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The ticking of the clock reverberates in the empty, echoing space between her ears like the thrumming of a bass guitar turned to maximum. Somewhere off in the distance she is thinking; weighing and measuring and calculating and debating; she can feel the words coming out of her mouth, see the reactions and responses of her peers; yet all she can hear is the clock slowly running out of time for everyone.

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The radio burst to life with a heavy crunch of static. The message was a garbled mess, but somebody had heard her! Hope and relief she had not dared to allow before blossomed in her chest.

She would finally be going home.

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Allana spins slowly on her heel, eyes roving around the room and its endless supply of ticking clocks. Some are beautifully finished, brass and silver glittering in the patchy, filtered light; some are in a variety of pieces, winding gears exposed to the open air.

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Every breath is a struggle. Every shaking, shuddering inhale is a battle in a horrific war you’re loosing. Why can’t it just be over?

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He meticulously straightens every piece of cutlery, running systematically from right to left all around the table. Everyone stands in a huddle by the kitchen half-wall watching wide-eyed. When did they ever go to so much effort for anything?

This had gone far beyond “putting their best foot forward” and fully into the realm of “pretend we’re civilized people (that we’re not)” How was this supposed to be an honest representation of them?

“I think you’ve got everything covered…”

“No! We need napkins. Real ones! Not paper towels!”

Maybe, he had lost sight of the forest through all the trees.

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“No! Not the pepper, there’s no pepper tonight!”
“But Alex!”
“No buts! Everything has to be perfect. I want to make a good impression and you’re going to help me do it!”

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Even through glassy eyes she can see the blood streaked clouds and marvel at the beauty of her dying day.

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And then she smiled; a crooked, fleeting, fragile thing and I knew I would do anything she ever asked–and more, much more–as simple as that.

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She stands in the middle of a whirlwind; air buffeting against her face until her cheeks are rosy and her eyes squint. She wavers back and forth in the currents, but her feet remain planted on this land she will fight for.

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There’s nothing like the feeling when it all clicks into place. When you and I align like stars and the light shines on our face.

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Ivy curled in delicate, wayward patterns up the crumbling masonry giving the place a surprisingly charming visage. It clung like glue to the cracks, as if determined something should thrive in that dilapidated house you wished you didn’t remember.

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It sat spiffed and polished on the table by the door. Not exactly a place of honor, but of commonplace pride. She saw it every day as she walked out the door: a quiet reminder to keep her chin high because she had earned it.

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You scramble and scrabble over bits and bobbles. Littles snippets of nothing are worth blood. Yet life possesses value only to those who have been robbed of it.

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It seeps out with every heaving breath, slithers its way out of me with every step, every motion, every thought.

And soon, I will be empty.

The needle’s going down, down, down; I’m running on fumes and my body screams for rest (rest, and more rest).

But the fight isn’t over yet and I have to hurry if I want my reward.

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“I don’t know why I even bother with people. Useless, useless creatures! Were they dropped on their heads as children? Forced to forego all forms of education? Left to watch nothing but the slush known as modern television? Pray tell, why are you so stupid?”

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It stares at her from every corner: reproachful coats and shoes and scarves. All these trappings of a typical civilian life hiding all the darker parts of herself away from the general populace. But Elizabeth can see it: see all the evidence clinging to her like brand new Velcro, proving she is not what she pretends to be, and no amount of “normal” she applies will change it.

And for some reason which still alludes her, this bothers her far more than it should be allowed.

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“Com’on! Time to go!” It echoes through the house and it isn’t until he sticks his head into the office and sighs “You’re not even dressed yet?” she realizes the intention was for her to accompany them.

He tugs at the blanket swaddling her feet and she bats at him reflexively. “I’m not going, you guys have fun.”

His eyebrows jump as if he couldn’t imagine having fun without his girlfriend’s gloomy and anti-social roommate. He actually looks concerned.

“Go. She’s waiting.”

“Yeah, on you, silly.”

She shoves him in the shoulder and he leaves, if not without pausing at the door and glancing back at her.

Even if she doesn’t want it to be, something inside is cracking. Can’t keep up with the thought maybe, just maybe, she belongs somewhere.

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To say that she’s never considered it before would be a lie. She’s always looked back and forth at her people and the great divide that separates them down the middle. But never before has she been asked to choose between them, and that changes everything.

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The glint of starlight off the blade’s edge is completely unnecessary, she can’t help but notice. Everything was perfectly scary beforehand, that was just out and out melodrama.

“You’re not playing fair. No dramatics in face-offs, you make the votes uneven.”

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She could watch the whole scene play out in her mind’s eye. Hear the echo of insults and horrible things you only half mean (latter). Oh, she knows the whole thing will be a disaster, but at least it will be entertaining?

