. There wasn’t going to be a happily ever after for them. But that didn’t mean their story was quite over just yet. These things tend to take a long time to fizzle out even after one realizes it is hopeless.

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There is nothing more annoying than getting into your bed after a long hard day only to find it littered with greasy, sharp, broken chip crumbs. “Thanks a lot Eli

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For the low, low, price of just a small piece of your soul we welcome you all to the Paradise Alley, the newest retreat in the World Corp family. Here at Paradise Alley we want to ensure you never have to go back to the mundane hassle of the real world. Ever.

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There was nothing but pitch dark blackness all around me. So dark, that I couldn’t even see my own hand as I held it out in front of my face, clutching onto the long ago burned out torch. How the hell did I get myself into the miss. I was a city girl.

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12 people sat impatiently waiting, forced together by civic duty and threat of punitive punishment. 12 peers who could not be more different from each other, but whom would forever be tied together from this point forward because when you’re placed on a jury for the crime of the century you are sort of forced to become a family. A dysfunctional, totally weird family, but a family none the less.

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he was a proper asshole, but he wore it so well. The arrogance and apathy seemed to ooze out of his pores, luring the women to him like a well balanced bottle of cologne might do.

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Ann spit the bread out onto the plate. It was now a big lump of soggy slimy fluff.
“ewww, whats wrong?” Sally asked.
“It tastes moldy, don’t eat yours!”Ann cried.
The two girls inspected the remaining bread but could see no mold.
“You’re crazy woman.”
“I’m telling you it tastes like its gone off.”
“Okay miss super taste buds… maybe you’re pregnant,” sally giggled as she continued to eat her sandwich unaware at how her words had hit Ann like a runaway train.
maybe she was pregnant.

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we didn’t have to love each other, we didn’t even have to like each other, but we did have to coexist. That’s was easier said then done though. I hated him. I mean, I really hated him. That is, accept for the times I was too busy dreaming about those sparkling blue yes of his.

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The Buddha sat there smiling at me. It’s big fat jolly non-threatening smile. I wanted to grab the damn staute and smash it into the wall. There was no going back to that life now.

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Every parent thinks their newborn is cute, right. They have to. That would make biological sense. So why do I look at this child and feel nothing but disdain? Maybe it’s because I know that things can never ever be the same again. I’m stuck, like a moth in honey.

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She didn’t mind being an outsider. In fact, she quite liked it. Solitude is where she thrived. It wasn’t that she disliked people though, she cared for people too deeply. She felt their pain just as strongly as they did, which is why meeting and befriending Candace was the most unfortunate thing to happen to her in a very long time.

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orders were pouring in faster than she could even read them. There they sat dropped out of the printing machine falling all the way down into a pile on the floor. Working the line was not what she had expected. Taking in a big gulp of hot greasy air, she ripped a few tickets off and started to try to organize herself, desperately trying to ignore the fact that she was failing miserably at her first day of work.

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I wish I were younger. Wish I hadn’t wasted away my youth on a man who didn’t love me back. Wish I had done things differently. I also know that in 10 years i’ll wish I was as young as I am now. Life is funny like that. The days are long but the years are so short.

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“I have 47 red beans, 47 blue beans, 47 green beans, and 40 orange beans. 40 orange?! 40!” I count and re-count 47 times before admitting defeat, I only have 40 orange beans. I don’t think I can function in a world where i only have 47 orange bean. No I am not a psycho, orange beans are important.

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The branch snapped in half under the weight of the large red robin. the robin fell to the ground, unable to fly, snapping its leg. The child picked up the injured bird, placing it inside her pocket and snapping it shut. The mother snapped at the sight of the dirty bird in her daughters jacket, screaming out loudly.

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Her name was derived from the latin word for sadness and she was the epitioy of it. Her beauty rested within the sadness that swam around in the pools of her eyes. Though, she hid it well, to see her is to witness pain. Something had happened to her and from the moment I met her all I wanted to do was fix it.

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It only took half a second to stick it into my pocket. The surge shot through my body lasted for hours though. Why is it that a stolen piece of chocolate taste that much sweeter?

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Her brow furrowed as she looked down at there paper, clutching it roughly and leaving sweaty hand prints on the corners. She had no idea what the word meant. Inept… inept… inept..she mumbled to herself. Sighing, she gave up and stood to walk her test to the front of the room. Before she could get there she bumps into the corner of her desk and goes tumbling down… so inept.

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“The food here lacks flavor. Just like the people, its bland.”
“That’s a little harsh, don’t you think?”
“There isn’t any spice. there’s just… there’s nothing to any of them. I want to go home.”
“This is home now, love. Our home is gone so lets just try to make the best of it. Maybe we can spice them up a bit?”

» Posted By Trista On 08.07.2015 @ 8:26 am

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