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It was hard and rough. It was the best and the worst the world was ever going to get, because there was no way it was ever going to end cleanly, if at all. The fight was purpose, the fight was life, the fight was believing that there was something to fight for and the first place, and the idea of stopping to see how little was left of the world was more terrifying that the conflict itself

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Her breath spread throughout her body, her heart moving slowly ant first then revving like an engine. She gasped feeling the warm honey glow of her blood beginning to circulate throughout her veins again. She was alive.

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It had been over a century since it had felt anything like this. It was like infinity, dripping like honey dripping from his life, like those grand forests and wide oceans that it was doomed never to be able to touch. It was the delicate sweetness of a sunrise, gently folded into dreams of a child.

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It was a legendary stunt to pull. The very definition of a long shot. It likely wouldn’t work, but what choice did they have, the world was ending anyways.

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It was a misunderstand. It sounds dumb, but it was. Not that the police care. Or the FBI. Or the CIA. Seriously, when I catch the guy who gave me this briefcase he’s done for.

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I kept my head down, kept walking. It was quiet out but it sounded as though all the sound had come back to the world, all the colors too, grey and green and white misty tendrils. there was much to see, but I wasn’t done walking yet. I guess this is what they call a breakthrough.

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The ghosts, both literal and figurative, surrounded me. They howled in my ears, trying to remind me of every little smudge that I had made on the glass of my life. I was used to this, but I had to wonder when Apollo had gotten around to adding tambourines into this nightmare.

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The water was so clear that I could see to the very bottom where the starfish crawled and the fish darted. It didn’t seem like it should be real. Nothing here did. A perfect paradise two small to pace in, the tallest tree in the word forming a little island of peace, shallows in its roots and woods in its branches. And horizon as far as they eye could see. Far away, I could see land. But I was trapped here, in “paradise”.

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The birds have all flown away. That was the first sign of trouble. Birds always know better than people. When to fly, and when winters coming. On the day he came home, they were all gone. Still I let him into my home, into my life. I should have listened to the birds.

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I was starving for words. Sentences. Anything to end this boredom. To tickle my brain into complex though, but here I was stuck with only a pen to feed me.

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The dark purple of a bruise acted as her eyeliner, blood his. They were a perfectly made up pair, laughing and dancing down the halls of the prison, fighting desperately and relishing their freedom. Long lost fiends reunited, escaping fate with blurred eyeliner.

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The soles of my shoes were worn so thin I could feel the pavement underneath them. Hers were brand new, stylish, with arch support. Mine were tattered and grimy with sharpie marks on the side. Hers were a bright sparkling white. Yet I wasn’t jealous, not even for a moment. Hers were beautiful, but mine had a story burned into their sole, of times spend with friends, of running one home and eventually to another, from life. Hers were beautiful, but these were mine.

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The shore seemed so far, but it was there. By god it was there. I tried to make my limbs move faster, ignore the salt burning my eyes and the back of my throat, the unimaginable depths below me. I was almost there. I am GOING to make it.

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The anthem of the broken, is remarkably similar to the whole, just as the ballad of two completely different countries reflect the same empty promises over and over. But looking between the two of them, tossed on such opposing paths, it was hard to tell who was who.

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Their words cut worse than the blades they held. Was so useless, why couldn’t I do anything? Why couldn’t I stop them? Why did I let them walk away with my heart in their bloody hands? How could I let so many people down at once, why couldn’t I move on?

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The world was spinning around in her head, colors blending as she began to collapse. Except she didn’t hit the ground. The worried faces of her companions faded into a colorful blur. She began to shake, to dizzy to stand. Reality set in in two stages. First she now knew what it was like to be taken, second she was totally screwed.

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The room was empty. It had been for a long time. The kitchen table was laid bare and dust was gathering on the old wood floor. But I remembered when it had been full of life, of laughter and family. I had risked so much to be here. How do you go home when home doesn’t exist anymore?

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It was almost humorous watching them dance. they were clumsy and awkward In all the ways of a first date, but at the same time had the confidence of two people who had know each other for all their lives.

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The path had long since vanished in my wayward flight from the woods. I now stood in the tall yellow grass of the field, seeing everything and nothing spread out for miles in front of me. Heaving I grasped the map in my hands, and continued on low to the ground, letting the yellow stalks conceal my path from the panic voices that called for me.

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The bars weren’t physical, but watching them walk down the alley, it felt as nothing in the world could set me free. I watched as the man with two many eyes and the girl with too many hands ambled down the streets. I wished more than anything I could join them.
The bars that held me weren’t physical, but as I strained against them, trying to catch one last glimpse into the reaper’s world, they might as well have been.

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