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They say I am different. Like I am from another world, they push me down with their words. Every day is like being pushed to the ground and through the earth with their mean and hurtful words. My name is Opal Venala. I am from Africa and I just got adopted by the Venala family. I also transferred to this school, Elica Middle School. It is named after the person who built this school by hand and tool. On the outside my middle school is beautiful. On the inside though, the people are horribly rotten to me. Is this what it feels like to be a different color. In Africa every one was treated the same. My adopted parents told me I was a different color than the students here. Karen Venala, my adopted mom always says to me, “You are different, but that makes you special.” I believe her but sometimes, deep down inside part of me does not believe her. When the students here are mean to me the teachers are late to catch it. The teachers are very nice to me. Especially Mr.Eden. He is African to but is treated very nice. How is Mr.Eden treated different then me and we are both African? I must ask more about him, but now it is time to start another horrid day at Middle School.

For more look out for my book, Awesomely Different.

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“My version of life is clothes and make-up” Avery says.
Avery is the queen of the cute,cool, and popular group. They are called the C.C.P. s
“My version of life are sports.” I say
“If you wan’t to be in the group, you can only love boy’s, make-up and clothes.” Avery says batting her eyelashes.
Avery Queen, the meanest girl at school. She is like a walking zombie with her followers on Instagram.
I look at my twin sister.
My name is Madison Smith, my twin sister is Morgan Smith.
I have my blonde hair up in a ponytail and wearing sweats, sneakers,and a shirt that says, ‘ Love U Always’
My twin sister Morgan has her blonde hair down and wearing a sparkle tank top with a blue skirt and cute turquoise flats.
Unlike me Morgan was in the ‘Group’
Morgan looks down and walks toward me.
Avery’s fake smile turn into a frown and says, “Morgan, what are you doing. Once you walk away there is no coming back to the group!”
Morgan comes to my side and says, “Twins are more important then anything.”
She puts her arm around me and smiles. I smile back.
Twins are the best, and we walk away together.
Twins Forever,
Nothing Better!

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I do not know what ‘refugee’ is so I do not have a story for ‘refugee’ sorry.

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Ugh, the one word I hate the most, Vet. I looked into my owner’s room and heard them say this, “We may need to take her to the vet.” First, let me rewind and let me tell you my name. Hi there, my name is Akira, I am a Husky dog. Now let’s go forward to the part where I do not know how but I am in a crate on the way to the vet. Let me tell you the vet in my owner’s eyes. To my owner’s the vet is a wonderful place to get your animals to feel better. Now this is the vet in my eye’s. In my eye’s, a horrible place that smells like other animals, they give shots, a doctor for animals, and many more. Did I mention they give shots? Finally, we are at that horrible place. My owner’s, whose names are Jessie and Jericho, well they smile at me and I am thinking, ‘why are they smiling’. They take me out of the crate and before I could run like it was the zombie apocalypse, I am on a leash. So I sit down right where the car is and they drag me to the vet. Well, I may be exaggerating a little, they picked me up and brought me in. Finally I heard my name, “Akira, you’re turn.” I skid myself across the floor and I wind up in the vet room. I sit there impatiently waiting until it’s time to go. Finally, when it seems like forever, in comes the vet. I whine and growl trying to look fierce, but to be honest, scared at the same time. The vet smiles at me and says, “Hi there Akira, my name is Sunny Rose. My what a beautiful husky you have Mr. and Mrs. Snow.” My owner’s smile so bright, I knew what was coming. I closed my eyes and whined and howled. The vet, known as Dr.Rose, looked down at me and said, “Don’t worry Akira, I am just doing a check-up, no shots.” I looked at her with amazement. My owners were surprised to. Jericho said, “How did you know what she was thinking?” Dr.Rose smiled and said,” I have been around dog’s for a while then she winked at me. Maybe this doctor would’t be as bad as the other ones. She checked my ears and mouth, and made sure i was doing good at my house. The check-up was not as long as always. As I walked out of the vet room Dr.Rose said to me, “See you soon Akira.” I hope she knew I could understand her. I barked back wagging my tail and hopped in my owner’s car. Maybe the vet was not that bad at all. As we got home I ran straight to my fluffy cozy bed and fell asleep.

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It was a dark and cloudy rainy day. Jessie ran outside and came to Jacob Cloud’s house. She put something at the door, rang the door bell and ran behind his house. She peeked and saw Jacob step out and pick up the box. The note Jessie gave Jacob said,
Dear Jacob.
You are like the sun, shining onto me with love. Jacob Cloud, will you be mine.
Your secret admirer
Jacob ran inside and came out with a rain jacket and looked for me. I tried to run but he spotted me and said, “Come here!” I came over to him and smiled and said, “Happy Valentines day Bro” Jacob smiled and said, “I love you, even if you are annoying.” Jessie smiled and said, “That’s what little sisters are for.” Jessie and Jacob Cloud went inside and watched the storm together as siblings.

