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I feel like a lunatic sometimes. I know thats harsh.

» Posted By Tricia On 11.23.2016 @ 2:35 pm


Load the camera. Perfect the pout and pose for the camera. Show the world your smile. Only the smile. Not the pain and worry behind them. There are people you can talk to. The camera won’t understand. It will judge you. It will shame you. It may be a cry for help at first, but the help you’ll get likely won’t be what’s good for you.

» Posted By Tricia On 11.21.2016 @ 11:38 am


I need to learn the steps to do what it takes to do the job I want well. It’s a simple process that I think I already know. Take a class. Read a book. Find out what others do. Then just go and do it.

» Posted By Tricia On 10.19.2016 @ 1:09 pm


changes make us better. handle them with ease and grace. if not be left behind. it is inevitable. embrace them.

» Posted By Tricia On 10.11.2016 @ 9:14 am


My ticket to the world. Far too blank for my liking. I cannot wait to explore. So far London, India, Jamaica, London again, Australia, Thailand. I need to go to Sierra Leone.

» Posted By Tricia On 09.29.2016 @ 3:40 pm


On one hand, Danny couldn’t have imagined it would weigh as heavy as it did. But on the other, the degree to which the man instigated and carried out the whole plan warrants no further explanation to anyone who fails to understand the gravity of the situation. That is, the weight of the man’s lifeless body inside the bag that was to be thrown out to the sea at 2000 hours last night was not lifeless after all, and the man and Dean decided that they help him undo a wrong, and cast out, even possibly throw out the bodies of the ones who started this whole problem on the first place.

» Posted By Tricia On 09.26.2016 @ 4:12 pm


Liquor? Gun? China? No. Inside my cabinet are my most precious strains of marjiuana. Beautiful green buds just waiting to take me away to a more calm, pain-free state. Each inside its own little glass jar. Ahhh :)

» Posted By Tricia On 09.15.2016 @ 5:51 am


This is perfect timing. As long as I’m present. Right now is perfect timing. I got fired this week. I’m sad. I’m living. I’m eating oatmeal. And finally writing. And listening to a TED talk in the background. I am writing.

» Posted By Tricia On 09.14.2016 @ 7:07 am


Toes pointed. I am relaxed and feeling content. You kiss me. My pointed toes curl so sweetly.

» Posted By Tricia On 09.05.2016 @ 2:12 pm


After howling at the moon, the creature emptied the contents of its guts onto the world. Revenge is sweet but hard to keep down.

» Posted By Tricia On 09.02.2016 @ 9:28 am


I felt like crying last night. I had a flight with him again and I could see the frustration and in his eyes. He looked at me like he was tired. I’m tired too.

» Posted By Tricia On 09.01.2016 @ 7:52 am


My sister. Maureen. She’s the middle child. Smart. No nonsense. A bit Aloof. A little mean… as a kid. Now she’s all of those things, but never mean. She’s loving. Caring. A Mom. An awesome Mom. And a great sister and friend.

» Posted By Tricia On 08.31.2016 @ 9:58 am


Always lost. But when found, it is the best feeling. I love that I am able to decorate my key chain with items that allow me to express myself. I hope one day to have a pair of car keys. Nah.

» Posted By Tricia On 08.30.2016 @ 12:07 pm


i have lots of these empty things sitting on top of my kitchen shelf. they accumulate as the year goes by and when they become picturesque enough i photograph them or paint them. i have a full one in my freezer now. Maker’s Mark. I could not have afforded to buy it but I did anyway, and have yet to open it. some day things will get bad enough that i shall have to.

» Posted By tricia On 08.25.2016 @ 12:31 am


The weight of the helicopter was too much for her to bear. As she let out a whimper, she lets go of its tail and let it slowly disappear out of her vision, and below the clouds. Zora just failed her first simulation test.

» Posted By Tricia On 02.09.2016 @ 3:44 pm


The matters concerning the strange man holding the candlestick in the store captivated him. He no longer waited for information about him; he wanted to know more! And so he instigated a scheme amongst his friends, figuring they wouldn’t mind. That is, until they find out what he’s up to—what he’s really up to.

» Posted By Tricia On 06.01.2015 @ 11:01 pm


Same word. I thought maybe it would change. Until. I can’t think of anything. Until what? That’s just it. There is no until with him. There is no ultimate that might cause him to change his mind. You would think that his grand kids would be enough to make him part with hi money, but no. Not until…

» Posted By Tricia On 05.26.2015 @ 9:07 pm


Do I have to go? are they going to give me a shot? I DON’T WANT A SHOT! I’m not going! Can i have ice cream afterwards? I’m scared! I’m sick mama. I need to go to the doctor. Can I take my pony?

