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“Umbra!” she shouted. Her eyes darted back and forth, left and right, scanning the debris for a sign of him—any sign.

Panic was setting in. She felt her legs go weak and before she knew it, she was falling.

But a sturdy arm stopped her—caught her. It was him. She hung on to him for leverage, her long hair matted against her face by sweat.

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The darkness devoured him. He was lost. Falling, fading, disappearing. There was no where left to go but down. Down into the trench—the abyss. It was all over for him.

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“Stop!” she shouted. “You’ll get hurt!”

The young boy turned to look at the fence in front of him. An old, rusty metal sign was nailed to it. ‘Beware of Dog’

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“Don’t go,” she pleaded. “You can’t go.”

He closed his eyes. He couldn’t bear to look at her pained expression. “I’m sorry.”

“No, it can’t end like this—I won’t let it end like this!”

The young man turned away from her and continued on h

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Her eyes widened. The vehicle crashed into flames in a mere instant. She stood there, completely immobilized. Because of her, two more innocent people had died.

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The boy started slamming his fists against the walls. How the hell did he get trapped here? It didn’t make any sense. “Why? Why this?” He shut his eyes tightly, holding back tears. His heart was pounding. The boy was afraid.

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I cast my line out as far as it could go.
With it I took all of my worries, my troubles, my insecurities.
Because I was finally out of there.
Because I was finally free.

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I sat on the stairs outside of my house and watched the construction continue. It’s been about six months now since they began re-building the house after the fire.

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the end is the hardest time i ever saw, cause it was like the red that hits the ground when blood sheds itself to new skin on pavement and we could be concrete like the gray beneath my feet but i am warm and the only cold i know is the time that ended your heart and i felt it die beneath my mind.

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a baby goes in there and is pushed down the street in it. It is also referred to as a pram. A pram is more of a European term, I doubt the average Canadian, when asked, would know what a pram is.

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He was in a sombre mood

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He was in a sombre mood

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She was certain of only one thing. That he was gone. Gone forever. She already missed him with all her heart. All that he’d done to her and she missed him still. The hurt she’d never recover from. All her days she’d think of him and shudder yet she missed him still…forever.

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He worshiped my body like he’d never seen it before. Though we’d been together countless times. That’s what I loved about him. His ability to make me feel like a queen no matter what we were doing, whether we were working, or playing, or making love.

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