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I’ve fallen from the sky and I’m not hitting the ground. I wonder whats happening, how long this will take. I can’t see anything, gravity’s pulling me down. Oh no! whats happenning? Will this ever end. thud! silence . sabaw

» Posted By Tralalala On 08.19.2010 @ 6:19 am


I can’t escape from this cage because its made of hard metal. I hope I was Miley Cyrus in her music video because, she was able to escape from that cage. hahaha I SHOULDN’T BE TAMED SO THAT I CAN ESCAPE

» Posted By Tralalala On 08.06.2010 @ 7:50 am

I have so much to do today. I just want to escape from all of the stress and pressure, but nah. I wanna know how things will turn out. Oh, curiosity.

» Posted By Tralalala On 08.06.2010 @ 3:18 am


Though we’re miles and miles apart the memories we spent together make us seem like we’re close. Distance can’t keep us apart because what we feel for each other is much much stronger.

» Posted By Tralalala On 07.30.2010 @ 9:41 pm

Miley’s got miles to go in getting better at singing. Definitely.

» Posted By Tralalala On 07.30.2010 @ 9:38 pm

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