» Posted By Tricia On 08.24.2014 @ 5:34 am


It sat on the counter. In the wrong spot. Why would she move it there? I can’t even get any of the bigger knives out. They hit on the cupboard above. I have to pull the whole block out in order to access it! She bought those for me you know. Ungrateful. I should remember. She thought of me when she looked at those on the shelves of…of where? I don’t know where they are from.

» Posted By Tricia On 08.04.2014 @ 7:40 pm


Into the candlelit rooms full of silhouetted shadows behind curtains; atop the satin sheets scented with flowers, the woman with the dark hair and sultry eyes poised for her next move, a moment which he undoubtedly will regret but in every way deserve for breaking her heart.

» Posted By Tricia On 05.27.2014 @ 9:13 pm


That took place years ago…but I guess that kind of “love” and caring is on my mind…

» Posted By Tricia On 05.06.2014 @ 6:55 pm

I went to the airport yesterday. dad took me. he wore his cowoy boots with steel toes. do you know what that means? cant get through security if you are wearing steal toed boots. too hard to take off. oh well. i’ll sit there waiting by myself…13 years old. thanks dad.

» Posted By Tricia On 05.06.2014 @ 6:54 pm


It wasn’t as if she has never tried to tell him about it. As a matter of fact, she had, numerous times in the past. But the secret was bigger than her, than both of them. Or has become bigger than both of them that telling him would be in direct disobedience to the law. Her father, who has for the longest time been trying to put a stop to the war, has been in the forefront of the town’s off-kiilter scientific ventures, but needed more time to develop his ideas. What she has done, cannot be told, cannot be repeated to another person ever again. If only he would see it that way.

» Posted By Tricia On 03.17.2014 @ 6:13 pm


My hands ache to touch her soft skin again. Her smile that takes my breath away, her lashes that flutter like no other, shielding her beautifully dark brown eyes that wield bubbles of happiness to anyone who dares look into them. I fall victim to her, every single time. I wait for her to come back, every single day. I succumb to her completely; no one else can compete. My sweet niece of one— what hopes and chances await you for every single year of your life to come. ❤︎

» Posted By Tricia On 03.14.2014 @ 3:54 pm


Unbeknownst to her, the bottle with the Mysterious Smoke Potion was handed over by Dean to the man in question and were given orders to discontinue on his journey to save the princess from the giant flightless bird. But what the man didn’t know was Dean’s loyalty is so intense to her that anyone else would think he was just being utterly belligerent, if you came across him. Dean had another plan in mind. And it will cost a bird’s life. One he doesn’t particularly gives a care for. So on to the castle…

» Posted By Tricia On 01.14.2014 @ 1:18 am

Unbeknownst to her, the bottle with the Mysterious Smoke Potion were handed over by Dean to the man in question and were given orders to discontinue on his journey to save the princess from the giant flightless bird. But what the man didn’t know was Dean’s loyalty is so intense to her that anyone else would think he was just being utterly belligerent, if you came across him. Dean had another plan in mind. And it will cost a bird’s life. One he doesn’t particularly gives a care for. On to the castle…

» Posted By Tricia On 01.14.2014 @ 1:17 am


In the darkness of the night, Emilia took to the sand dunes and rallied the gang like the efficient leader that she is. And like a trooper she abandoned all unnecessary, trivial possessions she had in order to make room for her newly concocted potions, healing herbs, and the ever important grimoire in her pack. To fight this war, she needed to build an army. And to build an army, she needed a spell. A spell to bring back her town and the people who once lived in it, enchanted by the Lost King with his dark magic.

» Posted By Tricia On 01.13.2014 @ 1:07 am


she jumped out of her painstaked jail called a bed for babies. Landed right on her face. didn’t make a sound. then she ran to the solace of her grandparents bed. somehow in the morning, she ended up back in the crib.

» Posted By Tricia On 09.29.2013 @ 12:42 am


He took her hand and placed it on the left side of his rib section. She felt warmth but not from his body but from the blood seeping through his shirt. Every logical cell in her mind tried to disprove the reality of the situation, but it failed each time. Why, only a week ago she loathed the sight of this man, this man whose dogmatic ideas and arrogance towards all things ‘small town’ caused a major ruckus in their quiet country lives. But now she’s kneeling over his dying body under the same tree where they first met. The knife went in too deeply and there was no help in sight. He tells her in a faint voice that it’s going to be okay; asserting that he was right about the plan. She smiles at him with tears running down her cheeks. She will lie to him this time, this last time and she’ll concede defeat. “You’re right, you were right the whole time, Max,” as he took his last breath.

» Posted By Tricia On 08.21.2013 @ 10:38 pm


In the interim, Josh took over the position of Vice Principal for the school. He’s had to deal with all sorts of troublemaking students already, but he doesn’t mind so much because all he could think of is the promise of promotion after this short proxy stint and that makes it all worthwhile.

» Posted By Tricia On 08.07.2013 @ 3:39 pm

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