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It’s not what it’s made of or the reasons why. I see it as home, an escape for those who need it. There are many escapes in the world, for instance reading is my fort, we all need one, what’s yours?

» Posted By Tegan On 12.01.2014 @ 3:48 pm


Everything was just so complicated these days. No one told him what they wanted–they just expected him to know, to already guess how they’d feel and how he should counteract. It was exhausting, and he simply wasn’t sure he could keep up with it anymore. Then again, he didn’t want to just give up either.

» Posted By Tegan On 11.23.2014 @ 3:12 pm


Every time I think about wanting to do something risky, I falter. Why? Because I’m too “smart”. So smart that I’m stupidly ruining my life.

» Posted By Tegan On 10.17.2014 @ 2:53 am


George said that my so-called “slap-down” of Danielle was subtle but elegant. I like his interpretation of the word “elegant”, like it’s a way of being bitchy without actually doing anything wrong.

» Posted By Tegan On 10.16.2014 @ 12:47 am


what do we think we are doing to ourselves? to our planet? who do you think you are, to hurt me like that,? we are sowing the seeds of our own destruction. the world will adapt, the world will survive, it is only us, the human race, that will pass on. you think that by hurting me that i will never return, but you have only killed the part of me that i was when i was with you, and you know what, that part was poisonous anyway.

» Posted By Tegan On 01.15.2014 @ 4:16 pm


The truth is never easy to express. It’s often full of pits that could trip us, make us fall from where we’d worked so hard to get up to, but the truth is also often necessary. The truth gives us the strength to work just as hard and to build back up to where we’d been.

» Posted By Tegan On 03.18.2013 @ 6:17 pm


there are millions of people in the world unable to reach water, therefore they are dehydrated and can possibly die from dehydration. Everyone should take time to donate money to help out these countries in need, and let them get

» Posted By Tegan On 09.01.2012 @ 12:29 am


Substances. We took a few with us. Well, just one. We bought wine on the island and rolled joints as we went. Hitch-hiking. Thumbing our way through hot days and cool nights, but not so cool that a thick sweatshirt wouldn’t cut it. Our favourite ride was the guy with the flower garden painted on the side of his car.

» Posted By Tegan On 08.08.2012 @ 8:19 pm


I would suggest dance what i see the word motion. Dance is how i express myself- whether it be anger, sadness, and especially happiness, dance is the only way i can truly get out everything i’m think about. I have little space to dance so it can consist of twirling around on the wood floors while waiting for my hot chocolate to finish in the microwave. lol.

» Posted By Tegan On 07.01.2012 @ 7:27 pm


It wasn’t much, and really it shouldn’t hurt at all. It was just a sliver of wood, a splinter, stuck in the tip of his finger, but it hurt like hell. Hurt so bad that he didn’t have words to really explain why he was crying because of a stupid little splinter, but adding this on top of everything he’d been dealing with lately–it was more than he could handle.

» Posted By Tegan On 04.28.2012 @ 11:16 pm


you were romantic. but now its with her. i know you can be, and i hope she likes it. i know i did. it didn’t happen often, but one day i was sad. you wrapped me up in your blanket and took me too your roof. we watched to stars. i cry every time i think of it.

» Posted By Tegan On 09.30.2011 @ 1:58 pm


you are dense. your brain i mean. i don’t understand how you can do what you did. we were fine, and happy, and in a switch, very much like a light, you fucked it all up. this is hard for me. so don’t ask me if it’s not. you are dense.

» Posted By Tegan On 09.29.2011 @ 7:24 am


my brain is too preoccupied. i cant think of anything but you. and my school is what is important, not you. my future is important, and you are not longer my future. though if you wanted to be, i would let you. stop infesting my brain, please.

» Posted By tegan On 09.24.2011 @ 8:05 pm


My temper rises, and it’s like I can feel my blood boiling. I feel my heartbeat in my fingertips, and I curl my hands into fists to fight the weakness. I look down at the ground, the bright green grass dappled in afternoon sunlight. I shouldn’t be sitting here in a park, losing my two best friends. But they shouldn’t have made it come to this conclusion. They treated me like shit, and when I stood up for myself, they made me out to be the bad guy. I pull myself together just enough to stand up from the park bench and walk away. And it’s as if the heaviest weight in the world flies off my shoulders, and I smile to myself.

