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The colour spectrum is a beautiful but challenging tool to play with. Should you opposite colours or complementary colours. It gets to a point where it’s all too difficult to play with colour and the only option is to print in black and white. But what a dull dull world it is when there’s nothing but black type on a white background.

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She sobbed as she walked out of the class. Finally she understood everything that had gone wrong with her life, it was not her fault that she felt different, she was different and the New Way people had taken hold of her mind and showed her how exciting her life could be. He watched her walk across the carpark and turned to his co-lecturer “Good night tonight, we made 8 of them sob and I think we’ll convert at least 3 into slaves of the order. Especially that one walking across the carpark and when we do, I want her for my personal slave”.

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The traffic on the way to the coast gridlocked again. It was always the same on the weekend, every joe wanting to get out of the stinking urban landscape and head for the freshness of the beach. Today was meant to be different, the weather was bad surely no

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The monster under the bed is a real phenomenon for many children and sadly despite the advances of modern technology no solution has been found to destroy the monster. Light sabres may offer some protection but they are expensive and difficult for a four year old whose not trained as a Jedi master to handle.

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The distant sky was hazy with the approaching locust plague and Jospehine knew that this time they were in real danger of losing everything they had invested in the old farm.

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Today I visited the exhibition Medieval Symbols and Splendour at the Queensland Museum, South Bank. Amongst the many relics and artefacts of the period known as the Dark Ages, two items stood out above all others; they were examples of the head armor worn by knights of the realm. These shining silver examples of ancient metalwork looked as though they belonged on a UFO not the Dark Ages.

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