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The only sounds in the air were that of blood droplets hitting the ground and her painting breath. One clan defeated, one more to go.

She arose, dropped the severed head, smiled, and continued on her savage journey.

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Nothing was available. Not one broken down car. Everything was taken. Every last car. What were the chances that on this day, this time in my life, a way of getting from here to you was not available? Of all days, why today? Of all days, why did it have to be the one day that I would’ve finally been able to see your pulchritudinous face? Why? Why? Why?

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Whether or not the castle did stride through town, pompous and full of itself, it did travel through town one way or another as it’s footprints were littered throughout the streets. The idea of it’s arrogant walk was not a surprise, as most castles tend to be quite conceited.

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Back and forth Thomas walked, sweat dripped from his brown onto his dark, grungy uniform. He knew in the back of his mind that it would happen. They would come and attack. And, when the did, they would take her and he would never see her again. All he could do was continue his patrol and wait to try his feeble attempt at stopping them from taking his love.

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The crew shuffled along the deck, scrubbing the sea water covered planks in preparation for the king of Nair who was to ride aboard that evening. Little did any of the sailors know that the deck would soon be stained with blood from the king’s royal blood.

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A scientist scurried across the drab and decroded laboratory to his many chemicals. One by one he added them to the giant glass vat as it bubbled and steamed. Sweating with an insane smile spread out beneath his reflective goggles, he added the last ingredient. And explosion followed by a sound like that of thunder and the screams of millions of souls escaped from the orifice of the vat. Slowly, ever so slowly, a hand reached over the rim and a human-like creature arose. The scientist’s laughter echoed throughout the lab and washed over the newly created creature.

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Solid lines, flowing into infinity, from infinity. That’s all it is. A metaphor for life, not seeing the end, but being aware it exists. Knowing that it will stop, but enjoying the trip while it lasts. Life, and railroads.

» Posted By The Tara On 07.03.2012 @ 11:14 pm

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