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I often need space and alone time to regroup. My mind gets twisted and wrapped around negative thoughts, but I can’t just shut them down. My body gets involved and releasing that adrenaline takes time. I wish I could do it faster, or just not give a fuck.

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crime, innocent, criminal, board game, theater, a baby’s crib, a tent, tv crime show, who done it novels, theif

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A smell. A gift. It is something that the nose detects. But it’s more than just that. With scent you are offered an alternative to seeing, not just that. If you learn to put them together, you can develop something wonderful.

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I think this is funny word because it is a “dead RINGER” to a telephone noise. It also has several different connotations and meanings, but used in the way presented here “ringer” it is more difficult. This is also and

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a pitch is when you say why you do things, what you do, and what makes you unique. You get people onboard with your mission and goals. They join forces with you and support your cause and purpose. You pitch them to benefit them, and share value with others. You need to know your pitch like the bac of you hand. print it out.

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Rock stars are interesting because the provide the global community something to identify with when it comes to music. Certain types of music aren’t for everybody it takes special people to like rock music and creat rock music in this day in age when rap is king.

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Hair. The color of new pennies or warm caramel. Copper hair. Shining beautiful in the sun. Matching burnt amber eyes and freckles and the most genuine smile.

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She was flighing through the air! At last she had made it into the sky into the clouds. She had made it off the ground. The takeoff had been beautiful but the flight was magical and perfect! Selia looked around keeping her eyes on the horizon . The way the sun shined off the coulds made heaven not look so far away. So now here she was to high for those doubters to pull her down, to high for the ridicule. Selia was as high as Amelia Airheart must have been on the flight she never returned from. Sometimes Selia thought that Amelia didn’t come back because the sky was to perfect, to heaven like.

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The scariest moment in life is at the register. You’re sitting there with all the items you intend to purchase, a buggy-full some days when you’re feeling ambitious, and as you hand the card over there is fear. Will it be declined? You have no cash. If it is. you get nothing but embarrassment as everyone around just watches it happen.

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coma is when you are alive, but not really alive beucause you are not living, just existing there with the core of you. eventutally you return, but that time fram is unknown. coma is a waiting game or its not. maybe there is no return, only time can tell.

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Do over and come up with something different, better, more expressive. Take time to be qualitative not just quantitative. Make sense of the topic so that the reader can understand your perspective. Dig deeper.

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Dan’s favourite place to waste time was definitely the railway. It was the place where he met Phil, had his first kiss. It holds a special place in his heart. This has always been just another fact to Dan, like having dark hair or one sibling.

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I don’t understand how this word with the right words around it can cause so much anger. Like gamer girl. Why? Why do you care? Why does it matter what’s in my pants when I just want to play a simple video game? It doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m sick of some things just be boy things and other things just being girl things. Share.

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collection collection collection of peanuts, marbles. stamps, shirts shoes towels computers remotes teacups cards movies socks clothes printers dresses jewelry seconds is what comes to my mind when i see collection.

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Things that come in pairs
people in love
turtle doves

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Run like hell from what you know to be true; love is dangerous. Ins, out, and unanswered questions that hide and haunt forever.

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“Fools!” Excalibur exclaimed towards the onlooking students. The students were confused, quite baffled actually, looking ahead towards the small, white creature that strutted itself across the cobblestone pavement. He waved it’s cane in the air as if it was a tyrant, ordering his peasants around. Excalibur tip toed to Black Star, flinging his white cane into his face. “You there! You look familiar,” Excalibur stated in his almighty voice. Black Star wasn’t given a second to speak before Excalibur turned on his heel and stated, “Fool!” He turned his head the other way in disgust and poked his nose up high in the air. And of course, the face of Black Star was converted into the sour expression only Excalibur was able to bring out.

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scary loud cats dogs cars humans life deaths cigeratets life sadenes sucides rates

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Shattered happens when everything seems to smack into reality at once. You can’t seem to focus on any one piece; they all seem of equal importance, regardless of size.

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loom in the gloom of doom, then take a broom and some shrooms and you’re a witch. who had an itch that she could not pinch within an inch, oh the horror. weekend wars.

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he took the golden sword in his clasp, it shone like his eyes. he had discovered the sword when he was walking through the woods. he gripped it tightly between his fingers. it made a slit in his hand, the blood ran onto he sword and it began to glow. it vibrated in his bony hands so much he dropped it leaving the blood dripping from his hand

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metro PCS, metro station. yes, metro station. the city, the big city. where they dwell and swell until their heart’s content but never getting their fill beucase there it just too much to be filled. yes, i dont ride the light rail, i wish i road the metro. because there, you are no body but like everybody.

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Like the branch of a tree? Hmm branches are really hard to draw. The other day I was trying to draw a really proffessional looking tree with branches and everything and I couldn’t. It looked like crap.

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Welfare is a program from the government that helps families and communtities in need. These people also make sure to help contribute back to the community but not all of them. Some of them make sure to just take the money and take advantage of those who work hard.

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It was spreading everywhere. Plague they called it. Why must they invent new words for everything? It was just death, inevitable death and renaming it “plague” would not help anyone. It would not help the town, and it would not help Caitlyn. And she needed help, more than anyone at this very moment.

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Bursting at the seams she split secret lives into pieces, ditched the doormat, began to breathe. Her name: Calamity.

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Instill values. Values such as objects are meant to be used, not loved. People are meant to be loved, not use. instill morals that are fair and righteous.

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someone who kills people and is very nasty, has bad intentions and continually proceeds with this vindictive actions without a care in the world, although it must be said that at times a normal individual can become a murderer if they are put into an awkward situation and find themselves in a position where committing a murder is necessary.

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his light complexion stood out with eyes so dark, hair so dark, expression so dark.

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he said this all the time. like great or awesome or totally cool weren’t good enough to describe anything.

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