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What happens if I dont know what a word means, I think I know, its something that they have in 80’s movies where the hero gets trained through the duration of a song. But if thats not what it is, well I am just going to feel silly.

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It exploded! Shards of plastic, glass and metal flying everywhere. Marci was beside herself, staring at the wreckage.

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Why is your knife stuck in the table? Seriously this is why we cant have nice things. Lenore wrested the knife upwards and brandished it. This will not happen again!

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She carved a deep furrow in the mans torso. He backpeddled screaming, she persued. The dingy alley made his screams and her cries of fury echo. Finally he slowed, and she sprang forward, knife leading.
Blood poured down around her hand.

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There was light that pervaded the trees. A dim sort of illumination that didn’t shine from anywhere.

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“Oh my… ” Marie’s eyes widened. “Gwen, please tell me you were no where near the office today. Gwen turned a steely glance to her friend.

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building blocks, as a child were one of my favorite things. Never followed the instructions either, so I always ended up with extra, or not enough. But mine were better that they were meant to be.

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I have to watch the original wickerman movie for a class! This one word reminds me that I have to write that paper. Damn you one word!!!!!
Still it is rather humorous.

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errr. all I can think of is that silly movie. Hollywood has ruined my mind! Pushing in pictures where there was only imagination before. We are facing the dissolution of our minds here.

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Up and down, aspiring for cheap thrills. Tricking your brain into thinking its in danger. And we call druggies the problem. We are all druggies in our quest for happiness, in our pursuit of endorphins.

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There was a crow on top of his house. The thing cocked its head and regarded Jeremy as he walked down the meticulously paved driveway. It didn’t seem bothered by the the disgust filled look the boy sent its way.

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He needed a secretary. That fact was becoming apparent. The files were now teetering dangerously across his desk and his 2oclock was five minutes late. “Okay..”

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“Hold!” the shout came from over her shoulder. Gwen stumbled a bit before turning. ‘What the hell?’ she thought. A uniformed man was racing towards her.

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She leveled the Beretta at him. Nothing said, just pointing the barrel. Tyrell backed up. “what are you doing Gwen?” His face was calm, though his tone was not.

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She hit the ground with a groan. Ever since this annoying growth spurt Lyn had been tripping over herself.
Not that anyone else would really call it a spurt. She was still the shortest person in the freshman class.

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He was so British. Think of the stereotype and there you were. It should have annoyed her, people who were too something usually did. But she liked him.

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Finally! She’d been looking for so long…although it was a bit odd. Gwen hadn’t expected the door to be so close. It should have taken at least another hour. But she wasn’t complaining.

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It was horrible, back breaking work, or so Cera thought at least. “Gwen you’ve got to be kidding me.” She whined brandishing the scrub-brush. “Stop complaining. This is your mess too.”

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“he is going to go nuclear.” She murmured.
“What?” he paused. “I don’t think that’s the correct usage of that term.”
She shrugged. “You knew what I meant right?”

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“Please tell me that is not what it looks like.” Caleb balked at the large warhead. “Calm down.” Lyn pointed out. “Besides I am holding it for a friend.” She saw his face. “Kidding. I nabbed it off a smuggling operation.”

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“eww.” Cera twisted her mouth. “That looks like a carrot got cancer.”
Gwen turned to her with a withering glance. “You said you wanted to come shopping with me.”

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The keys dropped with a resounding *clack* to the tile. Gwen just breathed in.
“Nice to see you again.”

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She was shaped like a traingle, all hips not breasts. She knew and dressed accordingly. Sometimes it occured to her that it should bother didnt
She was happy

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Sometimes I feel like an idiot, though I only have to look around me…or on the internet for people who far surpass my idiocy. Perhaps its elitist, but it the way I think.

I apologize Internet people. I really do

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He pulled the annoying block of metal and glimmering plastic out of his pocket. Newest version and the best money could by. He didn’t need the online capabilities or the multifaceted apps, what he used it for the most: social standing.

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Sushi is delicious, though every once in a while. I very much doubt its healthy to eat too much sushi. That wont stop me though. I do love sushi.

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They were screaming at her. The sound filled her ears. Gwen hesitated only for a moment before springing to her feet. Her sneakers pounded the office floor as she pushed through the door.

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With a snip, then a clip. Small locks of hair fell to rest around her shoulders and shirt. “Its too short.” Ali could feel the tears welling in her eyes. Her gorgeous hair fell around her with every click and snap of the scissors.

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Duck and weave right?
Its a bit more complicated than that.
Well I figured. So how do I start?
Punch me.
Take a swing at me.
Your sure?

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She had known the tower was there her whole life. Never had she ventured close to it, it was too strange, too unknown.
But now as she peered out her window at the monstrous shadow the thing cast, she knew it was time to find out.

» Posted By Trebez On 03.17.2010 @ 9:52 am

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