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The tires screeched on the pavement as the young delivery man slammed on his breaks so as not to miss his stop. He wrestled to get the door open on the old UPS trucks that he had to use since he was the newbie. But he didn’t care about that, being a delivery man for UPS was definitely much more stable than being a courier for a small time business. He pulled out his company tablet and looked at the packages he needed to drop off. “Only three little boxes and then i’m done for the day.” he thought happily. He grabbed the packages in his hands and started up the driveway to the house. On his was there he heard a strange ticking sound. He stopped and looked around for the source but couldn’t quite tell where it was coming from. Shrugging his shoulders he started back on his drop off. After making it to the door he shuffled the packages into one arm and knocked. “Delivery!” he yelled. After waiting a few moments he knocked again to make sure they heard him. “Hmm, guess no ones home.” he thought. “I’ll be right there in a minute” A voice yelled from the second story. As he waited he heard the ticking louder this time. He looked down at the box and heard the ticking sound from inside it. Tick. Tick.. Tick! Tick! The sound was getting louder. The delivery man started thinking there was a bomb in the box. He’d heard stories from the other workers about it happening. The door opened. “Oh you must be the one whose bringing me my clock parts. Thank you so much! I was worried that I wouldn’t be getting these for awhile now.” The delivery man just looked at her confused. He gave her the package, her sign it, and walked away.

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loose, i’m coming undone, the bond is broken, we’ve fallen apart but are still together.

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“…hook, line, sinkers, poles.?” “Check, we’ve got everything let’s get out to the lake before it gets to much later.”
“I missed the warm summer sun and breeze so much.” “I swear if it hadn’t of warmed up sooner, I may have broken down.”

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the gears turning and grinding on each other as they came to a screeching halt. The workers duck for cover as the blades that were being moved and turned came crashing down injuring a few of them. “Ah! My arm the damn machine cut off my arm.” cried one man. “Someone help me I can’t feel my leg.” screamed another. “What the hell happened up their?” “What are you guys doing down their?!” yelled the foreman.” As the men were running around treating the wounded. A man that no one noticed made his way across the cat-walk out of the roof. “Those fools need to stop using those cheap tools and labor.” “If they’d worry less about the gears running their helicopters and more about the gears that make those dusty old brains work then maybe it wouldn’t have had to come to this.”

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They don’t need to be blood. They don’t have to come from marrige. A family is a group of people who love you and everything you do. They care about you enough to do anything for you. Even if they don’t always agree with you they will still help you. If you make a mistake they will be there to pick you back up and send you forward. They are the ones who will cry with you, laugh with you, and just sit with you. A family is the most important thing anyone can have. It’s better than a new house, car, or winning the lottery. Those things only last for a short time. But a family and the love and support that they give to you. That is what really makes it worth being alive. It makes everyday better. A family is forever.

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working hard and tending fields
Not to be confused with Gardner.

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-The little things in life
-The love you have
-The people who care
-The words and events the mean something to you

Value all of them.

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“We have to do what is best for the village.”
“That demon can’t have any power here!”
“If we don’t do what is right then we will not live to see the morning.”
“That is not a demon that you can easily get rid of.”
“This is the kind of demon that takes years to remove… Because it is inside of you.” “It is inside the heart of every member of this council.” ” At the heart of every person here is sin.” “The sins of greed, gluttony, and corruption.”
“You need to bring council within yourselves before you shall bring any judgement upon anyone of this village.”

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The person who put all of this website together. The knowledge he must have had to have made this all work so seamlessly.

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the excuses we make. the lies we share. We hurt others and we don’t really seem to care. The monster inside makes us shake with fear. We fear what we could be.

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It had been two whole weeks since Bradley had last seen Liam. It was driving him insane. They were on separate continents filming entirely different movies, and though they spoke on the phone with each other almost constantly when they weren’t filming, it wasn’t enough. Would never be enough. And it wasn’t fair that they couldn’t have what they had whilst filing The A-Team. They couldn’t, because of the fucking paparazzi and the rumours and Liam’s boys, and Bradley’s image. He would give it all away to have Liam, but he wouldn’t because it would take everything Liam had away.

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silver, shiny, sharp, and crafty. they are needed often, but rarely can be found. the holidays are coming, and they will be dancing wildly with the festivities.

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