» Posted By Tegan On 08.02.2011 @ 4:08 pm


I knew where my roots were, and there was nothing I could do to pull them out of the old earth. Weeds tried to surround the roots and choke them of water and nutrients, but in the end, the weeds faltered and withered away. My roots were in pure, reliable ground, and nothing could ever change that. The seasons came and went, but the earth remained throughout it all.

» Posted By Tegan On 08.01.2011 @ 3:28 pm


Smiling is so hard nowadays. Or is it nowdays. I’m not sure. But it is. Or maybe it’s easier. I’m a better actress than I used to be, that’s for sure. Not as a performance actress, but as a liar. God, god, god, I hate this. But hopefully it works. I’ll smile if it does.

» Posted By Tegan On 06.17.2011 @ 6:49 am


I trusted you. I trusted you so much, you were everything to me. I believed every word that came out of your mouth. Everything you said to me made sense, made me smile, made me happy. Everything. You were everything. I trusted you. I was stupid.

» Posted By Tegan On 03.31.2011 @ 7:35 am


The whole time he didn’t know what he was doing. It was just out of reflex that he was doing anything at all. He wasn’t even sure if he was doing it well, just that it felt right. For all he could tell, Cameron was thinking the exact same thing. If anything, Everett took this as a good sign. A good sign indeed.

» Posted By Tegan On 03.21.2011 @ 8:59 am


It was all he had ever wanted and more, but why didn’t it give him the same amount of satisfaction that he had always dreamed it would? Despite it being the thing he had coveted the most in the entire world, he still felt empty inside, and he hadn’t a clue as to what could remedy that feeling.

» Posted By Tegan On 03.19.2011 @ 12:48 am


She swept it under the rug like she did with everything else. She never planned on letting it see the light of day ever again. It was better this way. It’s how it always was, and how it always will be. Forever alone.

» Posted By Tegan On 03.06.2011 @ 5:37 pm


fruity, horrible as juice, but delicious when raw freshly cut nomnomnom :) I prefer necterines to mangoes :) where the mango? haha bad joke said by dad makes me chuckle him and his bad jokes. things like there isnt MUSHROOM in the fridge or “oooh and escapee” as a pea falls off his plate ¬_¬ .

» Posted By Tegan On 02.23.2011 @ 8:37 am


It was disgusting. It was utterly and completely revolting. There was no other words for it. It simply was hideous and horrific beyond all other words. The blasted thing was just staring at me too. Creepy clown doll…how the hell did it get in my room anyway?

» Posted By Tegan On 02.11.2011 @ 9:21 am


Just like that he dropped the package. He suddenly wasn’t sure what was inside, but judging by the fact that it sounded like it was ticking at him, it couldn’t be good. It had started when he picked it up, and even though it was now on the ground, the noise continued.

» Posted By Tegan On 01.28.2011 @ 8:30 pm


He didn’t know how he was going to pay. He already didn’t have enough money to buy food regularly, let alone get enough money to pay for a lease on the car needed to get to the next job…

» Posted By Tegan On 07.13.2010 @ 3:38 pm


She was always on top of the latest trends, always ready for the next style. Some people wondered how she was able to do it, and she just always smiled and told them it was a talent. No one knew how hard or how long she spent pouring over all her fashion magazines.

» Posted By Tegan On 06.30.2010 @ 6:15 pm


He was old, but he had never used the term ‘fossil’ to describe himself. Therefore, it stung a little when he heard his grandson whisper about him to one of his friends. He had always thought he was the cool grandfather…

» Posted By Tegan On 06.27.2010 @ 10:40 pm


He knew what he was doing. He was lying again, but he just couldn’t stop. It was all he knew how to do. Or at least, all he knew how to do right. Never before had he been good at anything, but he was good at lying. To anyone.

» Posted By Tegan On 06.27.2010 @ 7:50 pm


She was walking peacefully along the beach, watching as the tide rolled in, wondering if life was all it seemed. Wondering if he meant what he said. Wondering what it was she wanted to do in her life.

» Posted By Tegan On 06.22.2010 @ 1:06 pm


We were meant to be going there together, but you decided to take a detour. And now we are no where near where we wanted to be, and no where near each other. I’m still on track, I am, where are you? Where are you?

» Posted By tegan On 05.01.2010 @ 10:27 pm


It was stuck –

caught between a hard surface
and the sweat, clinging from tip
of my finger.

countless moments, wasted,
between the moon
and a mattress.

» Posted By Tegan On 04.11.2010 @ 9:40 am

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