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her heart stuttered at first. thinking it was just the usual skip when he left. that one time when she knew he would be gone for so long. he always came back, no matter who he met or how long he was gone, he always came back sooner or later. she just loved him so much. her friends wanted her to leave him, wanted her to just forget all the time and memories. how could she? so he hurt her. so hes broken a few things. she still loved him.
her thoughts were interrupted by an explosion in the front all. the door had slammed open and foot steps came her way, fast and hard.
“you stupid bitch!” he screamed, waving a small heart shaped piece of paper. “you stupid cunt why would you do this?” he shoved the paper in her face. it had a lipstick kiss and a neat cute note expressing simply ‘I love you’.
“what are you trying to do to me? do you want me to be angry with you? how many times not to say that! how many times you stupid worthless bitch!” he shoved her to the floor. her heart skipped a few beats. her breath caught as she hit the floor. hit hard. his hand pounded into her, first her hear, then her back, then her middle. the final hit was a rather forceful kick to her chest. she let out a small squeak. she had never made that sound before. he looked over her as she lay motionless. she usually did, but that noise. what a weird noise. he lifted her hair to see her face, her eyes were open, and scared. they didn’t move. nether did her mouth. he collapsed on the floor. he killed her. a few unnoticed tears fell from his eyes. after deciding what he was going to do he wiped what was left of the tears away and stood. he left the house, still unsure of whether he was going to come back. he had plans with brittany.

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i strung my small arms around his tall neck. not careing that the world was falling to hell behind me. it was one of those days. one of those moments. that could not stop you. that even though everything you knew and everything you could have ever to do in a live, that ment so much just a second before, could stop you from taking this moment and doing what felt right, for once. not thinking with that stupid mind that never forgave, never for got, and never shut up! but doing what your heart said, the last moment on earth, and it was good.

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I’m falling. There’s nothing I can do to get up though. It’s a large hole. I could fling my arms out as far as I could, and still didn’t feel the walls. Falling still. Did I just wake up? Did I just fall asleep? What the hell? Is that a light? Is that a rabbit? Why the he’ll would there be a rabbit? Hey! He’s got a watch! And white gloves! What does he need those for? White rabbit! Wait! Where are you going?

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i wish i could have held in my smile. maybe even silenced my laugh. but seeing as they are both out there, i guess i might as well show you how i really feel…right? dont answer that just yet. first i really need you to do something. its not that important…or really all that neccisary i guess…but if you could, that would really help me out here. i need you to look inside your self, really deep, and yes i mean it. look and tell me what you see, tell me who you see. i know you will see your mother and father, and maybe an aunt or and uncle. maybe a grandparent or two. a sister or a brother, and a few friends, but im looking for some one spacific. maybe a girl, who you have known for a while. she is pretty, and smart, and knows how to make you laugh, and feel better when life sucks. she makes toy a cake on your birthday, and chicken noodle soup when your sick. she bakes you a cupcake to celebrate even the smallest of your acomplishments. because if she is there, then i know that we can continue, finish what we started and not really worry anymore. but if she isnt, then we could have an issue. we may have a problem. or maybe not…

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i took another deep breath. closing my eyes i steped out onto the stage before me. the music started quietly, then the loud bass kicked in behind it. the dancers all scuttled to place, begining as they were instructed. their hearts and souls pouring onto the stage. feet not stoping, arms mostly a blur.
“shes definatly special.” the director commented.
“yes,” said my mother, “its just too bad she thinks shes AVRAGE.”

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the auditorium was packed, no chance of skipping a surprise pep rally. jesus i hate these things. watching the skinny bitches with pom poms flaunting about, all the foot ball morons have their tongues waging about. this is stupid. i shoved past a young freshman. stupid kids. i made my way towards the back, less chance of getting in trouble from the teachers if i fall asleep. the loud and obnoxious music began to blare through the much too high speakers. some famous rapper ticked out a song that had nothing to do with real everyday life, just talking about expensive cars that none of us would ever drive, let alone actually see, and sleeping with gorgeous girls who no one would touch except in forbes magazine. what a stupid idea to get the kids to want to see our team go out on the field and get their asses handed to them, once again.

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