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He had finally reached the bottom of the bottle of brandy hiding in his closet, which he had found the week before, still sulking there post cider experiment. There was just a trickle left, but it was just enough for his needs.

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He got home late that day, and in a terrible mood, only to find his door locked in a way that made it impossible to open. His boss had yelled at him, one of their biggest accounts left them, and now he couldn’t get into his own room because his dumbass housemate had exited through there in a panic after the police arrived due to a threatening squirtgun incident.

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The potatoes fried and fried in the pan on the stove, burning away neglected by James, who was in his room dealing with a horrible breakup. They turned from white to brown to black, cooking until the pan was ruined and the kitchen started to fill with smoke, but James didn’t care, more important things were being ruined at that moment.

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You’re nothing but a crook! A scoundrel! A sneak-thief! That’s what Ella heard from the angry townspeople, as they accused her of stealing the fabled golden pie of azimuth. They found her with the telltale glow on her hands, even though they couldn’t find a motive or reason why she would want such an object.

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Craig unhappily winced his way through the pack of unsalted peanuts that were the only thing he had left to eat. He was stuck on a crowded plane that had yet to leave the tarmac, and this tasteless, dry snack was the only foodlike substance in his backpack left.

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It was like a cult, Tim thought, as he stood outside the gym, debating whether or not he wanted to go in. He wanted to lose weight and be healthier and more attractive, but was intimidated by the ubermensch perfection contained inside the fitness center, and how everyone wore the same clothes and did the same exercises, to get the same bodies, to meet other people who have the same bodies as them.

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It was quite the dilemma, Mark thought, as he stood stock still in the supermarket. It wasn’t a prisoner’s dilemma, or even a tough choice, like Sophie’s Choice. What meat would be best, Mark thought, until he remembered his girlfriend was a vegetarian.

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Damon watched in fascination and horror as his younger brother Clyde poured syrup all over his pancakes, creating a gloppy mess that was more sugar than anything else. Soon his sausages and eggs were swimming in the sugar as well. Damon didn’t know how his brother could stand it, but it was the same every morning.

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the endless sea stretched out before him, threatening to swallow him up. He waded into the waves, contemplating his next move.

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He spotted the creature right on the edge of his peripheral vision, a small, furry rodent scuttling away as soon as he turned on his lights. John had seen rats before, but this one was particularly big, looking more like a small dog or other household pet. Also, most rats didn’t speak, as he had heard it whispering in the dark to him, saying his name, Johnathan, over and over. Whatever it was, it was time to buy some poison, though he didn’t even know if that’d be effective.

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He had tried everything to purify the tap water, including but not limited to boiling it, putting it through a filter, and using purifying tablets, but nothing seemed to work. It still came out chunky and slightly off-green, and attempting to drink it resulted in throwing up or worse.

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He received the crown with an appearance of honor, one which he knew deeply in his heart that he did not deserve. He didn’t win any battles, or do any great feats for the common people to get it, he was just born in the right place and the right time, like many future heads of state and politicians to follow him.

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Jackson entered orbit at 0600 hours, finally relieved to have escaped earth’s bounds. He was floating, feeling the weight of the planet and what he left behind leave his body.

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He saw his ex-boyfriend walking down the city streets, accompanied by the overbearing mother that tore them apart. His ex was wearing a dopey Ceasar Chavez protest shirt emblazoned with the slogan “no grapes.” They waved and said hi, and that was it. It was a strange and awkward encounter.

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Marie was always afraid to go upstairs in the old victorian house her aunt lived in. To get there, you had to ascend a creaky staircase that barely seemed to hold your weight, all while portraits of long-dead relatives(and their pets) glared at you, up to a small suite of rooms where the lights flickered, the beds were covered with musty-smelling stuffed animals, and the clawfoot bathtub seemed to take an awfully long time to drain.

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Chuck wasn’t going into the breach alone. The battle ahead would be long and hard, as it was every year, but at least he had a legion of sales staff behind him. This Valentine’s day at hallmark was gonna be hard, but they would get through it together.

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The protesters had began to congregate on the street corner, waving their signs protesting the efforts of the Norwegian child services, even though this was Denver, Colorado and there were no Norwegians in sight. Their church had told them to, however, and had even bussed them in to attend.

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He was certainly not in da club, doing shots and flirting with appropriately curvaceous women while throwing money around, but he was in a club. The stamp of the month club. And that was much cooler than any rapper’s fantasy.

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His mother was a gardener, but he had not inherited any of her green thumb. If his thumb was to have a color, it would be a pale, fading yellow, like the slowly wilting flowers growing on his back porch. He had tried fertilizer, watering, pest control, and many other things, but they would not yield.

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Everything that evening would have been fine, if Jack hadn’t eaten that one fateful fried dumpling. The chow mein was fine, as well as the kung pao chicken, even if they weren’t authentically chinese, but the fried dumpling gave him food poisoning, and started him down a very bad path from which he would not return.

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Renesmee, who got her silly name before the whole twilight thing, threw her cloak over her shoulders as she prepared to go out and mingle among the creatures of the night, otherwise known as her fellow college students.

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Alexis was trying to be clever and beat her brother Jason at chess, but she couldn’t find the right closing move. She had several chances to win earlier, but she wanted to truly and completely defeat him in the most humiliating way possible. He was her younger brother, after all, and she owed it to him to show him how harsh the world could be.

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Gary had spent the last half hour sobbing, after getting the fateful phone call. It was true. His dad was dead.

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Just as in the Simon and Garfunkel original and the bangles cover, it was indeed a hazy shade of winter outside. The snow slowly drifted to the ground, and Harold hoped more than anything that there was enough there so he didn’t have to go to school. Having just moved to South Dakota from California, he wasn’t used to actual weather, and he hoped that those mythical “snow days” he had heard so much about in the tv shows he watched and the books he read were actually real, and not just an invention of imaginative authors who lived in warmer climates like he once did.

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The dream always ended the same way, he was pushed over the cliff and was about to face a long drop when he woke up, sweating, feeling as if he had just fallen straight into bed. The dreams had been getting stronger, though, and he started noticing strange things, like scratches in his ceiling that fit his handprints, and the appearance of the cliff in his dream everywhere, from tampon commercials to city murals. It was going to happen someday soon, he knew, but he hoped he would survive it.

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Alexander deployed his camouflage every time he went out to the gay bar in the small town he grew up in. He put on a hat, lowered his voice, and wore very different clothing than his normal conservative attire. He wasn’t alone either, he saw many people from the community also in different garb than normal. But was this a disguise or their true self? He could never figure that part out, as he didnt know himself.

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How many calories were in Aunt June’s famous bean dip, Mavis thought, preparing to endure yet another interminable Super Bowl party. Not as many as found in the beers she would have to drink to get through the event.

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As he looked around at the rapidly-filling bar, with many cute blokes abounding, Chester made the decision to stay. I’ll have another round, he told the bartender, getting ready to throw back another pint and hopefully have enough liquid courage to approach someone.

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Here we are again, at the beginning. Here we are, at the second time of me trying to write this out for you, to explain yet again the hotel room, the forest fire, the rude cafeteria woman, and finally the strange noise from next door, until you wake up. This must be the second time I’ve tried to type this out.

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Here we are again, at the beginning. This has happened several times, and while some of the small details change, everything else remains the same. The same hotel room, the same wave of fire outside, the same obnoxious woman at the cafeteria, the same strange loud noise coming from next door. And there you are. Again.

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