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Her body gave the appearance of bonelessness; sprawled out in every direction and dangling limply where her form exceeded the boundaries of the chair.

Keknar did not understand the concept of “lounging”

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Her hands quivered with nerves she didn’t know she possessed.

No, that wasn’t right. She knew she had the nerves, it was the courage (or stupidity) to ignore those nerves she didn’t know she possessed.

And yet, there she was, shaking hands and all, ready to lay her heart out on a silver platter and hand it to a monster to eat.

She knew the day would come when she’d venture out of her fortress of impending emotional doom to love somebody, just her luck it’d be somebody that totally justified all of her previous fears.

She swallowed past the lump in her throat and didn’t look him in when she blurted it all out with a gracelessness she should patent.

He must not have done it properly, because she had the sense left to know her hands weren’t quivering anymore after he kissed her witless.

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Lormryn was never one to find peace in the temples. Far from a devote believer (of any power), she wormed her way out of every service she possibly could growing up. She’d given up the pretense altogether as an adult.

So she knew the situation was dire when she slipped into the back of the quiet, empty temple, lit a candle, and prayed harder than she ever had in all her life.

“Please,” she breathed, wrenching her eyes closed tighter. “I’ve never asked for anything before and I’ll never ask for anything again; but please, please, let her live.”

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Round and round and round you spin. Weaving in and out of swirling circles comprised of people, Fae, and other things you’ve only dreamed about; never dared hope existed. Vaguely you remember there is life outside what dances in the ring of the bonfire, but the memories are just as murky, just as faded, as the darkness beyond.

Laugh and twirl, laugh and twirl; this is your existence now.

And if you sometimes catch flashes of hunger behind bright eyes, or feel the tingling of exhaustion working its way up your limbs, or notice the way your breath catches and heaves, unable to keep up; you push those dark thoughts aside, because it is time to dance.

Still, you can’t help but wonder if they’ll ever find your body.

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He stopped, footing hovering over the threshold. He knew that he shouldn’t be there. Knew that he should leave well enough alone. But how was he supposed to resist the temptation? One never became a great detective by holding back, did they?

Taking a deep breath, he dropped his foot on the floor inside, pressing cautiously on the door to open it further. What he saw almost knocked his courage out of him.

Never before had he been faced with such emptiness, such desolation.

Gulping, he wedged his way through.

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“I got nothin’,” he whined, tossing himself against the booth bench in a sprawling mess. “That guy just doesn’t want to talk. I think I got three syllables out of him in ten minutes. Three!”

Ginny couldn’t help the chuckle that bubbled in her throat at her friend’s expense. He was adorable when he was fed up. That didn’t mean she wasn’t still mad at him, of course, but it would appear she would have to do this. Again.

“What are…?” He asked, watching as she undid the next two buttons on her blouse.

She flashed him a smile as she slid from their booth. “Sometimes, things need a woman’s touch.” With a wink, she set off.

She got a whole lot more than three syllables.

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With a groan he shoved himself off the unforgiving pavement, wiping at the blood smeared down his chin on the way up. He instantly regretted his desire to be vertical, far preferring the uncomfortable pavement over the pounding that blossomed between his ears.

Gritting his teeth, he started limping his way towards the main road, praying he could still catch a taxi at the late hour. Now, he understood what his brother had meant when he said he “needed a good dose of street smarts”.

He just wished he hadn’t had to learn that lesson the hard way.

God, he could really use a drink.

It had to 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

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Dragging his brush through paint again, he makes one more long, even stroke. A light dab is the finishing touch and he steps back to admire his handiwork.

He grins, satisfied.

With a skip in his step he quickly gathers his supplies and scurries away, sure in the knowledge someone will stumble over her body soon enough.

Amazing how easy it is to gain free publicity.

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My hands shook with lingering nerves as a grasped the handle to the only thing that had kept us alive for the last 24 hours. Readying myself to open pandora’s box, unleash whatever horrors still lurked beyond our closed door.

Regardless of the cabin fever itching away at my patience, I lingered. If the cacophony we had heard was any indication, the storm we had weathered was like no other. What could await us on the other side?

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The first time she visited the temple she felt distinctly out of place. Safuri purring in her ear did nothing to help her agitation. She did everything within her power to try and blend in, but she knows she failed miserably.

Indeed, they singled her out just as easily as Safuri had.

The second time, her unease with the situation had begun to settle, even if her dislike of the temple remained. One of the attendants caught her on her way out, asking leading questions in falsely casual tones.

The third time, they asked her if she would like to become a Vessel.

As if she could say no.

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