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She kept the scrap of paper in her pocket for a long time, and then she forgot to take it out before putting her jeans through the wash. She forgot several times, in fact, and she only ever let go of the one thing she felt proved that Amelia was ever alive, her only way to prove they had known each other, when it had been dissolved by Tide detergent.

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She rest on top of her bed, completely unchanged except for her lack of footwear, and stared up at the ceiling. Her eyes were dry and tired and her body ached horribly every time she so much as breathed deeply, but her mind was still on the fritz and it kept her from falling asleep. Of all the things she figured could keep her up at night, of all the things that made *sense*, it was that maze of urban alleyways that arrested her consciousness: the darkness, the labyrinthine chase, the dank odor of rust and beer…

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There were a couple of ways the girls at the ‘stead described her. “Francis is the redhead, dyed, obviously,” Natania said, and Ódri explained that she was the one who carried me to the doctor that night they found me. Esperanza just said she was distant, and that if I ever got a sense of who Francis really is I should tell them all about her because Francis was still an enigma to them.

Ódri prides herself on knowing more about Francis than the rest of us, and maybe that’s true since she’s always following her around like a lost little girl. But Francis is hardest on Ódri– colder, sharper, even more– distant.

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She knelt by the radiator in the room and inspected the flecks of white paint that had chipped off. Her finger spooned the Canadian penny out of her fraying jean pockets, and she placed it gently underneath the radiator, close enough to the wall to keep it hidden.

The penny would stay here forever, or until the next owners vacuumed the room very thoroughly. But Yael would go. She had to go.

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She was never really aware of the badge she wore. She only time it begged her notice was when she was flat-faced on the ground and she could feel the small metal pin poke her when she was pressed against the pavement. Nobody eyed the badge, really, since she kept it in her wallet in her pocket. They could tell she was a cop by the uniform anyhow.

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That was the thing about the nomads: everyone was a provider. The hunters provided meat and protection; the pickers gathered plants of medicinal and sustainable value; the elderly and the idling (of whom there were few) crafted bracelets and other embellishments to nurse everyone’s pride. Everyone pulled their own weight, even those who ought not to. There were no Naunis or Prinpos.

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She wanted to announce it to everyone but she knew she couldn’t. She simply couldn’t, and that tore at her.

She was sitting on that same old rock overlooking the edge of the hill stewing over how unfair it all was for hours, maybe. The sun got tired of it and started to retreat to its own business. The night was friendlier, as always.

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She recalled the memory. It was the most quietly exciting time of her life.

She and Ganjo were only about eleven then, but they were strong and big for their age, and they had already crafted their own items, though rather shoddily. They showed an eagerness for exactitude, however, and it was that auspiciousness that got them invited to The Woodpecker’s estate.

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Besra watched him draw back the arrow. His muscles rippled when he pulled back the string, but it was a natural kind of stress, like the ocean building up a wave. He stared straight ahead at the target and, with a quick jolt, released the arrow. It hit the dummy right in the throat.

“Haven’t seen that man miss yet,” Besra told the empress beside her. “I think he’s the one.”

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The awakening was excruciating. Amelia had been on watch, immediately alerted by the sudden sharp rustling of dry leaves and roughspun. In a heartbeat, she had an arrow sitting on her bow string, aiming down the shaft. But eventually, Amelia realized that the sound was coming from the seeker. Directing her attention back to the camp, she found Norine thrashing around, her eyes shut tightly enough to carve wrinkles like trenches around her eyes.

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Her midnight meditations helped her somewhat, but they were like stitches in a wound. She had resubmerged herself in the real, awful world too soon, and consequently begun bleeding again. She sat in her creaking office chair and stared at the papers she had to file for minutes at a time, seeing them crumple and fray as she sat on her hands to keep them from twitching.

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“And basically, what I’m trying to say is, ninety-percent of man-made tragedies are a result of greedy bastards.”

Amelia was attempting to crack the nuts they had gathered open while she listened to Norine’s rant. “That’s what six years of scholarly apprenticeship taught you?” Amelia asked for clarification.

“Essentially. That, and how to manage an apothecar’s garden.”

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“It’s not funny!” Amelia insisted through her teeth. “It’s not funny at all. Stop laughing.”
“I’m not laughing!” Norine promised, holding her hands up in surrender. It was true, technically; no giggles escaped her lips.
“You have that amused look on your face, wipe it off.” Amelia turned around and stalked away, her normally porcelain neck flushed with embarrassment. “Please,” she appended begrudgingly.

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“Wait a second,” Norine half-yelled, half-pleaded. She lurched herself back onto her feet and hurriedly pursued Amelia, who was already several yards away. She shook her blonde curls once stiffly, then crossed her arms tightly together. She wouldn’t cease her long strides no matter what Norine yelled after her. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” the Seeker promised. But she gave up following Amelia, who didn’t seem to want to stop, and that was why Amelia could not forgive her.

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The commoners bowed, blessed to be graced by the warden’s presence. Norine’s eyes swung left and right as the sea of ragged people sank to their knees and touched their foreheads to the dusty court. There was one form that did not shrink down, however. Amelia’s blonde curls were like a beacon reflecting the sun over the writhing bed of servile, desperate folk. Norine was both incredibly proud and inextinguishably angry.

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So I complimented her– something I never do to anyone, since it makes me so uncomfortable– and she frowned. So my mouth froze open a little, and I felt my veins stiffen while my nerves buzzed simultaneously. I didn’t know what to say to fix it; hell, I didn’t even know what I did wrong.

