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She was canned. Her screw up was too much this time for the paper and with the big lawsuit that was now being charged against them, they could not risk having her employed with them any longer. She begged, pleaded, even cried (unprofessionally), but they would not budge. It was too late.

» Posted By Tonya On 08.12.2015 @ 2:54 pm


We were enjoying our vacation in Kentucky. We went to the country club where there was a polo match going on. How they keep from hitting each other and the horses with those mallets amazes me!

» Posted By Tonya On 12.15.2014 @ 11:03 am


How can you be still and grow your business? I know that sounds like a silly suggestion, but too many people are moving so fast that have forgotten what they want.

» Posted By Tonya On 04.10.2014 @ 6:46 am


Movies produce a certain light. It can be brooding and dark as well as light and bubbly. I’m staring at you. The shadows and light that dance across your body make you look beautiful even when it’s dark.

» Posted By Tonya On 02.04.2014 @ 10:26 pm


“what did you say?”
“what was that?”
“sorry, i didn’t hear you?”

my penchant for ceasing to listen halfway through a conversation mixed with what i can only guess is hearing loss. maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

» Posted By tonya On 04.16.2013 @ 3:33 pm


One side of her face was swollen. She remembered eating the shellfish. The doctor told her she could still eat a little bit at a time. But she loves crabs and shrimp, so she went overboard, not thinking about damaging her feaht.

I hope she gets much better soon.

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» Posted By tonya On 07.28.2012 @ 9:49 pm


i didnt know that i was suppose to write about this word but i guess this is the word of choice.

» Posted By tonya On 07.21.2012 @ 12:02 pm


They took the dog to the ledge with them. He had a better chance of hearing below than they would. There was a trail just the left under Mack’s foot. The crew leader, Jeff, told Mack to stay there and he’d take the dog with him to sniff out the trail. He couldn’t have gone far. Dragging a bag and a hostage would have to slow him down.

» Posted By Tonya On 07.15.2012 @ 4:39 pm


dwelling in rivendell would be amazing… i wouldnt even worry or care or fear or be ashamed i would just live happily ever after…I dream of that when i am awake and asleep…but i know it can never happen.

» Posted By Tonya On 06.23.2012 @ 3:07 pm


It comes in many forms and flavors. It is, in a form, jellyfish, which stings you when you go to the beach. It can be edible in grape, strawberry, raspberry, etc. It tends to be gelatinous in form .

» Posted By Tonya On 06.06.2012 @ 6:29 pm


the knife was meant for cooking. Not actually cooking, but cutting, however it couldn’t perform it’s duty. Years of neglect prevented it from fulfilling its purpose. Like me. Time to sharpen up. Time to be who I am intended to be.

» Posted By Tonya On 10.18.2011 @ 9:09 am


I predict that tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day. I also predict that my boyfriend will have any awesome time in Costa Rica. I wonder how fortune-tellers predict the future or predict life events through reading palms. Predicting reminds me of science, in that it is like a hypothesis. So, really, are the fortune-tellers making an educated guess about your future? Who really knows? THE END.

» Posted By Tonya On 06.20.2011 @ 11:12 pm


sin willpower addiction alcohol drugs sex temptress almost threat might

» Posted By tonya On 05.18.2011 @ 5:35 am


That is when he swept me off my feet. We were in the movie theater on a late Sunday afternoon. He nervously grabbed my hand for the first time. I felt a huge rush. I was swept off my feet for the first time.

» Posted By Tonya On 03.06.2011 @ 6:31 pm

That was when he swept me off my feet. We were in the movie theater watching The Last Exorcism when he nervously grabbed my hand for the first time. I felt a rush. He had swept me off me feet for the first time.

» Posted By Tonya On 03.06.2011 @ 6:28 pm


soft or itchy, like life. Can be warm, comforting, can make you crazy. Like life. Sheep try to hold on to it, doesn’t work. But they persist – they grow it back fiercely, no matter how many times it takes! Love it, hate it, yet need it.
How crazy is this? I’m writing about scalping sheep.

» Posted By tonya On 02.17.2011 @ 7:43 am


When my husband was my boyfriend, he gave me a necklace that is now tangled and tarnished. I thought it was a very intimate gift for two people that had only know each other a couple of months, plus it wasn’t really my style. I feel bad now and should have it clearned and wear it for special occasions.

» Posted By Tonya On 12.28.2010 @ 3:18 pm


I delight in my daughter, in warm days, it cool breezes, in Hawaii, in love, laughter, family, sweet delights, fun, joy, cute dresses, delicious meals.

» Posted By Tonya On 08.16.2010 @ 9:09 am


Locked is a word that shows power. Privacy. Exclusion. I think of things that are tight and want to be protected. Locked door, treasure chest, bank or store buildings. Kept safe

» Posted By Tonya On 03.18.2009 @ 8:49 am


With each breath, with each word whispered, with each caress, with each heart pounding….growing closer as two bodies become one.

» Posted By Tonya On 07.21.2009 @ 3:18 pm


The warmth of an embrace. The caress of a hand upon the face. Words whispered with tenderness. All welcoming to a lonely heart.

» Posted By Tonya On 07.17.2009 @ 6:25 pm


With every word you whisper upon my ear, feel my heartbeat. With every caress upon my skin, feel my heartbeat. Racing faster and faster with each and every moment spent with you.

» Posted By Tonya On 07.13.2009 @ 5:48 am


such a general word with so many connotations. happy you’re alive! happy you’re dead. happy that it’s over. happy that it’s only begun. one word to contain so many aspects of relief and joy culminating in one tiny word that holds the world to together with hope.

» Posted By tonya On 04.21.2009 @ 7:58 am


It seems that even though we become more specialized in all we do life just becomes more generalized. it is this general feeling that overwhelms us.

» Posted By tonya On 04.16.2009 @ 6:33 am


i have disconnected from almost everything I know. at least physically. However this “scary” disconnect has left me with an entirely new life with which I have connected almost completely.

» Posted By tonya On 04.13.2009 @ 7:02 pm


I’m thinking about Mizzou games … football, basketball … such fun! I love being surrounded by a sea of black and gold. GO TIGERS!

» Posted By Tonya On 04.04.2009 @ 8:32 pm


on another one today, not really sure where im going. but i dont care. im getting away, away from this hell hole i lived in all my life. i hope where im going there’s a good restraunt, im terribly hungry. mcdonalds would even sufice.

» Posted By Tonya On 10.10.2008 @ 12:35 pm


All in all, its just another
brick in the wall.

» Posted By Tonya On 09.06.2008 @ 5:06 pm


i ran down the aisle to the man waiting at the end, and once i got close enough to see who it really was, i ran out of the church, down to the local bar and drank myself stupid. ill never run down the aisle again, ill walk and take my time and maybe the person at the end of the aisle, will be the right person, instead of an ugly imitation of my perfect man, god please

» Posted By tonya On 05.27.2008 @ 9:57 am

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