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Okay, my gameplan is simple. We try to spread God’s word to as many people as we can. Our verse today is John 3:16. Share this verse to as many people as you can. Also if you wan’t to you can look at John 3:16 as well. Now, let’s spread God’s word!
John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

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The one thing that has gotten my mind so excited it would explode is the new D.C. movie coming out. the Justice League. the Justice League contains Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, and a mysterious character. Hope you watch this movie.
The Justice League
November 17, 2017

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I look at the cheerleaders, all pretty with no braces or glasses. How i wish I could be a cheerleader. I could be one but they would laugh at my braces and glasses. One of the cheerleaders comes over, her name is Avery, she is the team captain. Avery says to me, “Hey, you should try out for cheer-leading. I think you would be good at it. You are very flexible.” Avery smiles and I see her pearly white teeth. I reply, “But I have glasses and braces. What good would I be to the team.” I put my head down and start to cry. Avery starts to think and says, “Well, that does not mean you still can not try. You would be great at flips and cartwheels, and you would be the perfect touch to our pyramid. So what do you say, want to try out?” I look up at her and say with a big smile, “Sure, I would love to try out.” I try out and I amaze them with my flexibility. The best part is that I make the team. Avery comes over to me and says, “Welcome to the team Emerson.”

The moral of this story is….
No matter what, do not judge yourself of what others think. Always be yourself and who knows, they might like you the way you are. I guarantee it.

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I mopped the floor all day long, sweat coming down my face. All of sudden the mop dropped out of my hands and started shaking wildly. Then it started to clean the floor itself. As I watched the mop clean every speck of the floor my face was filled with wonder and amazement. The mop came to me and dropped to the floor. I picked it up and in the mop was a note it said..
“Dear Young Girl,
For your kindness of serving you family the hardest you could i reward you with this magical
mop. It will clean for you on days you are weary and can not stand. I hope you use it wisely.
Yours Truly,
King Alexander”
The young girl hugged the note and the mop. She went to her bedroom and put the mop by her bed. She clenched the note dearly and fell asleep. As she slept the mop had other plans instead of sleep. As the young girl slept the mop cleaned her families house from top to bottom. As the morning peeped through her window the young girl ran downstairs. Her father was waiting for her with a stern face. When she approached him he smiled the widest smile and said, “Emerson, I do not know how you did it but this house id spotless. Good job dear.” Emerson looked around and saw the house was a beautiful pearl white. She hugged her father with all her might and ran upstairs. She ran to her mop and whispered, “Thank you, for all you have done.” Emerson hugged her mop and ran downstairs. When Emerson was downstairs the mop twinkled with magic.

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I put a bucket in the well. As I pulled it up I could feel my hands toughening up. I looked in the bucket and saw gold, silver, and jewels. I gasped and ran inside the house. I showed my mother the bucket and her face brightened up. My mind raced with all the things I could do with all this gold and jewels. I could take my mother to get help from doctors, I could make amazing meals for my mother, and finally get clothes for me and my mother. All this was a dream come true I looked out the window and saw someone go by our well. He had a bucket and looked down our well. I ran outside and said, “Hey, what are you doing?” He looked at me and all of sudden I realized it was Prince Alexander. I quickly realized my mistake in yelling and bowed down. Prince Alexander took my hand and pulled off of the ground. He smiled and asked,” What is your name?” “My name is Avery.” I said, trying to look brave. “Well, Miss Avery, I was the one who put gold and jewels in your well and came to see if you got them. Also to ask if you and your family would like to live with my father and me. My father, King Andy, has taken fond of your mother and would like to ask you mother if she would take his hand in marriage.” I took my hand out of his and said, “How does your father know my mother?” At that time my mother came out and said, “I accept his marriage.” I looked at her with a questioning face. She smiled and said, “I knew the king since we were young. Now I think he would like us as a family.” I looked at Prince Alexander and said, “Well, with you as a brother, what can go wrong. We headed to the castle and the wedding was the next day. As I sat by my new brother I said, “Oh, the adventures we are going to have.” We grinned at each other and started laughing. Oh how it is great to have a family now.

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As I danced I was swept of the floor like a broom being picked up. I flew through the air looking down at my dad. My dad put me down and took out the broom to sweep. I called out, ” i can sweep for you dad.” He smiled and handed me the broom. I carefully took the broom and swept it across the floor.

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Brooms help you sweep up stuff over the floor. Like candy wraps from HALLOWEEN.

Happy Halloween
October 31, 2017

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Handles, they are good for lots of things. To open doors for people, to open up long lost chests filled with treasure. Handles are used for many useful things. What will your handle open up today…Maybe a wonderful place that leads to a magical garden or to the Wizard of Oz. Maybe you would meet Alice in Wonderland and see the Cheshire Cat. Who knows what your handle will open today?

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Handles, they are good for lots of things. To open doors for people, to open up long lost chests filled with treasure. Handles are used for many useful things. What will your handle open up today..

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Handles are very useful to lots of people. They can open up chests and doors and many other things. Handles are very useful.

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