Then she said, “Are you alright?” I was taken aback, so my eyebrows did that thing, and my neck craned back a bit, and all I could utter was, “What?”

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Norine had never heard Amelia’s voice contort the way it did. It was like it had been grabbed, squeezed, yanked into an unnatural position and wrung out, all expressed in the one syllable she was able to utter– “No!” The same abuse done unto the blonde woman’s voice was dealt out to Norine’s heart. It thumped like the footfalls of a frantic fleeing hare.

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She had never taken the ‘metro’ before. Just another reason she was more than glad to have Amelia around. Amelia was wearing her dark pea coat, a trend throughout the city, and clutching the metal bar spanning from the metal cart’s floors to the ceiling. Norine saw no metal bar beside her, so she reached up and held on to one of the hooks hanging down. She was nervous for some reason, but one coincidence of eye contact with Amelia settled her nerves like warm raindrops fizzing into steam.

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Amelia held the strange object between her pale hands. It wouldn’t have seemed so abnormal if Airik hadn’t just told her that it was perhaps one of the most powerful artifacts to be recovered this milenium. She held it delicately between her palms with her fingers fanned away from it. It looked like a simple wooden wheel with a radius of no more than four inches. How this thing could win them the war, she had no clue…

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They didn’t have a regular white door like everyone else. Instead, the Shims had big, heavy, dark wooden double-doors with ornate geometric windows carved into them. There was a shining expanse of polished wood floors in the antechamber and lacy curtains making the light coming through the windows shimmer opulently.

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She had a nightmare that there was dirt all over her face. She was convinced it was because she forgot to lint-roll her blankets before falling asleep. She remembered being so completely drained of energy that sleep seemed like the most alluring thing… She regretted succumbing to her tiredness without performing her nightly ritual.

She decided to spend the next morning sterilizing her flat. She had the music playing in the background, calm indie tunes making her sway and lip sync as she swept her sanitizing wipes across every surface she could find.

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“Don’t you dare go to him,” she hissed through her fangs. “You go back to him and you can’t come back here! Ever!”

Yvonne grimaced up at her mother. She arched her shoulders forward, like a cat about to pounce, and bristled in her seat. Her feet snapped straight ahead, her fingers wound into fists, and she felt a trail of oil from her stomach to her throat burn aflame.

“Goodbye” was all she could say. In a whirling passing of time, she found herself in the car, then on a street lined with decaying bricks, and then in the shack her dealer called home.

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“Where’s Sarnello?” Norine asked apprehensively. She looked out over the sudden end of the hill but saw nothing but an open field in the distance with a rocky divet in the earth between. Instead of receiving a reply from her guide, she felt a hard shove on her back, right between her shoulder blades, and she was launched over the edge.

She felt the air whirl around her body as she fell, then the awful battery of the earth when she knocked and bounced against the rocky slope. The world spun chaotically around her; her eyes were unable to make sense of anything until finally she came to a stop.

Slowly, heavily, her wobbly arms planted her hands on the earth. She rolled onto her knees and spit out a gob of blood. Looking up at the hill, she saw no one.

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He had no reason to be modest, other than to aggravate me further.

Full set of hair– check. Bright colorful eyes– check. Good job– check. Volunteer work– check. This man had a soul, a paycheck, and a pleasing aesthetic, and to top it all off he had an infuriatingly reigned in appreciation of himself.

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The stubborn ox would not move any farther down the path. Thomas sighed when he realized his incessant patting of the animal’s bony behind would not get it to budge.

“Help, you need?” asked a small voice. Thomas turned and saw a Chinese girl. She was probably one of the daughters of the railroad workers.

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The Mustang’s engine revved like the buzzing of a thousand sharp bees and the popping of hundreds of layers of bubble wrap. She absolutely hated it. She couldn’t hear the metallic twinkling of her own bicycle wheel spinning as she pedaled past.

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His eyes bore into the man in the looking glass. He looked tall, square-jawed, and had a sort of low burning about his eyes, much like the dying glow of a fire, that emanated resilience. But he did not look like an emperor; not quite self-assured or powerful enough. Yet here he was, robed in plum purple and waited on by the hundreds of guests attending his coronation. It was time to make his appearance.

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The item that hung around her neck was more special than any Christmas wreath, even the one her mother made from scratch using twigs and redberries all those years ago.

Daf looked up at Carter and smiled. “Thanks,” she said lamely, unable to convey the depth of her gratitude with mere words. She reached forward and embraced him in a quick hug.

“Sure thing,” Carter said after a clumsy pause, and he returned the hug.

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There was no fanfare; no trumpets announced their return, nor did any people throw up their hands or cheer.

The four of them waded their way through the heavy silence of the onlookers. The crowd of hundreds pressed up against each other to move out of the way of the slowly approaching group of ragged adventurers.

Norine’s skin went hot. She felt needles pin their way up her neck. Her wrist twitched for her bow, a defensive reaction.

Amelia led the triangle shaped posse through, her burning glare never leaving the eyes of the Archduke at the top of the Hundred Steps.

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“Look at this one. She looks like a rat pulled out o’ the ocean.” He reached a hand forward toward Norine’s hair, turned brown-red from the water.

Amelia was quick as a dart. In a flash she had her hand wrapped around the man’s beefy wrist like a snake strangling its aggravator.

“Hands off, Turmil,” she growled quietly.

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