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Night crew was always the most difficult to work. Sure, every single person on the fucking planet thought it was easier to rob someone at night, but around here? Shoot. No way was it easier. People were on their guard, watching for someone like my cohorts and me to come slinking up to their house, business, or what have you… watching with guns and knifes and other dangerous things.

“You sure we can do this one with only three people?” Sharon asked, her voice quivering with fear. Newbies. They always got scared of their first night run.

“Yeah, we got this, don’t we, Spike.”

“Whatever. Let’s just get this stupid shit over with so I can have my share of the loot’s pay.”

And with that, we creeped closer to the house, not quite sure who or what would be in wait for us. How very surprising it was for us to encounter what we did… and how very unsurprising that we lost Sharon in the deal. Oh well. More money for Spike and me. We liked it that way, anyway.

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Large, humming, and more than just a little bit annoying, the generators throughout the factory worked against his nerves like sandpaper against a wooden structure. “Goddamnit! Why don’t you just STOP?”

Arke leaved his forehead against one of the thrumming contraptions and sighed. It only they would let him have his peace.

A single hand touched the back of his neck, causing the small man to whirl around in fear. Only to see Devon standing there, looking dashing as always in his orange prison-like jumper and wife-beater. “What do you want, Devon?”

“Wanna know why I like these generators, Arke?”


“Because I couldn’t do this if the room was silent,” he grinned, pulling the smaller man into his arms and kissing him.

Arke had to agree… they couldn’t do this if there weren’t generators. Suddenly, his headache was gone, and he felt better. Thank God for generators.

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It was really gross seeing all those poor little kernels fall to the floor, wasted like they never were meant for more than the trashcan… but the treat I got in place of enjoying the butterness of the popcorn was more than worth it. Something I hoped would last me forever.

“Greg,” he said between kisses my collarbone and chest, his body pressed agaisnt mine gently, “You’re somehwere else again, aren’t you?” He sounded hurt, “You never stay with me for very long…”

I pulled his face back up to mine and rested my firehead against his with a smile, “No. I’m here with you… and I always will be. I love you, Lucas.”

He smiled, too, then, and kissed me. “I love you, too! I always will.”

Yeah… this was way better than some silly ol’ popcorn. Even if I wouldn’t remember him in the morning, we had this moment. And maybe, just maybe, I would having fleeting memories of this moment for the rest of my life… and maybe I would remember him for longer than a day for the first time in years.

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